True Conservatism

An “about to go, fire”; ie, an idea which is formed as an internal “fire”, which is about to explode.  The fire is anger and is male hatred – a reaction against the all encompassing, meddling, mommy – which is presently reaching it’s exhaustion point in this country and other western european nations.

This fire of anger is/will come out from the midst of the present manifestation of conservatism, which is and has been merely radicalism’s (all the ism’s spoken of in previous posts)shadow as they both go off into perdition (Robert L.Dabney). Present conservatism is like “Rich-ard” in the Britcom “Keeping Up Appearances”.  A simpering, go along to get along, emasculated, “yes dear, whatever you say dear” entity, who, while his Jezebel bulldyke wife drags him around by the nose “doing good” to all and sundry, both at home and abroad, because of misplaced sympathy for all things minority, and spreading her doctrine called democracy to countries around the world, particularly in the  middle east where domineering malehood resides, trying to undermine their cultures with all things in her warped female image and to make their countries safe for sodomy and the rule of the same type of femalehood.  This female cannot stop or help herself.  She does however become more mentally deranged and that shows itself more readily to those who have eyes to see, as she reaches her exhausting point in the present day.

As I have written many times before in previous posts, this female can only be stopped by a domineering male idea which takes it’s place in the culture and eventually in government as the new prevailing idea, which will be authoritarian in nature.  The present female is actually authoritarian which is against nature, so it will be changed into male which is according to nature.

The beginnings of this will come through the secession of certain states from the present leviathan/beast, who will eventually decide they have had enough of their people’s will being thwarted by federal black robed Jezebelites, on the so-called circuit bench.  The people in many states are tired of the darkskinned flood manifested in their own states and are passing laws to control and stem the flow by their own legislators whose laws are being declared unconstitutional by these implicit and explicit Jezebels, who, by their actions in other cases have thumbed their noses at the very same constitution they are supposedly supporting.  Eventually one of the governors will have a backbone transplant or “grow a pair”, as the vernacular is, and will tell these judges to put their decisions where the sun don’t shine .

As explained in the previous post how the misanthrope “arises from the midst” of WN’s et al, so likewise true conservatism arises from the midst of the false present entity called by the same name.  However, the only thing present conservatism “conserves” is it’s own blindness, that is why it takes an extreme crisis of some kind to initiate the transformation into the true form.

Many, if not most, professing christians make up the bulk of the present form of conservatism.  Not as leaders of course, but as followers.  To an extent, they have banded together to try to influence conservatism in the way they call “righteousness”, because their Bible, which is their guide, says, “righteousness exalts a nation, but a reproach to any people is sin”(Proverbs 14:34).  They see the widespread pervasiveness of hedonism in the land and that a large portion of the population have given themselves over to sex and all it’s perverted variants.  As well as, in their eyes, the abomination of abortion.   They are trying to influence the political actors to seeing things their way as well as becoming involved in politics themselves by running for various offices in order to expand their influence and world view.

However, what they don’t realize is that while simultaneously working to promote righteousness and morality, they are bowing down to the very entity through the mind of which has brought about the degeneration of the country – jewry and all of it’s mental ism’s.  Their false view of the jew and all things israhell, keeps them in the placid/passive/submissive female mode and causes them to be a hindrance in the path of the very thing they seek to come to pass in the country; ie, righteousness.  So their God is going to send them a deliverer who they will not recognize, who will cause the female who is presently in control, to “shut up”.  In the process this system of authoritarianism will separate from christianity their love of jewry as they are unable to do it themselves.  Only a true male can deliver a female.  As the female has operated by covert violence, through it’s system of laws/regulations and so called legal/justice system of black robed ones and it’s back room political deals where they promise heaven on earth and when they get in office promulgate hell, the male will operate overtly, out in the open and if necessary with violence against those previously responsible for the female’s predations and those who refuse to go along with the new program.    As the female is totalitarianism with a smiley face – democracy/”hello, I’m from the government and/or the US, and I’m here to help you”- the male is totalitarianism with the mask off.

All the constitution/bill of rights/free speech stuff, which already has been neutered through the jew/female legalese system of good for me, but not for thee, is going to be set aside.  Speaking of which, there will eventually be a mass exodus (ironic?) of jews to israhell, because it will be made known to them in no uncertain terms that their country destroying cancer parasitism is no longer welcome here.  Their wandering days of going country to country and undermining them will be over, as it is necessary for them to be surrounded in one geographic location.

The state secession movement, which has been and is being discussed in sundry places on the internet, will receive an impetus when “a little more depression”occurs in the financial system of the country.  When this happens it will be as though the federal government is saying, “my time is over”, and will be more amenable to the idea of breaking up into smaller or regional governments  as it will no longer have the power to back up any effort to maintain the false coerced unity which came in through Lincoln and has been built into the present day leviathan since, through covert force or the threat thereof.

When the “little more depression” arrives, the people are going to say no more to the federal tax man which will be a hastening of the country’s breakup into individual states going their own way or banding together with other like minded states to produce new states or regions.

Eventually, at the federal level a man or group of men, whom I described in the previous post, will come together to become the new leaders of the land.  He or they, will not be assigned to this job, but will rather just become like a national council whose main job initially will be to separate the races.  Laws will be passed to prevent race mixing and miscegnation.  Punishments for violation of the new laws will be severe. It is during this period or just before, that jewry will see the handwriting on the wall so to speak and begin it’s evacuation.

This long drawn out process or operation I have been describing has an useen law/truth/principle behind it which I will call in metaphorical or symbolic language, “it’s the job of the double header”.  The double header is male and female.  They as an entity, “appear together” in the world, but only one can be manifested; seen in operation, while the other is “present, but hidden” within or “behind” the other.  We have had the female manifested for some time now as she began her coming forth in the late 18th to the mid 19th century and began to have universal effect when the female was given the right to vote and in some way even before then with the granting the same right to others.  As this female is against nature, it being “on top” and in control, she eventually “runs out of gas” and has to yield to the male form who has been with her, but hidden.  He then comes forth according to nature as male authoritarianism and the female “goes back to being what she is supposed to be”; ie, a silent unseen, unmanifested entity which has great power, but gives up it’s power to the male to make him even stronger.  It’s like the very capable successful men or businessmen whose wives “stand behind them”, giving them support and aid/suggestions/advice in the man’s work, for when he succeeds, so does she, as he in private and sometimes openly praises her for what she is and does.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to True Conservatism

  1. Ryu says:

    Yes indeed, feminism is a great problem. Like multiculturalism, the entire reason that it has sprung up is the inaction of men. I don’t think that there’s enough anger at Washington and NYC yet. Maybe another decade or so of the current progress, but I think that the state will double down on it’s feminism and diversity initiatives.

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