Matt.7:13-14″Enter you in at the narrow gate; because broad and roomy is the way that leads unto destruction – and many are they who enter thereby: because narrow is the gate and confined (constricted by pressure like the birth canal) is the way that leads unto life and few are they who find it”.

Proverbs 8 :36b “All who hate Me, love death”.

Intangible principles automatically draw to themselves their own “reward”.  Hate is an intangible.  Hate’s reward is “destruction”or death.  Because humans are embodiments of spiritual intangible expression, the reward for hate begins in the soul and is expressed outwardly through the body by thought, word, and deed.  Reward is consequences of behavior.

Rev.22:12″Lo! I come speedily, and My reward is with Me to render to each one as his work is”.

Hate at it’s base is a rejection of truth while simultaneously believing in the lie.  Belief is built into humans by the creator.  The human will either believe truth or the lie.  There is no neutral position, despite what those who sit on the barbed wire fence with the barbs in their crotch say about “grey” areas and “nuance”bs.  Their fence straddling grey view means they believe the lie.

Hate is similar to the electrical term called resistance.  A blockage in an electrical circuit whether intentional or unintentional results in a build up of heat.  This principle is one of the ways radiant heaters and toasters work.  Hate, therefore, is a blockage of the life principle – “electricity”- which operates the soul, which causes a buildup of soul fire or heat, a condition which is not meant to be.  This soul fire/heat is then carried into the physical body – the latter being of course as I have written previously, the soul’s visible manifestation – as destruction.

The flow of life which of course cannot be seen or discovered by a microscope, is very fast.  It is described by the passage above in Rev. 22 as, “I come speedily”.  The Spirit is talking to John in the passage and the Spirit is the resurrected and enthroned Jesus.

If an individual believes in the lie – the lies of the present day Jezebelish perverted doctrines; ie; multicultualism, egalitarianism, no such thing as race, everybody is the same, pc ness, the dark skinned peoples are to be accepted in all the white nations in order to make them more diverse, offering up their white daughters to be raped and killed and miscegnated with because we just love the color of tan and besides the more brown the society becomes the better it is and also is easier for us elite knowitalls to control – the fire builds up within him or her causing all kinds of destructive things in his or her body, the symptoms of which may not show immediately, but the corruption is there nevertheless.

The life of the soul then, has been turned into the death of the soul by the fire of hatred/resistance to truth.  What formerly was the life of God now becomes the anger or wrath of God.

In this last age of evil we are presently living in, wrath or anger is manifested through the out of order female which is called Jezebel.  This is hatred and envy of the male, particularly the white male.  The principles by which the western/european nations as well as the US is ruled by is legislated/legalized hatred of the white male. 

The reason for this is the white male is the one through whom the Deliverer/deliverers is to come.  The adversary, who is Jezebel’s impetus knows this, so as he did during Jesus’ time he is symbolically killing all the white males under the age of two to prevent the deliverer from being manifested. (Matt 2:16)  This is not meant literally.

However, before those who are to be deliverers are manifested, Jezebel must become silent, and as I’ve said many times, the only way that can happen is by the arising of a dominant angry male to commit violence to her “person” until she becomes the True feminine of which she is presently a perversion of.

The wrath/anger of God within the individual is the cause of all disease.  However, because men refuse to see this, and rather spend untold amounts of money to treat and research such diseases, God has a speedier solution, for which he has raised up numerous vessels to perform.  The speedier solution is violence through the hands of those called vessels of wrath.

The vessels of wrath are angry at the female as she is represented and what she has become in today’s culture.  By her conduct she draws violence to herself.  When I say ‘she’, I mean both males and females for they both have the same spirit of Jezebel in their minds.  This is the true “why” of the Norway shooter discussed in the previous post.

The anger within him is directed at the negative intangibles manifested in his culture as they operate through his nation’s powers that be and are allowing into his country the dark skinned hordes bent on destroying the native culture.  He, instead of striking out at the symptom – the hordes – has struck at the root, the children of those powers who were destined to continue the same policies as they were being groomed to do so.  The shooter’s act was literal, but it is also symbolic – a message to Jezebel and those who have her mark on their foreheads (minds), “here I come”.

Rev.6:15-17″And the kings of the earth and the great men and the rulers of thousands and the rich and the mighty, and every bondman and freeman hid themselves within the caves and within the rocks of the mountains; and they say unto the mountains and the rocks, fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne and from the anger of the lamb, because the great day of their anger is come and who is able to stand?”



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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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