Climate Control

Climate control is the method by which the population/masses are controlled and/or manipulated by what is seen and heard through use of the various media, which is itself under the control of the transnational criminal network, the synagogue of satan, as the latter is also under the direct control of the adversary, called satan, the god of this world.

Climate control, as ministered through the media is devil’s food, “meat sacrificed to idols”; demon approved; designed to passify and/or excite the people emotionally, so that they remain always under the control of the emotions, because as long as they are under such control they will never escape “Babylon”- the mental/mind, anti Christ way of thinking that is designed to deceive all the nations of the world.

Because of the advances in present day technology, climate control is reaching it’s ultimate state of “perfection” because of the mass media available today, which was not available in previous times.

Picture this “food” in your minds eye if you will, as a type of seed sown which contains a glue like ingredient, which when eaten, causes the individuals “eating” it to be mentally and emotionally stuck together as in a herd of animals, all thinking alike.

Certain articles are deliberately planted in the news to elicit reactions from the populace in order to identify those who are for and against certain subjects of which the articles are about.  The internet has made this process ideal for the powers that be, as IP addresses are very easy to find by those who are technologically astute and are stooges/useful idiots in service to those behind the scenes.

The manipulation of the populace is not always seen in things which are reported, but rather by things which have occurred, but are not reported on or are left out of the story so that it is not the full story.  Such is the nature of the recent incidents occurring in cities of black on white crime involving groups of blacks swarming like stinging insects, robbing stores and attacking individual whites and beating and robbing them.  The newspapers in the areas concerned report the perpetrators of the incidents as “youths” or young men, but studiously leave out a full description of them.  When commentors at the online articles of these newspapers bring up this disparity, the various newspaper persons reply that they don’t want to “paint all blacks with the same brush” (my paraphrase of their response).

However, that is not the real reason, and the news people themselves may even be ignorately blind to the real reason, as many of them, being stooges/useful idiots, are probably not “in on the secret” which is, it is done deliberately to foment race war in the attempt to escalate it from strictly verbal of calling names to actual violence.  It is done deliberately to provoke the white race to violence.  This is the same principle which has started most of this country’s wars.  One side maneuvers the “enemy” into making the first violent act, then points the finger and says, “See!  I told you they are evil!”….rasist…homophobic….anti semitic…etc.

During the days of the so-called cold war between this county and communism, particularly the main entity of communism represented by the Soviet Union, the American government established a communications entity called Voice of America, which broadcasted the supposed voice of freedom through news and various programs into communist countries behind the iron curtain.  This broadcasting was of course a form of propaganda.

However, now the tables have been turned and America is preaching propaganda to it’s own citizens through it’s controlled news networks and cable outlets.  America’s former enemy, now called Russia, has returned the favor by establishing a tv network in english, with programs and news about what is going on in America and interviewing Americans whom the American false prophet prefers to ignore and ridicule as conspiracy theorists/extremists.  It covers stories and happenings that the synagogue of satan pretends do not exist, as it believes it is the arbiter of what is true and what is not.  The Russian network is called

Of course the idea behind the establishing of this Russian tv network was probably primarily to put a good face on Russia to americans.  Another form of propaganda, if you will.  That is to be expected.  They may gloss over some happenings in their own country, but will nevertheless be an exposer of some of the hidden things going on in this country which the powers that be won’t like being discovered.  They will also be a means of giving voice to those who are speaking out, but not allowed to be published or heard through the american media system as it is wholly under the control of the synagogue of satan.

Perhaps this Russian network will be a means of dissolving the glue which binds some white men to their being part of the american herd and will also be a means of opening some eyes or at least be an impetus to further investigations by some into “forbidden subjects”.  So in a very real sense, the entry of this means of communication into America is good news for the american white man, for it will create/foster doubt in the minds of many about the daily lies they have been told regarding the goings on in their own country of which they have been previously unaware.

Of course the powers that be will endeavor to do all they can through ridicule and their usual tactics of warning the sheep off, and it will work with some, but not with others.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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