The Predator

I don’t watch much tv.  I am not hooked up to cable tv, just internet.  I have a set of rabbit ears on the shelf behind the tv.  I get the networks and some local channels as well as a couple of PBS channels, which I call the Propaganda Broadcasting Service.

I was channel surfing the other night and came across a PBS documentary which surprised me by it’s lack of mommy preaching, “Oh!  This is terrible!” and “The government has got to do something about this travesty/crisis”, etc., pick your own emergency word, which they usually preach on their nature type shows.

The subject of the program was how nature’s predators, such as wolves, are a part of nature’s normal cycle of regenerative processes – my translation.  This view of the predator being part of nature’s normal way of culling by use of particularly in this case, the wolf, was discovered by one man in the early part of the 20th century.  He came to this view gradually over a period of time.  As is usual when truth is initially presented it is fought tooth and nail by those who hold the prevailing viewpoint, and this man suffered this refusal to listen on the part of those who opposed him.

According to this man, the almost total removal of predators by humans for various reasons – because of loss of livestock on farms and ranches – resulted in an increase in number of deer, elk, moose, and etc, which caused a widespread deterioration in the surrounding landscape such as erosion around creeks and riverbanks and the dissappearance of other forms of nature, such as insects, frogs, beavers and more importantly the almost complete disappearance of tree growth due to the deer/elk/moose over grazing.

The deer, elk and moose were eating up all the new tree seedlings and other brush so that the older trees could not replace themselves, hence, the land was turning into a wasteland and chasing out other wildlife forms, because there was nothing left for their sustenance.

The removal of the predator is a violation of one of nature’s laws which God the all wise has placed in existance.  The predator, because of his nature, is viewed as an evil which is to be eliminated, but in actuality is a good.  The predator in this case,must be allowed his place in the natural order of things, so that nature maintains it’s own proper balance; so that the land doesn’t  vomit out it’s inhabitants.

When man lives and operates against nature, he causes adverse consequences to come into manifestation, which he then likewise attempts to fight against, creating a viscious cycle thereby.  Fighting against nature is lawlessness.

In the book called Leviticus in the Bible, in Chapter 18, God lists several laws which all have to do with sex.  I won’t write out the whole chapter here, but only quote a portion which has to do with the consequences of violating of God’s law regarding sex….

Lev.18:24-25″Do not make yourselves unclean in any of these things(previously listed from v1 on), For in all these things have the nations made themselves unclean, whom I am sending out before you (the nations who were in the land before the Israelites).  Therefore, has the land become unclean, and I have visited the iniquity thereof upon it( the consequences of that iniquity), and the land has vomited it’s inhabitants”.

The same principle that operates in the animal kingdom, operates also in the human realm.  As there is a necessity for the existence of the predator in nature, so likewise is there also a necessity for human predators.  This is a hard saying which most cannot receive.  How can a supposedly loving God will that there should be human predators – those that seek out and kill other humans – much less be a necessity?  The answer is simple…because of sin.  If there were no human predators doing their work, the human condition would be worse than it is.  We are not speaking here of the wars which kill multitudes, or floods, hurricanes and tornadoes or so-called accidents.  There is of course purpose behind all of these, for there is no such thing as a random or chance occurrance or even so-called luck for that matter, for that is only a word coined to describe something not fully understood.  A curse, or an evil/bad occurrance, does not come without purpose behind it.  Yes, even the actions of a human predator have purpose behind them, even though the predator may not realize it.

The main purpose for the existnce of human predators is to bring consequences for sexual sin/lawlessness.   The main cause of the predators existence is “my mother left me”.  His main victim is the female, for as he kills the female he is “killing his mother again”.  The “leaving” of the mother can either be physical – the mother departs the home in the child’s formative years, but usually means even though the mother is at home, she leaves him spiritually and fails to perform her proper mother role in the early stages of the childs life.  This causes the individual to lose his mind and his mind is taken over by demons; ie, voices, who goad him into doing what he does.  He doesn’t see his acts as sin, because to him there is no sin – sin doesn’t exist.

The predator has been active in this country for quite some time.  In the 1800’s in England there was so-called Jack the ripper .  In this country, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy and the “Son of Sam”- whose name if I recall correctly was David Berkowitz, were of this predator class.   The “Green river” serial killer near Seattle was one.  There was another who roamed the country and after being caught confessed to killing 40 some odd people, both male and females.

It all appears like the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but as I said above, it all has a purpose behind it that only a few can see, because the cause looks preposterous to the natural minded and their minds rebel against such ways of thinking that there could be such people raised up from birth to have such a destiny.

To the police and media these men’s killings just seem to be random and senseless with no overarching motive other than to kill just for the thrill of it.  The predators are vessels of wrath fitted/made for destruction(Rom 9:22); made to destroy others and eventually being destroyed themselves.

There are and have been thousands of “mothers”raising future predators in this country by their own rebellious lives.  This situation will continue due to the increase of sin as predators move among the ungodly populace doing their work.  In a strange way, these mothers are working in God’s “garden” raising up “plants of wrath”- the necessary predators- to do His work in the present evil day.


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