The Usual Suspects

Building a fire under the false opposition, who/which attack symptoms/faces and do not go to the source behind the face/symptom.

The symptoms or faces I am referring to are all the “ism’s” I mentioned in a previous post, which seem to be each a separate idea, as they are called by different names; ie, communISM, marxISM, feminISM, leftISM, liberalISM, progressivISM, conservativISM, atheiISM, muticulturalISM, egalitarianISM, etc., but are in fact one idea emanating from the satanic mind of what is called the synagogue of satan and is manifested in the earth through the Jesus Christ rejecting, God hating entity, known as jewry.

There is a spiritual principle which must be learned in order to understand what is really going on in the earth.  The principle is:  the source of the problem is Spiritual and is ONE, but manifests itself in the earth as MANY.

Because the mass of men are not spiritual minded, they see “in part”.  Even if they see the evil of the various ism’s above – which evil is true – they are only seeing the outward face of the problem, not the one source from which the ism originates.  Each ism is only a facet or face of the one idea, which is satanic God hatred.  So….

Most of the ethnonational, White nationalist, racialist, and traditional/conservative blogs and websites are busy arguing against one ism or another, by bringing up “symptoms of the symptom” in the attempt to defeat the symptoms that the symptom; ie, the ism’s, are causing.  Some of them are tied up in knots over the problem with black criminality, particularly black on white crime and the recent “flash mob’ phenomenon; the black’s inability to measure up IQ wise to other races; the media coverup of said black criminality; illegal immigration and the flood of the muslim and south of the borderite into this country; the liberal/leftist hogwash preached by the media; the communist/marxist, empty coffee suit in the white house and his handlers/sycophants; the muticultural/egalitarian/diversity poison; the rights/minorities industry – women, perverts, blacks, muslim, mestizo, and on and on.

Recently, I read a blog post on the Political Cesspool, run by James Edwards, on which he posted an email from someone critical of the recent establishment in DC of a monument to the black communist/marxist/serial womanizer and prostitute user, called King.  The person who wrote the email was speaking the truth as far as King himself is concerned, re his background, and how the sculpture was made in China and how that fact was ironic as King himself was also “made in china”; ie, a communist.  The silly fools who paid for the abomination and had it built in China have no idea what they are saying by having it built and set up in DC.  Anyway… to make a long story short, I posted a short comment about King being a communist front man stooge of the jew who invented communism/marxism in the first place.  My comment was deleted.  I read on his “mission” page a recommendation essay by Bob Whitaker in which he said, “He (Edwards) does not need people trying to get off on denouncing jews or blacks or anybody else”.   Apparently, Edwards has no problem with denouncing the blacks and their criminality and other things, and liberalism (a product of the jew mind) is mentioned derogatorily quite often as well as feminism (another jew invention), pornography (another),and so forth.

Edwards is not the only one who has this problem, for there are others.  One is called American Renaissance, which is run by Jared Taylor, the educated son of missionary parents who I understand was born in Japan.  He is on tv from time to time as a foil for mostly brain dead talking heads, who make fun of him and his “white supremacy” philosophy – so they say.  He has written numerous articles posted on different sites on the net, as well as a couple of books.  The AR site is mostly a news aggregator site similar to Drudge, but specializes in articles having to do with some of the above ism’s and black criminality, etc.  He gets a lot of comments on his various articles, but don’t ever get caught mentioning the jew in a critical way, for your comment will be deleted.  The two books which he has written have not been published by any of the name publishers, as they won’t touch his writings with a boat hook, for as anyone with any smarts knows, these publishing companies are in the jews back pocket.

I’ve mentioned these two, but I know there are many others who do the same; Lawrence Auster is another, a supposed convert to christianity from jewry.  They are actually and in some cases, perhaps unknowingly, covering for jewry.  As long as they keep harping on symptoms, and never touch the source of the disease, they are left alone on the net, with the exception of a few jewtrolls scattered here and there, trying to derail the discussion, by using their time proved satanic manipulative/misdirection/threat tactics, which they have been practicing since their crucixion of Jesus.

So with or without knowing it, these sites and blogs who “cover the races” are actually no different then the media they complain about who cover FOR the races .  The media refuses to publish the ongoing predations of the blacks and mestizo criminality against the white population because it has it’s marching orders from the ones who control the money pot behind the scenes, who are hell bent in the genocide of the White race and removal of any semblance of Godly conduct from the earth, by practicing a form of decapitation of such, in refusing to allow them any say or expression of righteous thought in the public square.  This is why they established all the thought police called under their usual alphabet soup monikers, splc, aclu, adl, aipac, etc.

In this scenario, such blogs and sites are acting as a sort of secondary gatekeeper – a false opposition which seems to oppose evil, but in reality stops short of going the whole way in identifying the ultimate source of the evil; the above synagogue of satan.   The real gatekeepers behind the scenes allow this false opposition as it suits their purposes as a sort of safety valve in it’s attempt at thwarting any sort of violent revolution which will eventually and inexorably lead to the recognition of the jew as the cause.

It will take violence to uproot this cancer/parasite.  There is no other way.  By it’s actions it is saying,”we don’t wanna go”, but eventually they will or it will.  Just as weeds with long roots like a dandelion, can only be gotten rid of by the violence of digging at the root…

However, having said all this I also realize the mentioned bloggers, et al, are probably compromised in their own lives in some way so that they are unable to go the distance, as to do so will lead to their loss of job/position/income, etc.  The situation they find themselves in is similar to those who are being blackmailed by someone because of a past indiscretion that they have discovered.  The jewsystem is expert at this, and that is how they maintain their numerous stooges and useful idiots/front men they have in their service.  They’ve had a lot of practice at it and have perfected the system of bribery and blackmail and threats over many years.  As many will eventually come to realize, this entity is actually a criminal enterprize similiar to the mafia, but on a much, much, much, larger scale.




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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to The Usual Suspects

  1. Ryu says:

    Good job. I have also long wondered why Amren and other “racial realist” sites do not name the Jew. It is a great sin on their part.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks for commenting. Yes, it’s all based on “for fear of the jews”. The religion known as christianity has become totally jewified since it’s founding.

  2. Very perceptive post. You are spot-on not only about the “for fear of the Jews” tendency, but also about how many of those who style themselves as “spokesmen for the White people” are deeply compromised and thus ultimately ineffective.

    I’ve said many times that one of the deadliest diseases to which our people are prey is The Need to Be Liked.

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