Separation vs Selfdom

Most WN’s/ethnonationalists have difficulty understanding how christianity fits in – if at all – with the former’s worldview.  Some, if not many, of the former, hate christianity with the same passion that jewry, their ostensible enemy does, thereby putting themselves knowingly or unknowingly in the same camp as jewry.

The WN’s et al that have this view, hold that christianity is too female-ish in it’s passivity/turn-the-other-cheeckishness, and will not be suitable, at minimum, in the “coming warfare” against the jew inspired big lie held by the PTB and their enforcers in the government and culture.

In this, these WN’s are correct, as the form that christianity appears as in this country, broadly speaking, is that of a submissive female, whose role is to follow and adapt herself to her “husband”.  This is the proper role of a true female.  A true female does not have within herself the true gumption to “deliver” herself, but must rely on her “husband” to deliver her and protect her.  Her husband is her “head” and she represents “his body”.

Therefore, according to the purposes of the One who is the power behind ALL powers and Who is presently using His instrument, the adversary – called satan – and the latter’s useful idiot/stooges, the jews et al, there are two parts or entities that are being formed and shaped so that they reflect the One’s image in the earth.  These two are a head group and a body group.  The head group is few in number and is described in Rev. 14:1-5 as “144,000 strong, who have not been defiled by women for they are virgin, who follow the Lamb wherever He goes, and they were REDEEMED FROM MANKIND AS A FIRST FRUIT unto God and the Lamb and in their mouth was no falsehood for they are faultless”.  This then is the fulfillment of the passage written in Genesis wherein God says, “let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

The head group is the deliverer, a “many Jesus” if you will, which is the fulfillment of what is called the “second coming” and has been on going since the resurrection of Jesus in antiquty.  This coming will not be recognized by the theologian/preacher/Bible teachers/priests/cardinals/bishops/popes who presently operate as leaders in christianity, for they are looking for “one Jesus”, but God is sending a “many Jesus”. Another reason they won’t recognize His coming in this manner is beacuse this coming is as an avenger, who takes vengeance on His adversaries/enemies.  As I wrote previously, christians/christianity won’t recognize her angry husband, because their view of Him is as a hold-the-little-children-on-his-lap-and arms-outstretched-with-a-smile-on-his-face kinda guy.  They only know Him as loving and merciful, but do not realize that the Father of all finally runs out of patience after awhile.  They remember the first part of this statement recorded by Luke in which Jesus takes a scroll of Isaiah to read:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because he has anointed me to tell glad tidings unto the destitute; he has sent me forth to proclaim to captives a release, and to the blind a recovering of sight.  To send away the crushed with a release, TO PROCLAIM A WELCOME YEAR OF THE LORD.”

Jesus, however, didn’t finish the passage as it’s recorded in Isaiah, for His appearance at that time was the beginning of the “welcome year of the Lord“.  The rest of the passage says…”and the day of avenging of our God”.  (Is. 61:1-2a) Jesus wasn’t appearing as an avenger in his initial bodily appearance on the earth, so He didn’t repeat the latter part of the passage in reference to himself.

The welcome year of the Lord has been going on now for over 2000 years, but as evil is nearing it’s exhaustion (Daniel11:36), while simultaneously reaching it’s climax, the welcome mat is being taken in and a no trespassing sign erected at the door which was formerly labeled “mercy/grace/love acceptance/inclusion.

The true Jesus must be known as both female and male.  The female has been in operation and displayed for two plus centuries, but now it is time to see the male side of dominant malehood.  The female “body”, ie christianity, cannot display the malehood; only the love/mercy/grace/acceptance- of- all side.  So God foreordained another group; ie the body’s “head” to deliver the woman.  If you can receive this, then receive it…in the natural order in a birth, the head comes out first; ie, is “born first”.  Likewise it is in this situation.  The “head group” is firstborn/firstfruit.  The body which follows the head; ie, christianity, at present is “not born, but conceived and still in the womb”.

The body/woman/wife is a multitude so large that it cannot be numbered and is described in two places in the Bible:

Rev.6:9-11 “And when he opened the fifth seal, I saw beneath the altar, the souls of them who had been slain because of the word of God and because of the witness which they held.  And they cried out with a loud voice saying, How long O sovereign, the holy and true, do you not vindicate and avenge our blood from them that dwell upon the earth?  And there was given unto them each one a white robe and it was bidden them that they should rest yet a little while until the number should be made full of their fellow servants also and their brethren who were about to be slain as even they.”

The next passage describes them (Rev7:9) as “a great multitude which cannot be numbered of every nation and of all tribes and peoples and tongues”, who “come out of the great tribulation”(v14).

Note that the souls recorded in the above passage ask when they are going to be vindicated and avenged, but they are not told when, because they do not have the spiritual discernment or understanding to receive it; ie, they cannot hear the voice of God within themselves.  They are too much involved in the world and it’s beliefs and it’s systems, which can be seen every day by their insistent trust in the political/justice/legal system set up by their enemy whom they love and express continuous fealty toward, the jew and all things israhell.  They are blind following their blind leaders, and as it says in the above passages, they come out (from the midst) of the great tribulation, so they have to go into it and suffer the effects of it before they can be delivered from it’s midst by their head/deliverer.

