“And all the tribes of the earth shall mourn because of him”.

“Lo!  He comes with the clouds, and every eye shall see him, such also that as pierced him; and all the tribes of the land shall smite themselves (wail and mourn) for Him (because of Him)”. (Rev.1:7)

The pharisees of Jesus’ time were looking for a messiah to come and deliver them from the Roman oppressor and to put down all their enemies, but because they were a stiff-necked and rebellious people, He came in an opposite manner to what they expected, as a suffering servant, showing the pattern into the heavenlies by His life.

Likewise, in the present day, all the christians and religious ones are looking for a rapture as they call it, or a second coming, however, because they are mostly also a stiff-necked and rebellious people, a deceived- by- the- jew -people, who bow and worship all things jewish and everything having to do with the phony nation of israel, which God has nothing to do with, they too are getting a surprise – a different type of “coming” or appearance than they expect.

This coming is His appearance as vengeance – “clouds” of darkness, wherein the effects of this coming will be seen throughout the earth, because of the ever present availability of technology, cameras, tv, and etc.  They are not going to see a humongous Jesus with His arms spread wide and a smile on his face.  The religious ones who love all things jew will see the effects of this as the consequences of America’s mistreatment of israel, the “apple of God’s eye,” so they think.  They’ll be mistaken.

The effects of this coming will not only be more wide spread violence, but also other forms of disaster such as plagues of disease and sickness.  These things will come upon all Jesus rejecting, God hating people, who think they are wise in their own eyes, but are fools and blind, and haters of those that are good.  It will be congratulations time to Kuhn and Loeb for years of partnership in death and destruction, for financing all the wars fought by all sides so that they could pile up riches and their decendents could live in the lap of luxury, and whose hands are dripping with the blood of all those killed because of their greed.

The sickness and disease will be such that medical science, in which almost all have been taught from the cradle to the grave to place their trust in, and that they have all the answers for what-ails-you, will have no answers or remedies for, this time. 

The “clouds” also signify airborne diseases.  Some of the effects of these diseases will be torment – not -unto -death.  Some will want to die to be relieved from the torment, but death shall flee from them.  They who have been high minded, know-it-all’s and think they know what is best for thee-but-not-for-me, will be turned to have the mind of a ten year old, similar to what is presently called alzheimer’s, only more wide spread and not just affecting the elderly.  This disease may show up in the children of those parents who are high minded also, and they will not know why.

Those who have had abortions because of convenience will be greatly inconvenienced, because they have not seen or refuse to see what they have done to themselves by this abominable practice and the medical practitioners who have participated in this will have their own families/children’s blood shed before their eyes, as they have done it to the women they have practiced on.  Some affects because of this are already occurring in many females as a lot of them are having mental problems due to their trying to suppress their guilt for lending their bodies to this act.  Also “mental health practitioners” take part in the same guilt, by teaching such female patient’s methods and feeding them drugs to get rid of the guilt, or to pacify and control it.

Some of these things are already occurring and the PTB are trying to put a lid on it through their control of media and other institutions such as the CDC and other organizations.  Eventually, however, it will become like a dam breaking and no amout of little- dutch- boys- putting- their- fingers- in- the- dike to prevent the flood, will be of any avail.  As it is, the government and big pharm and other big businesses, hate whistleblowers, and do all they can to bribe and stifle or blackmail potential ones to keep their secrets and their secret mistakes hidden, but it won’t work, for eventually, that which is hidden shall be shouted from the housetops.

The entities/groups/people involved in the suppression of the knowledge of these plagues have been practicing their truth suppression for quite some time.  Most of their practice-makes-perfect- performance, was with the aids/hiv epidemic.   So far, they’ve been rather successful, since all those involved – the aforementioned CDC, psychiatrists/psychologists and all the other psycho’s (aptly named) – have banded together to suppress the truth about the conduct of the perverts and what they actually do, which is the cause of the disease, and have done all they can to promote the “normality” of said practices, even going to the extent to state in their various publishing organs that what was formerly considered a mental defect (homosexuality), is now a “choice”, or some other such excuse.

Of course most of this normalization of perversion was done due to pressure and threat of violence by the pervert lobby on said medical practitioners.  Also of course, the perverts themselves are full of hatred of God and all those who represent Him on the earth, so are by their own suppression of guilt within themselves,  beings of fire who are consuming their own bodies through their warped mentality.  They particularly hate those who quote the passages in the Bible which reference their conduct, such as Romans 1:18-28. 

Male and female homosexuals all have father problems who think their fathers were disfunctional (polite word) in some way, so both spend their lives “seeking daddy” or mommy in other people.  Many children think they can do a better job than their parents did and so, grow up focusing on their “evil/abusive/unloving/neglectful” parents by saying within themselves, “I’m not gonna be like them!”, but wind up actually doing the same thing even though it shows itself through them in a different form.  It’s still the same thing at it’s core.   You will eventually become like that which you focus upon.

