For the Nature of These Incline Toward Death

They only laugh and cavort with them…for they are destructors/destroyers, like them and not builders/sustainers.

‘Them’ are the jews.  ‘They’ are satan worshippers and other God hating athiests.  Satan worshippers and non jew God haters work hand in glove with the jew – they laugh at the so – called myth of christianity as they call it, hence are cavorting and laughing with jewry in the same work.  Many of them may be even covert jews ancestory wise. I wouldn’t put it past them.  For they, like their master, the adversary, are the ultimate in deception and it’s offshoots – misdirection, manipulation, hidding behind the goy/gentile mask.

It is useless to argue and debate them, for having the intelligence of the adversary operating in their minds, they can run rings around most anyone in an argument or debate.  That is how the jew has been able to suborn nations through the use of the adversary’s intelligence operating within their minds.  The world system, being evil, and having been set up by the adversary, knows how to manipulate it to his and his instrument’s advantage.

Both athiest God haters and jew spend much time and blogoshere space in debunking the “myth” of christianity – there was no such person as “Jeboos”, and if there was, he was a hypocrite and spoke out of both sides of his mouth and contradicted himself all over the place, etc, etc.  Likewise was Paul in his writings and actions according to them.

The WN God haters involved in this thing of ours, will by their own words, exclude themselves from any participation in any future endeavor toward a White ethnostate.  The ethnostate will be father run, and, because these God haters are at enmity with their own fathers, they will have no part in this matter until that is resolved in their own lives.

Even if only single men are the leaders of this new thing of ours, they must live and operate and conduct themselves as fathers to those they lead.  They must be ethno – patriarchists.  Otherwise their society will not succeed, for this is the very reason why the present society is a sewer pit and inner darkness has enveloped the whites of the country, which is revealed to their unseeing eyes by the dark skinned hordes flooding the country and the decendants of black slavery committing the violent acts on whites across the country,  because fathers have not done their job and have brought these circumstances on their own heads.

Fathers who are living their lives in discordance with natural law; ie, as rebels against God, are guaranteeing that any child born from their unions with females, will also ultimately manifest the same rebellion in their lives, but the child rebellion will be in a different form than the fathers, so that they won’t recognize it. “What has happened to you!  I didn’t raise you this way!”  Yes, you did.  Many of these children are the progeny of the wealthy and/or well off and have been left to do what they want while young and given every toy on a silver platter and or been mostly raised by nannies while young.  Don’t get me started on day care….

The “mechanism trigger is pulled in the womb” before the child is born which causes the eventual child rebellion.  It may eventually be revealed as homosexuality in males and females and a hatred of God in either or both, because as I said above, hatred of God is hatred of the father.

If the father was a religious person or professing christian and showed in his life that he was a hypocrite who said “do” and did not do himself, this also causes the rebellious God hatred to come out when the child reaches teen years and on into adulthood.  The son or daughter’s reaction is a middle finger to the father and by extension, to God.

So men have been troubling their own houses in this country at minimum since the turn of the 20th century and have been raising rebellious sons and daughters, who in turn do the same on down through each generation until today.  This process also occurs in the professing christian realm, which in a sense, is/was the last bastion against the satanic jew fostered program that fills the trough of sewage which all or most of the unbelieving world feeds at .  Many christians have bought it, hook, line and sinker.  Miscegnate?  “Fine with me”.  Train daughters to be whores and sluts and that sex and the single girl is so freeing?  “Yeah, bring it on!”  “There’s no such thing as race, only the human race, and I’ve got chapter and verse to prove it”.

Yes, christianity as it is seen in this country has much to be blamed for our present conditions, and I have done quite a bit of blaming here since I started blogging in the spring of 2010.  If any reader is interested, you can go back through the archives.  In christianity’s present condition, it is not worthy of inheriting a special place free from the jew and his stooges/useful idiots.  They are still in love with all things jew and israhell, as their foolish “last days” doctrine blinds them to the truth.  And as I’ve said, most have bought the diversity/multicultural/all races are the same/equality jew bs.  Of course there are exceptions, but they have no voice in the culture, however, at least some of their lives do witness to truth which is good.

