The Rearrangement

The beginning of the end of Jezebel.

The recent incident which occurred in Oslo Norway, wherein a young native Norweigan killed approximately 94 people, most of them young, in a bombing of a government building and shooting of individuals on an island located on a lake, is one of those incidents about which I have written of previously, which are the initial incident in a series of like incidents that are to continue occurring in the days ahead.

The initial incident is a sign to men of what is about to come.  In this visible realm of time and space this appears as an on going process because this realm is Spirit stretched out or slowed down to visibility.  In the Spirit/unseen dimension the “process”is already completed, but in the natural world it appears as ongoing/continuous.

There have been similar incidents in the past, such as the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building and the bomb set off in the basemant of the buildings which were eventually destroyed in 2001.   However, these incidents involved hidden conspiracies involving the federal government itself and so do not have the significance of the incident’s which occurred in Norway.  The Oklahoma thing was supposedly a response to the fed’s actions at Ruby Ridge and Waco and the twin towers basement job was a botched job supposedly done by middle easterners.

This Norway incident/process is a demonstration of a spiritual law which says a one time historical incident is carried on down through history as a continuous process with the same character/nature as the initial incident.

Jezebel is the rebellious feminine spiritual entity which has completely taken over the governments and cultures of all so-called western european nations including the US.  This entity has the characteristics/nature of a domineering female similar to a lesbian dyke, which has the aggressive/assertive traits of a male and an overweening, smothering momminess.  She is a never ending demander.

I have described in earlier posts how that this Jezebel is so entrenched in these countries that she cannot be overthrown or removed through normal political processes.  As she is the manifestation of female anger, the only way she can be removed or made to cease her nation and people destroying work is through an opposing, equally angry MALE entity who wreaks violence upon her and causes her to be “put in her place”.  Her “mind” cannot be changed except through violence upon her “person”.  This change in mental attitude is described in the Bible in Rev. 2:20-23…

I have against you that you suffer the woman Jezebel, she who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and leading My own servants to commit lewdness and to eat idol-sacrifices; and I gave her time to repent(time to change her mind without the use of force) but she wills not to repent.  Lo!  I cast her into a bed and them who are committing adultery with her into great tribulation (great violence), except they repent out of her works; and her children will I slay with death…”

It is this spirit of Jezebel which has infected the minds of millions and caused them to submit to the destruction of their own nations through the laws, regulations and policies of same, which result in bringing the brown skinned hordes swarming like locusts into their formerly “green” lands and accepting their own genocide.

Jezebel is “cast into a bed” along with those “committing adultery with her”.  Cast into a bed means “put to sleep”or “silenced”, which in turn means, she is to be forced into operating in accordance with her TRUE nature, which is “present, but hidden/silent”.  She is not meant to be out front blabbering away as she is presently in her rebellious condition.

How is this “silencing” carried out in the real world?  By killing her children.  Her children are being raised to be like herself, full of the same rebellious mental poison.  The “children” on the island in Norway were being indoctrinated with the same leftist/marxist poison that their parents are infected with.  The children are not “innocent”.  They are the future guilty, for the seed of guilt has already been planted in them.  When the old die off, there will be no children to follow in their ungodly footsteps and/or because of the violence or threat of violence to their  children, the minds of the older will be rearranged to think correctly.

In ancient times when conquerors spread across many lands, one of their methods of subduing the people whom they conquered was to kill the children before the eyes of the adults.  This was saying, “you are responsible for your own children’s deaths”.

The shooter is the instrument who has brought the consequences of the adults and parents mental disease upon themselves.  The shooter is an instrument, a vessel of anger, who in this case, has brought the proper response to the adult’s doing violence to their own people by bringing into their country the dark skinned hordes.

The reactions to this incident in Norway in the blogosphere is one big “Oh Gosh!  The guy is a right wing christian nut job/monster/insane, blah, blah, blah.”  The usual female emotional reaction.  I mean after all, he killed “children” didn’t he?  Blind fools…

The man is not insane and neither is he a monster.  He realizes he is engaged in warfare with an implacable enemy who only understands one thing and that is violence.  In warfare you give the enemy the violence he deserves until he gives up.

At the founding of the phony nation of israel, israeli terrorists had no compunction in killing women and children to further their ends.  And now the very terrorist leaders of those days are the leaders of their country and are worshipped, venerated and accepted by the populace as hero’s.  Nelson Mandela, a marxist communist terrorist of South Africa is worshipped and venerated by millions today.  Che Guevara the same.  And on and on.

The Norway shooter is the initiatory instrument of deliverance from the present day Jezebelish mommy system and the very people who want to be delivered from that system are calling him a monster and other derogatories because they cannot see past the end of their noses.  I have seen several commenters in various places who do have a limited seeing ability about this incident and even a couple of them have posted Kiplings “anglo saxon” poem in relation to it.  They are correct.  Yes, the shooter is not anglo saxon, but nordic, but that doesn’t matter – he is white, and that is what matters.

Most people can’t get past the fact that he “killed his own people”.  Blind fools cannot see that it is his”own people” who are responsible for letting in the dark skinned murderers and rapists in the first place.  The dark skinned ones are just “doing what comes naturally”.  They are less guilty then the native Norweigans who are allowing it to happen.  And the idea of “innocent children” in this case I have already explained above – they are not innocent.  They are children of the enemy in the eyes of the shooter.  This is the same view of all the so-called “terrorists” of the past who are now considered heroes and are venerated and idolized.  The founders of this country were considered as much by the British back in those days.  Today’s terrorist is tomorrow’s great man.

UPDATE:  I see the most recent total of the Norweigan body count is 77.   Interesting number with much symbolic significance…


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