No Power Can Stand When the Male is Strong

After today….what’s next.  Barry must not serve.

The empty coffee suit must not serve another term, so it’s probably time for Ahab and Jezebel to return to office, only with the roles reversed.  Jezebel will be president, with Ahab in the “advisory” role behind her, a reversal of what the original pair were in antiquity, although the ancient personage of Ahab was a weak male – in essence a shehe and Jezebel was a strong female, a heshe.

Barry has been a failure to his masters, the latter who basically operate by trial and error, and they now see the wisdom in having two “in office” instead of one.  If he wants to “serve” again, the powers that run things will advise him against it, if they haven’t already done so.  If he follows their advice, in a sense, all will be well with him.  If he allows his wife to push him into another run, for she is really looooving her present position, he will probably be assassinated by one of the psycho “lone gunmen” stooge/useful idiots, the puppet masters always have access to, such as Oswald, Sirhan, Hinckley, James Earl Ray, etc.  Of course if that happens, then the SHTF among the blacks as they need little excuse to riot and bloodshed and destruction as it is.

Ahab and Jezebel are of course the Clintons, who for the sake of our discussion will be called Billary.  The “male”side of this thing is female and the “female” side is male.  This perverted combo is the next step before the strong man steps forward to rule in this country.

Anyone with eyes can see that the past few presidents have had progressively strong females as wives, going back to at least Reagan.  The wives have been stronger with each successive president; more male like, pushy, controlling, demanding, assertive, wanting to be in control and chafing at their secondary role; always having to have their own project to work on instead of supporting the president in his work.  I can tell by looking at Barry’s wife that he is the female in their relationship.

The jews liked Billary when they were in office and still do, however, Billary knows how to beat the jews at their own game and are past masters of it.  Things are going to get a little tougher on the jews who say they are, but are not, in the coming days, and even as I write this, there are some movements in unexpected quarters to reverse their and israhell’s hegemony on the world stage.  Only someone as deceitful as the jew can defeat the jew.  All Billary wants is to be in power and to continue to be so for as long as possible and they will bow and scrape like all the political candidates to jewry and it’s abundant political organs, in order to gain the presidency, but when in office, will, like the chameleons they are, remove their love israhell mask and turn it into a hate one.

As they cannot both be president, by law, and Bill has already had his two terms, so we can look forward(?!) to two terms again for Billary, with the biological female sitting in the chair of the oval office.  The Clintons of course have no compunction at all regarding the elimination of their enemies, for they are just like the jew in this regard.  Violence and the threat of same is no problem to them.  Vince Foster found out the truth of this the hard way.

Presently, it is necessary for a state apparatus to exist; ie, a form of centralized government which we now have.  The reason for this is, in order to restore the natural order of things throughout the country, there must needs be some centralized form of power structure.  Even though the country is in the process of being chopped up into smaller governmental regions, there is and will be still, a necessity for a centralized “federal” entity as an “overseer”, or “father”, but not like the present top heavy, bureaucratic leviathan.

Generally, and I emphasize the word generally, our people, our nature, tend to obey.  Others do not.  As the others will still be in the land in various places, they will need a “father” to rule and discipline them, for they tend not to do it themselves, hence the “federal overseer/father”, who holds the rod of correction in his hand and “bears not the sword in vain”.  The others, the dark skinned races and those who appear white, but are not, are like the female and do not know, hence, it is necessary for them to be under a stern”father”.  As rebellion comes through the latter (when I said female in the previous sentence I do not mean biological females only, for I include all those childish males who, though in adult bodies, act like women being controlled by emotion, ie; whiggers, etc), the overseer/father will take steps to put it down, based on new laws previously promulgated /enacted in agreement with the fathers of the regions/states.  If they don’t like the rules they will be dealt with violently as an example to others who have the same rebellious hearts.

As for israhell’s future, it will eventually be annihilated by a principle or operation I will call, “Punch and Judy”, which is similiar to that of Bill and Hillary, except on a larger scale.

Punch and Judy are an old time puppet show, an entertainment for mainly children at fairs and carnivals.  A large rectangular box set upon end with enough room to fit an adult inside, with an opening in the front toward the audience where the person inside would display two hand puppets, gaily dressed, representing a male – the husband, Punch, on his right, and Judy the wife on his left.  They would argue and fight one another and beat one another over the head to the delight of the audience.  This is the metaphorical/symbolic means of israhell’s destruction.   More to come….



About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to No Power Can Stand When the Male is Strong

  1. Ryu says:

    Yeah, I wish Bill would just disappear into the night. He seems determined to stay in the spotlight.

    I’ve heard an interesting tidbit on Israel. That they have a treaty with the US – should there be an existential threat, the US will take the entire population here. Imagine the US with a few million more jews.

    • Brandon says:

      That may be their intent, but I think conditions here will be such that they won’t want to stay here, neither will conditions over there be any better, hence, their being “surrounded”.

      Either way, their ultimate destiny is to be encompassed by enemies on all sides as it was in 70 AD and fighting among themselves as they were then.

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