Ethno-patriarchy is the head of which I speak.  It is presently being formed in the same manner of the baby in the womb.  The system of this world that we are presently fighting against verbally is a metaphorical womb like structure, a realm of pressure used to form us into what we actually are already in the Spiritual dimension.  The pressure forms us into strong men fighting for a cause greater than ourselves.  The pressure is evil used by God for GOOD.  The true image of who we are already exists in the heavenlies and we have to be pressured/conformed to that image in the here and now in our daily circumstances and lives.

It requires breaking free of the female; ie, the inner female in all of us which makes us “soft”in certain areas.  The passage I described above in Rev 14 says we are “virgin”.  This does not mean in the sense of never having been with a woman.  It has to do with not being emotionally ruled like the female is who thinks what she FEELS is truth.  We are defiling ourselves when we live this way.  It means to not be controlled by the internal feminine, hence, likewise not being controlled/henpecked/always-yielding-to-the-never-ending-demands of the outward female/wife if you have one.  The female is to adapt to you, not vice versa.  She is a “hoverer in the background” who gives her strength to you, for she is important only insofar as her useability to man is concerned.  Stop worrying about, “why aren’t there any women in WN?”  You build it and they will come.  They are followers, not leaders.

The present manifestation of christianity which some WN’s hate so much are actually God’s little ones who cannot help themselves, so He is sending them one who appears as many to deliver them not only from themselves, but also their oppressor/murderers.  It will however, be a thankless task on the part of all of us who are part of this head/deliverer/many Jesus/head entity, for we won’t be recognized for who we are, but in all probability will be viewed like we presently are – misanthrope disturbers of the status quo, haters, racists, anti semitic, homophobes, women haters, etc.

It doesn’t matter, for all these accusations come from the adversary as the source, speaking out of the mouths of those who cannot help themselves.  Our job is to speak and act in such a way as to make those who oppose us all the more miserable then they already are, so that they will self destruct in the raising of their blood pressure, which will give them chest pains and bring them to death’s door.

We are to be like a bunch of Elijah’s, the prophet who roamed ancient Israel during the time of Ahab and Jezebel’s rule, for when Ahab encountered him, he said to him, “Are you he that troubles Israel?” and Elijah replied, (my paraphrase) “No!  But you and all of your Baal worshipping policies are!

Christianity is like the rest of the so-called civilized world, on the path of least resistance.  Jesus called it the broad way that leads to destruction.  However we are on the correct path which Jesus called the narrow way.  The broad way is the “selfdom”of the above title.  Doing that which is less hurtful to the flesh – emotions/feelings, etc.  The narrow way is the way of separation; of living for a higher purpose.  Narrow speaks of a way which is constricted by pressure.  It’s not the easy way.  Far from it.  It’s the hard path, but it is THE HIGH way.  As we all know, there are few of us on this road, compared to the mass of the rest.  You may as well get used to this idea. The idea of trying to get the mass of whites to open their eyes is a fools errand.  Quit wasting your time.  If any of them are destined to become one of us, they’ll come when it’s their time, just as we did.  The world says compromise, concession and consensus is the way to go, but these are satanic principles which must be broken and we are the ones who will do it and our doing it shall be displayed for all to see.  No mercy shall be shown in this our endeavor.

Deliverance always comes through the few, never the many.  Some on our side have been busy in their lives laying down the intellectual foundation of our thing.  They have been given the badge of study, the necessary foundational gift, which they have shared with the rest of us .  Yes, they have written books to sell to the public at large, but only those who have been called to this path are reading them.

However, generally, these men/writers will have to stand back and let others who have internalized their writings in their own souls come forward to do the actual hands on work, for the former are not of the warrior class,  for they are not angry enough.  They are too dispassionate and/or analytical.  It’s no use trying to get them fired up and to get moving and lead,  for it is not given to them to lead.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to Separation vs Selfdom

  1. Ryu says:

    Myself, I often wonder if I am in the analytical class, or the action class. There is still a little bit of the American dream left if one is sufficiently educated.

    • Brandon says:

      Time has yet to pass before those who are and are not are manifested. Perhaps you will come out of the more former into the latter. This is a process that is presently being worked out.

  2. FWM says:

    Brandon, this is a sermon… and a powerful one at that! (I just read it a second time)

    This is something that I was going to say one “feels,” but what would be more correct is it is something that a man, a Christian man, “knows.” You articulated it wonderfully and I thank you. We are very lucky to be alive now.

    Friday night, I got home late from work, and my wife was in bed. I told her I was going for a run. She said, “It’s late, aren’t you tired, don’t you want to go to bed?” Though all three were true, I’ve been saying to her, “I wonder if Columbus’ wife thought he should get another good night sleep before going sailing.” Now I’m going to tell her, “Woman, would you say such a thing to an ‘Oak of Righteousness.'”


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