As the adversary – satan – is an attention getting whore, the God haters he inspires also love attention.  They like to stir things up and get all the “christotards/xtians/jeboos lovers in an uproar on the comment boards.  They can’t help themselves.  They couldn’t get their own fathers attention when they were young, so they have to do something which brings attention to themselves by outraging the old fogeys/homophobics/religious fanatics, et al.  Typical satanic jew behavior.  Their philosophy is “in your face ism” which is basically giving God the finger, by doing it to those who supposedly represent Him on earth.  To them, everybody who is not like them is a hypocrite, so they feel it’s their responsibility to bring everyone down to their level.

Their behavior is basically childish, for as long as they remain in that mode, they will remain in childhood and never grow up to take the responsibility of aduthood, for to do so is to become what they hate.  They are really silly, for their forebears of the 60’s and 70’s, the Vietnam and college marxist protesters and burn their bra er’s have, after many years morphed into the government and culture and become the very one’s they used to hate.  Silly children fighting over toys in the sand box of life.  Give any ethnostate responsibility to these twits?  Not likely, unless you like playing in a sewer, which will happen if they have any say.  They think, not consciously perhaps, that if they remain children they can always get what they want, which many of them as biological children used to do, and were foolishly indulged in by their parents.  If they grow up they won’t be able to get what they want, so might as well remain a child and go around creating an uproar so everyone will cater to my whims.

The key to dealing with these childish ones is to not mind their lecture.  Don’t pay any attention to their hornswoggle satanic jew bs.  Let em post whatever they want, but remain silent in the comment boards.  Don’t try to refute them or argue with them.  They are free to say what they want, but the rest of us on this road don’t have to respond.  Eventually they’ll get the message.

Yes, there are some of these people who have some good ideas and mostly being educated, express themselves wordwise with much dexterity, and that’s fine, but they have this one blindspot, which to them seems to be the truth and they will argue it till they are blue in the face, but the only way that spot can be removed is by a greater power then themselves .




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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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6 Responses to For the Nature of These Incline Toward Death

  1. Ryu says:

    It looks as if Baal has inspired you.

    Hornswaggle? Haven’t heard that word in a long time. Religion is a very divisive issue in WN. We’ve got Christians, Mormons, atheists, and Odinists all under one tent. There’s this great tendancy to want to further atomize. I will always say that the hardest thing to do in this world is to get people to work together.

    The patriachy and father issue is important. I think it’s understood that feminism as we know it must end. Leaders will need special characteristics. A little patience with our Aryan brother is in order IMO. At least one can work with and negotiate with other whites. As long as one believes in the 14 words, can answer some questions properly, I think it’s alright.

    Baal has suggested that Christian Identity might be able to purge all the bad elements of Christianity that we see. Do you share this thought?

    • Brandon says:

      I know next to nothing about christian identity. I saw some guy commenting over at OD some time ago…calls himself pastor something or other with an ski or sky on the end. I think he’s in Missouri. About all I remember about him was his profanity.

      I’ve appreciated your posts over yonder and your comments both here and there. You sound like a guy who has his wits about him. I realize it seems like B was my “inspiration”, but I actually get it elsewhere.

      Yes there is a bunch of us under one tent so to speak, but there is yet much sifting to do, and it can’t be done by us cause it will just cause more head butting. All sifting is done by the One who is really in charge of all things….if you catch my drift.

      Yes. Patience is very important.

  2. Richard says:

    Hi Brandon

    You wrote:

    “The key to dealing with these childish ones is to not mind their lecture. Don’t pay any attention to their hornswoggle satanic jew bs. Let em post whatever they want, but remain silent in the comment boards. Don’t try to refute them or argue with them. They are free to say what they want, but the rest of us on this road don’t have to respond. Eventually they’ll get the message.”

