My Kentucky Derby

In the previous post, we made reference to the rider on the white horse who had a bow and was given a crown and went forth conquering and to conquer, or that he might conquer.  We discussed how this horse symbolized a female religiosity – a false whiteness/self righteousness – which has conquered the minds of most people in the so-called western nations and is fully entrenched in the minds especially of those who are in high positions, and manifests itself by the alphabet soup of ism’s which seem to be separate “ideas”, but are actually different faces or facets of one idea; the one idea being God hatred.  This idea or thought tendency which “rides the national conscious” is a deranged female wretch which causes those infected to believe in the lie that evil is good and good is evil.

The next chase in order of things to come in this symbolical Kentucky Derby is a or the mind of vengeance symbolized by a red horse.

Rev. 6:4 “And there went forth another, a red horse, and unto him that was sitting thereon it was given unto him to take away peace from the earth, and that one another they should slay; and there was given unto him a great sword”.

Red is symbolic of vengeance stemming from anger, and this mental “horse” is a direct response to what the white horse has done in conquering the people and their leaders and deceiving them into believing the lie.

The mentally infected ones who believe the lie are dead while they live and the warriors who represent the red horse will bring the former’s mental death into a manifestation of physical reality.

This eventually will create a condition of great despair among the millions of those who hold the female mental defect, which I have quoted in the previous post from Rev. 6:15-17.

The female mental defect thinks it has conquered everyone but a few insignificant religious fanatics and a few others, mainly White males who still hold on to their “racist/anti-semitic blah, blah, blah, ideas, so it thinks, because it has in place all it’s thought police/gatekeepers working around the clock to stifle any independent- thought- minded- maleness from sneaking through in the public mind, that finally it has reached the state of “peace and safety”, but it has another thought coming…

1Thess. 5:3 “As soon as they begin to say – Peace! and safety!, then suddenly upon them comes destruction just as the birth throe unto her that is with child, and in nowise shall they escape”.

The lying, walking dead “zombies” are easy targets of opportunity who identify themselves by their words which express their mental derangement, and their actions which show an in-your-face hatred of the White male.  Nevertheless, it is secession which will trigger the cataclysm.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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