Into Bed is Now Concerned

Lo!  I cast HER into a bed and them who are committing adultery with HER into great tribulation, except they repent out of HER works”.

Recently, the empty coffee suit made a pronouncement, no doubt written for him by others and written down on his ever present telepromptor, that the new terrorist bugaboo was the lone wolf shooter.  He and the other useful idiots/stooges that reside in the environs of sodom-on-the-potomac are afraid of this lone wolf, because he cannot be prepared for nor waylaid in advance by the alphabet soup gestapo apparatus.  They can of course conjure up their own “lone wolf’s” out of their own storeroom, like they have in the past with their various “wacko’s” such as McVeigh, Oswald, Sirhan, the mlk shooter, unabomber and the Texas army base shooter.  Perhaps the coffee suit’s pronouncement is timed beforehand by the various government spook/gestapo agencies to bring forth their own lone wolf’s as an excuse to bring to bear more demands for security.  However, what they do or don’t do, all their pronouncements cannot stop the genuine lone wolf’s from coming forth, for the call for them has already gone out from the throne of the ONE who is really in charge, to begin their assault a la Brevik, against the miserable female wretch that encompasses the minds of those in government and culture.

However, contrary to Brevik, the true lone wolf will not advertize himself beforehand or write an online manifesto giving the why’s of his actions.  He may send a message of some type after the act(s) occur, or may not.  Most likely he will let his actions against the mental derangement speak for themselves, for he is a system attacker, not a symptom attacker.

As we are presently entering a deeper darkness across the land, and especially in the cities where most future victims live who are the great participators and proponents of the present miserable female mental derangement, the main ingredient in the minds of many will be fear of what is coming in the seeming chaos.

As we enter this period of night which will last longer than the time period of the miserable female mental wretch, it is important to realize that the lone wolf will also be here during the whole night.

Of course many of the so-called elite, like celebrities, already have their paid bodyguards/flunkies and security apparatus’ and live in gated communities and/or highrise condos, but all their preparations will be to no avail, because they are not in charge of their own circumstances or surroundings like they think they are.  Eventually fear will cause them to make a mistake, or circumstances will be arranged in such a way by the ONE, that openings will present themselves, and they and theirs will be eliminated.

Another important thing to realize or keep in mind, is that the warriors represented by the lone wolf have come into being to make war against a system of thought which refuses to relent and believe the truth.  Therefore, all those who are infected with this miserable female thought system will be victims of the lone wolf unless they “repent”, ie, have a genuine change of mind, and that is what fear is for.

Fear is concern for one’s safety.  Fear will eventually provoke a change in thought and action.  Those who live in fear are already defeated.  Eventually, the knowledge or understanding of the cause of the lone wolf’s work will be spread abroad across the country, thereby giving the many infected ones the opportunity to repent.  “Why is this guy/these guys killing these different people? ” Well, I’ve heard some of his victims worked in such and such an office – government/rights group/NGO, etc./promoting the feminist agenda/civil rights/pervert rights and /or organizations which promoted hatred of whites, particularly males, such as splc/aipac/adl/ aclu, etc.”

Eventually, because of fear, the infected ones have developed a bunker mentality which is described symbolically in Rev.6:15-17..

“And the kings of the earth and the great men and the rulers of thousands and the rich and the mighty and every bondman and freeman hid themselves within caves and within rocks of the mountains; and they say unto the mountains and the rocks – Fall upon us and hide us from the face of Him that sits upon the throne and from the anger of the Lamb.  Because the great day of their anger is come, and who is able to stand?”

Their bunkers and security apparatus’ and body guards and gated communities will afford them no protection in this day, for it will be the same as it is in many places in Mexico today, where the fear and dread of drug cartel enforcers controls large areas of the country and where all the elite live in metaphorical bunkers and the police are corrupt and paid off by the cartels and some police forces have resigned their position because of the fear of the cartels.

Most government buildings have presently been built with the bunker mentality, as the buildings are usually hulking concrete edifices built to withstand bomb blasts and even the buildings hiding NGO’s have been built with the same bunker/fear mentality, for those whom the buildings were built for, know within themselves that the philosophy they push on others is worthy of their own death, so their fear is manifested in piling up rocks and hiding in symbolic caves in mountainous piles made out of manufactured rocks, particalized, heated and formed into steel and concrete.  I understand the government had built a large complex in the mountains of WVA a long time ago, which they could use in case a nuclear attack on sodom-on-the-potomac – an extensive cave like structure underground…….perhaps they may have to use it…..?  Wouldn’t that be ironic?

It is also somewhat ironic, that the government has done it’s evil job in spreading the fear which rides the conscious of the nation and which eventually leads to it’s own demise in the coming days.  They have been like Job who said “that which I greatly feared has come upon me” (Job3:25). 

The government has went abroad like the man on the white horse in Rev 6:2. The government in the guise of good – the white horse and the crowned rider – has gone forth with a bow throughout the earth, “conquering and to conquer,” spreading the so-called gospel of goodness; government of good – democracy with a smiley face, which is in fact, totalitarianism, in this case an overweening ungodly female religiosity, which began with Lincoln and his war, increased with Teddy Rooseveldt and broke forth into full flower with Wilson, and it was no accident that the woman’s right to vote came into being in his administration –  a femaleized male – after a long buildup since the early 19th century.  Before the man on the white horse could go abroad in his false conquering work, he had to “conquer the male first”.  The rider is referred to as a ‘he’, but all demonic beings are ‘he’ who are able to appear as ‘she’, hence today’s mental derangement appears as ‘she’.

While ‘she’ goes forth conquering and to conquer, the specific people who brought the mental derangement to this country from europe in the 19th century, have also been very busy corrupting the country from within, via “Hollywood and Vine”.  This is part of her conquering process, wherein the minds of the populace have been corrupted /defiled through the artifices of the demonically inspired entity who has lewdly spewed forth it’s sewage and propaganda via the silver screen and the tv.  A very large, can’t miss target I think.  As someone has coined the phrase, “a target rich environment”…..

This process of vengence which we have been describing is a genuinely good thing as those who are involved in bringing it to pass – lone wolf’s – are instruments of deliverance from the woman – the oppressor and opposer of all that is called good and Godly in the earth, but of course the viewpoint of the ignorant/blind masses will be one of horror and disbelief at the “extremists” actions.

Only those with eyes to see will know the truth.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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