All rebels are rebelling against their parents, but the focus of the rebellion appears to be for some other reason.  Such as these groups who call themselves or who are called by others, “antifa”, which supposedly means anti-fascist.  Most of them are young people or old 60’s hippies or some such, who focus their parent hatred on forms of authority or people who hold different views than they because they think their opponents are “fascists”.  But, like all fools, what they oppose is actually themselves.  Their opponents in which they supposedly see fascism are actually mirror images of their own inner condition staring them in the face.

Sometimes, the parents of these were “sometime christians”, who forced their children to go to sunday school, or who were inconsistent in their child rearing, or battling each other for control in the husband/wife relationship, which so many are doing.  This then translates to the children hating all forms of anything having to do with christianity or religion in their adult lives.  So the children of these marriages unknowingly focus on their hypocritical parents, by becoming like their parents with their own children, but when they do so, the form of their dad/mom rebellion looks different so that it is hidden from their eyes, but is shown to them by THEIR own children’s conduct and the conduct of those whom they meet when searching for a mate before the children are born, by the mirror principle I mentioned above.

Another example of hatred of authority figures by children is shown by the founding and operation of an organization which is located in the “hated”southern part of this country called the Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, or as some people describe it $PLC, because of it’s money shakedown methods of getting contributions in the millions to finance it’s authority figure hatred, and for it’s head and management to live in the lap of luxury.

It was founded explicitly as an organization designed, by jews naturally, to metaphorically and symbolically give the middle finger to all things “south”, through it’s plans and programs.  Naturally, being jew run, it’s full of lawyers adept at circumventing the people’s voting will.  Today it has completely morphed into an anti-White organization, especially anti-White males.

The jew of course, as I’ve already written previously, is the adversary’s pit bull, special instrument, like a cancer or parasite, which acts as a nation destroyer wherever he wanders, and this organization is just one of many.

As I said, their specialty is hatred of the White male which by extention is also hatred of God, for the White male has “taken the jews’ place” as God’s favorite, because of the jews rejection of Jesus and complicity in killing Him.  Their hatred  of the White male and metaphorical decapitation of him by refusing to allow him to defend himself or have any say in the culture is a killing of Jesus all over again.  They think they see hatred in the White man, but the hate they see is their own reflection mirrored back at them.

The consequences of all these infuriating items is this cloud of vengeance coming on all the tribes of the earth, but a difference will be made between those and the obedient White man and he will not suffer as do the rest and need do nothing special to avoid it, for his own righteous/good conduct will be his “mark on the hand or forehead” and will save him in this evil day.



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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to “And all the tribes of the earth shall mourn because of him”.

  1. Ryu says:

    Are you saying only white men will be saved? That’s a very different POV from many Christians today. They are trying to include everyone, race doesn’t matter.

  2. Brandon says:

    The “many” are always wrong, for they are on the “broadway that leads to destruction” as Jesus said. Only a few have the truth and know it. A “head” group is being formed, for the head is “born first”. It’s the like principle of a natural birth. Most christians have not been born even though they think so. They call it being “born again”, however they are not, but “conceived”. They are but babes still in the womb. They know of God, but are still spiritually blind and hence are very susceptible to deception as all females are.

    White men must become inwardly what their white skin says outwardly. Only a comparative few can reach this place – White men, that is -for most of them have bought the lie of this present age as you stated; ie, inclusiveness and race doesn’t matter, amongst many other things. The christians believe the same thing as the world, which their Bible says they should not be confromed to, but are.

    Anyway, I might have more to say on this subject in the next post.

  3. Ryu says:

    Christianity is gaining quite a bad reputation in many parts of WN. There was a recent story of another black on white killing in Tulsa. The mother had this to say:

    “Ethan’s mother believes he will find forgiveness.

    “I can’t say I want them condemned to hell because that wouldn’t be any better. If they have a chance to know Christ, and really truly know Christ then they will know and realize and feel the anguish they have they have caused by killing absolutely two loving and innocent, wonderful kids,” says Mrs. Nichols. “It is so important for us to know, we cannot, I will allow none of my family to see revenge or seek hatred in their hearts because that is Satan. We wouldn’t be any better for them.”

    I believe that Christianity has been transformed into a religion of weakness. Turn the other cheek. Too much tolerance and forgiveness. There are a few Christians like you and Pat who are different. But the masses are like that woman. Perhaps you should do as Luther did and create a new offshoot.

    • Brandon says:

      “Perhaps you should do as Luther did and create a new offshoot”. I don’t exactly know what you mean by a new offshoot – I assume another sect/denomination? No thanks. One is already being built, not by me, and I just posted your answer to the foolish woman thing you related to me here…”Separation vs Selfdom”.

      Thanks for your comments here,and if I may, I would like to say that I like your “non response in kind” to some of your detractors who have called you all sorts of names in various posts and comment boards. It speaks of good character.

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