A Classic Dinner…a violent operation

In Matthew 22, Jesus spoke a parable which described what He called “the kingdom of the heavens”, and what He likened it to.  He said,  it has become like a man – a king – who made a marriage feast for His son and sent his servants to call those who were invited into the marriage feast…”

As with all Jesus’ teachings, this one was no different than the others, for it has a meaning deeper then most can understand.  The marriage feast is actually an internal agreement within the individual, wherein the built in male and female aspects begin to “eat the same heavenly food”; ie, operate in accordance with the law/principle ordained by God.

The marriage feast is not an off into the future/sweet by and by event as the present day pharasaical preachers/teachers/theologians say – a huge literal gathering of people sitting around a giant table feasting.  The marriage feast is Spiritual and internal and occurs in each individual.

The “kingdom of the heavens” is located in the mind.  The mind is the realm where the two aspects operate. The human brain has two hemispheres, a right and left. This again shows God’s twoness, in that He is also two sphered, which Genesis calls heavens and earth and is where we get male and female from.  In this case, the male is the “right” hemisphere and the female “left”.  The action of the two, we will call the operation. 

In the present day, the white male’s brain operation is contrary to what it is supposed to be, for the left side is in control, which is against nature as God intended it.  In order to change the operation into it’s natural God given method, something must occur to force it to change, and that something is violence.

Matt.11:12″And from the days of John the immerser until now, the reign of the heavens does suffer violence, and violent men do take it by force.”

The kingdom of the heavens is male rule similar to patriarchy and the female hates this and fights it tooth and nail, so in order for the kingdom of the heavens to operate as it is intended, violence is necessary, for Jezebel, who is presently in charge in all so-called western nations, is left brain rule and will not voluntarily give up her “on top” position. 

Females are not invited to the feast.  Only males are invited – even those who are feminized/left brain controlled, but in order for them to respond properly to the “invitation”, their operation must be turned upside down, hence, the necessity of the suffering of violence.  In order to begin to think a completely different way from that which most men have been doing since childhood, a great mental earthquake or upheaval is required.

Many men are just deaf and cannot hear the call to the invited, and would not come (Matt.22:3).  Others heard the call, but considered it of lesser imortance than what they were presently involved in – occupation, commerce (business/job/money making endeavors, etc).  They have no time for it.  Another group reacted violently toward the ones who were assigned to bring them the message.  They ill treated them and slew them(v5&6).  They used such verbal accusations against those sent as to kill them in their own hearts.  These are typified today throughout the government and culture by those who accuse others of what they themselves are.  They are the finger pointing guilt accusers, demonic minded ones, who have the microphones and control who is allowed to speak and who is not.

The latter resulted in the “king”- God, sending his “armies” against them and destroyed those murders and their city set on fire. (v7)  The armies are destroyers – vessels of wrath fitted for just this purpose, the dark skinned ones and others, to bring violence into the lives of those who refuse the call/invitation.  The armies go wherever the latter gather.  The latter actually draw the armies to themselves by their own backwards mental operation.  Their “cities are burned with fire”.  The city is the mind.  This is “mental fire”, causing mental instability .  Many people, particularly females are inflicted with so-called migraine headaches, one of the symptoms of this “fire”.  I explained this fire principle in a previous post.  It is caused by a build up of mental resistance to truth and belief in the lie.

These described occurrances are the why of the recent black on white mob attacks in various cities.  They are going to become more numerous in the days ahead, for they are the instrument of causing the white male to finally throw off his left brain female worldview.

Jezebel has been telling the male what he can and cannot say and do for many years now and has legislated into existence many of her religious thou shalt’s and thou shalt not’s, but in the coming violent period the white male is going to put into action the intent behind Charles Dickens’ phrase, ” the law is a ass”, and is going to tell her to put her laws “where the sun doesn’t shine”.  The symbol that is used to identify the party which represents Jezebel in this country is the donkey – an  ass- and the system of laws she has promulagated since 1920 proves it.

The “call”I have described above is not a literal voice heard in the ear, but an arrangement of the individual’s circumstances in such a way which points the individual in a different mental direction.  Some will heed it and many won’t.

Eventually new laws will be passed to reflect the MALE view of things and all the jewinspired feminazi’s will experience Rev. 6:15-17…


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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