    Maybe that is the right approach. But one of the things that makes me want to respond to liberals is that I’m concerned they will mislead any fence-sitters or on-lookers. You know? What if some people reading the comments think the liberals are “winning” because nobody responds to their empty rhetoric?

    I want to comment on something else you wrote:

    “I know next to nothing about christian identity. I saw some guy commenting over at OD some time ago…calls himself pastor something or other with an ski or sky on the end. I think he’s in Missouri. About all I remember about him was his profanity.”

    I found Christian Identity a few weeks ago, and still know very little about it. But one of the things I’ve noticed is that of the Christian Identity crowd on the internet use an excessive amount of foul language. I try not to use any, especially on the internet.

    Do you have a favorite Bible translation?

    Thanks for your posts. I enjoy reading your thoughts.

    • Brandon says:

      Richard. Thanks for your questions.

      First off, I don’t get any neg comments as my spam filter gets them all and I never see most of them except for the off the wall ones trying to sell something or on some left field subj. Most contrary commenters are not interested in truth. If there are onlookers/fence sitters, which I’m sure I have a lot of, eventually they will get off the fence…or not. Everyone has a time; a “Day of the Lord” if you will, when they are destined to have their eyes opened. It happens in everyone’s life, but most miss it and have to go round the barn again and experience it again. The vicious cycle it’s called. We are not responsible for people, only to tell the truth. It’s ok to briefly point out the fallacies of the satanic mind (libs etc), but I would avoid long drawn out responses. Most are only interested in arguing. I definitely wouldn’t respond to the name callers other than by sarcasm, which I do on yahoo news articles at times. I like to get them stirred up and raise their blood pressure.

      I don’t have a “favorite” Bible translation, but I presently use a not too well known one called “Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible. A translation written in the 19th century by Joseph Bryant Rotherham.

      Does your blog allow comments? I didn’t notice a space for them. Maybe I should have clicked on the title of a post and one would show up? Sort of like VA’s?

      • Richard says:

        Thanks for the response.

        “Does your blog allow comments?”

        Not right now. I haven’t given it much thought.

        Regarding arguing with liberals (multiculturalists/feminists/etc.) I shy away from it for a couple reasons. The first is that I’m not great with words — and you are probably aware that liberals are impressed by fancy word dressing. They have to be because their worldview depends on them being able to make ugliness and untruth appear beautiful and true, and they do this with word manipulation.

        I have one more thing I want to mention / ask. It’s okay if you don’t have the time or desire to respond. But I have to mention it. I’ve spent maybe an hour reading your blog posts. Maybe more than hour. And I’m wondering if you are a big proponent / supporter of chastity.

        What pro-White people need is a moral regeneration. And chastity (of body and mind) is essential, in my opinion. I believe that sexual intercourse / orgasm is for procreation. I am opposed to all forms of recreational sex / masturbation. I remember you used the term “self-control”, so I guess chastity is in that category.

        Thanks again for your blog and for trying to live a good life.

      • Brandon says:

        Chastity…short answer, yes. But not all can receive it,or live it. For example those in a certain sect who swear vows of celibacy and haven’t been given the gift to live it are then eaten up with lust and go into pederasty and other abominations. Only certain people have the gift, which apparently you have. Another fella writes about it on his blog. His name is Julian Lee. Also, the 144000 mentioned in Rev. 14 allude to it; “for they are virgin who have not been defiled by women”. Of course it has a deeper meaning then just sex, which I have written about on other posts. Read Jesus’ teaching on eunuchs in Matth 19:11-12. I don’t write on it much because like I said it’s a gift. The mass of men are destined to marry and father children, only very few can be otherwise. A man in a true marriage is a type of Christ in that he lays down his own life for his own.

        Moral regeneration…correct. It includes a mental transformation.

        Re arguing with libs, etc. It’s like arguing with satan and he can run rings around you. Jews are expert at it, that’s why so many of them are lawyers and judges.

        Thank YOU. Caps intended.

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