The Swarm Mentality

In this post we are going to discuss the problem of race; the reasons for the animosity between the black and white and the causes and solutions to the problem.

In the above heading on this blog I have written what this little place in the cyber world is about.  I discuss here the relationship between natural and Spiritual; the seen and unseen.

The Spiritual world is continually speaking in this visible, tangible world of time and space, but very few humans can see or hear this speaking because they know not the language of symbolism.  Symbolism is what I call reverse or backward speech and is the means by which God speaks to man in the earth. 

In order to understand symbolism you have to understand the law of opposites.  As the Spirit world is initiation, so this visible world of matter/time/space is response to initiation.  This world dances to the tune of the Spirit/unseen world, but when the Spirit initiates action, said action has an opposite or reverse character or nature than Spirit action, appearing as an apparent negative action in this world among those who are affected by the action.  In the Spirit world the action is good, but it appears in the visible world as “evil”.

Of course many so-called intelligent people deny the existence of any such Spiritual or unseen world.  They are afflicted with highmindedness, thinking they know something which they do not.  Therefore, he that has ears to hear…let him hear.

I do a lot of reading on various websites/blogs in the traditionalist/racialist/white nationalist/ ethnonationalist/conservative/christian sphere.  There is of course much open discussion of racial issues on most of these, for other sites usually ban commentors who speak their minds on such things, thus insuring the continued establishment of their knowitallness.  They refuse to allow the destruction of their mental fortified high towers which they have built in their heads by means of their indoctrination centers they have attended over the years.  The piece of paper on their wall and their status among their peers is more important to them than truth.  The latter are those who are quick to use the  racist, anti semitic accusation to silence the truth from being spoken.  The more they try to suppress it the more likely they will be the victims of violent acts in the future in this country.  When the pressure builds up inside a boiler…..

The law of opposites says, when one thing “appears”, it’s opposite also appears with it simultaneously, but is hidden “behind” the other, in an unmanifested state.  In other words the two “appear” together, but only one can be seen.  A biological/physical male has a female aspect which, if he is living according to the law of his gender that his body shows, will be unmanifested/hidden within him.

I’ve read quite a few articles and comments where the writers express a mild amazment at the way that black folks seem to follow the white wherever he goes.  The reason for this is because most whites have let themselves become inwardly dark by conforming themselves to the anti Christ, anti God culture.  Therefore, they invite darkness to themselves which the black is the symbolic representation of, by their conduct and that inner darkness becomes manifested in their surroundings by swarms of blacks coming into their “territory”, which they have founded and built up. 

The white believes in security and “good schools” for their children.  However they have been deceived into trading in their liberty for security and continued in sending off their living 1.7 children to be indoctrinated in the conformist factories they call “schools”which have been totally corrupted by the parasite cancer which their ancestors allowed into the country, and murdered the rest while still in the womb.

The initiatory action in the Spirit world is seen in this visible world as continuous pressure on whites.  The pressure carries within it intent/purpose, which is pressure to become conformed to the image of God.  It is the same type of pressure involved in forming the baby in the womb.

They who are outwardly white must become inwardly what their outward is speaking of. 

Presently, there is a large number of blacks who are engaged in violent criminal activity, and yes, a lot of the crime is directed toward those of his own race, but much of it is black on white crime such as rape. 

The violent acts of black on white rape are the consequences of the violence women themselves have submitted to in the act of abortion for the sake of convenience.  They have committed violence, so violence is returned to them; ie, it is their “reward”.

Because of the ungodly lawless inner condition of whites, this pressure will get “worse”, for the same pressure against the white to become inwardly white, causes the “stirring up of violence” as a corollary action in his circumstances as a swarming  similar to what wasps and bees do when disturbed.  The swarming shows itself in the mind of the blacks as increased hatred and agitation toward the white, so that the former, being more childish than the latter, is easily stirred up and quick to take offense and run in packs like some animals.

Recently there were several incidents displaying this activity in different cities in the country.  A place called South Beach in Florida, Charlotte North Carolina, Boston Mass., as well as the Chicago lakefront.  A female blogging from the Florida area displayed some before and after pictures of that area over time.  One of the before scenes showed a bunch of females in their ubiquitous bikini strips of cloth covering nothing much, with a strap running through the crack between their buttocks, called thongs.  The female, being ignorant of consequences of behavior, insists upon advertizing herself for sale in public places.  But it is the spineless men who have let this pornogrification of the culture come to pass.   By not teaching and training their daughters correctly, they have trained them up as sluts and whores.  Shame on these men! 

So when the black does one of his swarms and commits various violent acts among whites, God has no sympathy and neither do I, for they have brought it down on their own heads.

The solution to this problem requires a 180 degree change in mental outlook by individual white men.  However, before this change can come about in a corporate way, the present country known as America run by the cabal on the Potomac and the phony nation of israel, is going to be reduced to a pile of rubble, for most white men will “not get the message” that God has been speaking to them until then.  All that in which they have placed their trust has to be shown to be dust running through the fingers before they will finally get the message.

The tearing down into rubble will effect all strata of society, from the highest so-called elite who dwell in mansions untouched by the unwashed, to the lowest of the generation of younger ones who dress and adorn themselves and decorate their bodies like those dwelling in darkness in Africa and listen to the same noise they call rap while dressed in pants hanging down around their ankles.

Meanwhile, the violence and destruction by those instruments whom God has raised up will continue and increase until those whites who refuse to take upon a new mind are culled so that the last man standing will appear.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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