The Tip of the Miserable

The “miserable” is the female entity which has become institutionalized particularly in this country and the other western nations, having gained control from it’s initial beginnings in the early to mid 19th century as a mental idea manifested in the many who are infected with it, leading to it’s revealing in said countries by outward symptoms of mental derangemant, wherein not only females have become infected, but men as well, leading to a feminization of the males and a maleization of the females.  The female has taken upon herself male traits and the male has become emasculated manifesting female traits.

The female has usurped the male and placed herself throughout governments and culture in leadership positions, displacing the male, and the males have agreed with and gone along with it, just as Adam did with Eve.  Wherever there is a position of leadership that a biological female is not presently in place, a feminized male is in that position doing the same the female would do, as if she was in it.

I have explained this “thing” numerous times on this blog and in short comments on other blogs/sites, but none or very few “get it”.  They spend most if not all their time attacking the symptoms this entity shows itself through/by – immigration and the flooding of this country with dark skinned hordes from overseas and south of the border, problems with black crime and their inability to be more equal with whites no matter how much slave tax money is confiscated from the white and given to the black, the never ending demands for more “minority rights” be they women, sexual deviants of all shapes and sizes, blacks, muslims, etc., equality of all races, thought crime; so-called political correctness, the government indoctrination/conformity centers called public schools, and on and on and on.  All these and the many more which are too numerous to write here are nothing but symptoms of the miserable wretch which this entity is.  If doctors only treated symptoms and never looked for the cause, I think their licenses would be revoked.

This miserable wretch is a mentally deranged thought system which goes by several names: marxism, leftism, liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism, egalitarianism, Trotskyism, communism, progressivism, but are all one idea…God hatred.  This idea is “destroyed” or defeated as it opens it’s gates to its enemy and invites him in, by it’s very ideas/policies/rules/regulations/laws.

As she is female authoritarianism, her enemy is male authoritarianism.  As female authoritarianism is against nature, it eventually runs out of gas and undergoes a transformation and becomes male.  This begins to occur at a tipping point or climax in her downward process, which is described in the Bible as an exhausting of indignation(Dan 11:36), as she is surrounded or enveloped and attacked from all sides by a the fanatical domineering male who comes against those in whom she has mental control, causing them to either be “destroyed”if they insist on clinging to their female derangement syndrome, or have a change of mind.

The tip point does not manifest itself uniformly.  It appears in seemingly random acts scattered here and there.   It shows itself as symptoms of malehood by violent acts against those who are carriers of the disease. 

The carriers of the mental disease appear to the unenlightened eye to be “innocent”, and there is much boohooing/wailing and gnashing of teeth/burning of candles -displaying of flowers/and declarations of how nice/good/unselfish/neighborly/do anything for you/give you the shirt off their back isms spoken by relatives/associates/friends, etc., when these suffer the consequences of their mental disease. ” What have they done to deserve this?”, is the hue and cry.   Those who can only see according to outward appearances have no understanding into what is going on in the world today, much less their own immediate surroundings.

The recent Norway shooting is part of this process which we have already discussed in previous posts.  (see “The Rearrangement” for example)  Other incidents such as the recent black mob attacks on whites in various places in this country and the riots in England are also part of this beginning process – the tip – wherein the miserable female (as represented by mentally infected whites) are attacked for seemingly no reason other than their skin color, but in reality they are attacked for their thoughts – metaphorically beheaded/decapitated – not because the attackers can read thoughts of course, but because the ONE who is directing the attacks from behind the scenes sees all and is sending His “hammer-smith” to do His dirty work.

Isaiah 54:16″Lo! I have created the SMITH (like a blacksmith), who blows up a fire of coals, and who brings forth an instrument for his work (a hammer);and I have created the waster to destroy…”

Because of the increase of the coming violence against those miserable who are infected with the mental disease, there will be seen – by those who have eyes to see – a likewise increasing number of signs in the culture which show the effects of a change from the domineering mommy to a masculine viewpoint.  Eventually certain White males will begin to tell the black race hustlers and jew finger pointers to put their racism/anti-semitic canards where the sun don’t shine, and will do it publically and will not apologize or back down, no matter how much they are threatened with job loss, etc.  Also the false prophet/media gatekeepers who man all the PC barricades trying to get the White male to shut up are going to begin to suffer some type of violence against their persons and/or their organizations, which they use to manufacture consent under the guise of doing good,  because it’s the only way the miserable female who speaks through their mouths will learn.  Some attacks, like the Norway shooter, will go to the source and others, perhaps more numerous, such as the above mentioned black on white mob violence will attack the symptoms.

As the culture begins to undergo the transformation, the government and legal system/courts and various institutions will follow.  As the miserable female has been at work for over a century, the authoritarian dominant male will last longer, for it is in accordance with the natural order ordained by God.

In the above paragraph where I listed all the various ism’s, I left out conservatism, for as Robert L. Dabney said years ago, “conservatism is merely radicalism’s shadow as they both go off into perdition”.  Dabney’s radicalism is todays left/liberalism et al that I listed above.

As I write this, conservatism is busy running a bunch of females for the office of president which shows their being possessed of the same miserable mental outlook, and their people love to have it so…

As Columbo would say…One more thing I neglected to mention is miscegnation; especially the tendency of white women to hook themselves up with black men.  They open themselves up to receive them.  This shows the truth in a symbolic manner of what we’ve been saying here about this mental aberation.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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