The Front Runner

Every generation must learn the tough decision yet to be made.

Each generation has certain ones sent to it, who are instruments of renewal/regeneration, whom, if listened to and heeded, will be the means of perpetuating blessings upon the country.  Up until now, every generation has failed to listen to and heed these men.  These men are prophets or seers.  By prophet, I do not mean an individual who can “tell the future”, although some may have a gift for that or at least a partial one.  What I mean is, those individuals who have the gift of seeing what consequences will result from certain conduct, and are not afraid to speak it, warning the populace thereby.

These men are not beholden to anyone or to any organization, as they stand outside the system and do not participate in it.

By front runner, I mean they metaphorically “run in front” of the general population in their ability to see dangers ahead, thereby warning the people so they might take action to avoid it. 

The problem is, the mass of people don’t want to hear what the prophet/seer has to say, because it hurts their emotions.  To them he always seems so negative and is always pushing everyone’s “guilty button”.  Only the few can “hear” the prophet because “his clapper strikes their bell”.

The few may not understand everything the prophet/seer says about spiritual matters and the whys and wherefores/ causes and effects of the things that happen in the world, but inside them they seem to know he is speaking truth.

The prophet/seer is not paid for his work; that is, not in the manner that most people think of pay, for his pay is the work which he does.

Another word for the prophet/seer is fanatic. He has a “one track mind”, in that he is wholly taken up with his work which gives him the ability to see.  Those who believe he has the truth will also be called fanatics by the rest of the unbelieving  masses as they march shoulder to shoulder off the cliff to the correction which is coming upon them.

The creator, the one we call God, never leaves Himself without a witness or witnesses.  When men refuse to acknowledge that there are consequences for behavior and the consequences are one of the forms by which God speaks to men, then He sends the prophet/seer as another form of witness.  The latter confirms the former through the spoken/written word, because the masses are too dense and taken up with materialism and the busyness of everyday life to see what’s going on around them and to ask why?

In the past prior to the present distopian scene, the prophet/seer’s were individuals scattered across the landscape similar to that recorded in the Bible.  One here, one there, etc., but in this present time – the last age of the rulership of evil on the earth – the prophet/seer is going to be a group collective all speaking the same thing while not having planned beforehand what they are to be speaking.  A bunch of “fanatics” all speaking the same thing, without a visible leader, or a leader who chooses to remain in the background, not as a spokesman out front.  Each individual man speaking separately will speak with one voice, for all will have the same Spirit within them.  By saying “speaking the same thing”, I do not mean it in a literal way, but all will speak out of their own personality, words having the same character/nature.  Their voice shall be the voice of authority; of strong domineering malehood.

These will be God’s last chance voice to the so-called elites and their followers.  Those that refuse to hear their voice and the truth spoken by them will be culled by various means – violence, sickness, disease, so-called natural disasters, “accidents” and etc.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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