Misanthrope Disturber of the Status Quo

Numbers 25:6-8 “And lo! a man of the sons of Israel coming in who brought near unto his brethren a midianite woman, before the eyes of all the assembly of the sons of Israel…And Phineas, son of Eleazar, son of Aaron the priest, saw it – so he rose up out of the midst of the assembly, and took a spear in his hand, and went in after the man of Israel into the pleasure tent and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman in her parts of shame…”

At the time of the above passage the Israelites, because of their “race mixing” with the Midianites, had begun to worship in the way of the Midianites which God had previously warned them not to.  The Midianites were phallic worshippers; ie sex worshippers, just as today’s white Americans have become sex worshippers with all their perverted practices – queers, lesbots, transsexuals, cross dressers, hetrosexual bed hopper swingers and wife swappers and adulterer’s, child sex perverts, pornography loving males staring gogleyed at their computer screens/dvd’s, all busy slurping up the satanic, Synagogue of satan, jew invented and propagated sewage, not only defiling their own souls which they are ignorant of, but also bringing a curse down on their own families, wives and children if they have any, in the process.

So, in the episode quoted above, God brought a plague of sickness and death upon the Israelites because of their whoring after “strange flesh”, and the only way the plague was stopped was when Phineas “rose up out of the midst of the assembly and did what he did.  What do you think Phineas’ motivation was for doing what he did?  It was hatred – hatred for his own people and what they had become.  Twenty four thousand Israelites died in the plague before Phineas committed his one violent act.  What’s it going to take to stay the plague/curse upon white America?  A similar act, but on a broader scale where the single act becomes multiple acts.  But first comes the misanthrope…

Misanthrope:  a person who hates or distrusts mankind.  Today’s misanthrope is an equal opportunity disturber of the status quo.  The existing state of affairs in this country must be disturbed, and is beginning even as this is written, but first the disturbance must come among those who think they have a vision of how things should be and these are those who call themselves by various names – White preservationists, nationalists, ethnonationalists, racialists, etc.  This group has to become “pure” before it can become the foundation of a new society and this stage of pureness has to come by means of a misanthrope.

The misanthrope is dangerous to all facets of the present status quo and they hold him as such – the FBI, the church(religion/christianity), the state, as they are all jewified, and even the “new thing”, which is White nationalism itself – all fear him and see that he is dangerous to their agenda.

The misanthrope “arises from the midst of the assembly”….of White nationalists, et al, just as Phineas did in the above passage.  Most WN’s are busy splitting hairs, attacking symptoms (see previous two posts), etc., while the ‘thrope’ has the true voice, but is pointed to as too harsh/profane/not willing to compromise/he attacks those who are held up as examples to follow by the many other WN’s.  In other words, he tells it like it is and is not afraid to name names, particularly those of his supposed fellow WN’s, if he sees any iota of compromise in that bunch.  He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and speaks frankly to all and sundry, especially to those who he sees as jew compromisers who refuse to name the jew as the source of our problems.  Also like Phineas, he sees that the only answer to the jew problem is violence, and this really shakes a lot of people up.

‘Thrope’ doesn’t set himself up as a leader, he just says and does what he is.  Eventually his leadership appears.  If he strives for it, it flees from him.  He refuses to engage himself in some other WN’s ideas about appealing to conservatives(who don’t really conserve anything) and “implicit” white nationalists, such as tea party types and other such ilk.

Consider in your minds a picture of an exclusive neighborhood such as Bel Air California.  What we call White Nationalism is an exclusive neighborhood where only few are allowed to enter.  These few must have one mind and one purpose.  They can’t be divided into cliques and followers of the various “names” that are presently looked up to in the WN sphere.  We are presently in a seemingly chaotic stage, where a “sifting” is going on.  Everyone is arguing with one another and disagreeing with each other over this and that or what so and so did or said this or that. This is a necessary stage for what is to come. What looks like chaos/purposelessness, where everyone seems to be at one another’s throat, is actually the formation stage before the manifestation – the coming together of all the disparate parts into a whole.  In the Spirit/unseen world, this thing which looks like confusion to us in this dimension, is actually already a completed work.  I realize this is hard to comprehend, but that is the way it works.

Many of the future exclusive neighborhood will have to”come up” to where ‘Thrope’ is – mentally of course.  He can’t come down to their level.  He is a “fanatic”, the core around which the neighborhood is established.  All they who surround him in the neighborhood must become like fanatics.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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6 Responses to Misanthrope Disturber of the Status Quo

  1. Brandon says:

    Sorry, I inadvertantly deleted your comment “b”.

  2. baaltanit says:

    I said that although I don’t personally use a Biblical interpretation, I wholeheartedly agree with your premise.

    Ironically, among xtians and atheists alike, those who are able to throw off hedonism do it in much the same way.

    Many xtians live a life of hedonism and when they have done it enough to see that it is futile and unfulfilling, they turn their lives over to christ. An atheist like myself lived in that manner until I reached the same conclusion and gave it up, but without a religious motivation.

    It’s sort of like eating a 10 lb bag of potato chips. If you do it, you may never want to see another potato chip for as long as you live.

  3. Ryu says:

    That’s true. A great error was in eliminating extremists, which of course we have to do because the state looks more closely at us than the leftists. They surely don’t condemn their fanatics. Just look how quick everyone ran when ABB has caught in Norway.

    • Brandon says:

      My view is, there are extremists….and then there are extremists. Some people have large families, the wife is the homemaker and the husband the provider. All they want is to be left alone, and to live in simplicity, but to the present dyke entity which fills the minds of those in govt and culture, they are fanatics and need to be eliminated. However, the latter’s fear of fanatic’s – so called, for that is their word not necessarily ours – is going to bring the REAL fanatics into manifestation. They in a sense are “calling forth” the fanatics by their fear, for fear is the reverse of faith and faith is “according to what or how you see, you are”, or become. Just like the empty coffee suit recently “called for” the lone wolf’s in an article I read.

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