A don’t worry about it executive

Luke 18:8″….Nevertheless, though the Son of Man do come, will he after all, find (persistent) faith on the earth?

Like all spiritual principles, the one called faith has two sides.  Faith at it’s essence is expectation of good.  Faith’s opposite side is fear.  Fear is expectation of evil/misfortune.  The latter is what Job was saying when he experienced all his trials, “that which I greatly feared, has come upon me”.  These two principles operate in all humans according to the spiritual law of opposites which I have written of many times:  one side is manifested while the other is present, but hidden.

Both sides operate by the principle of consistency, or persistence.  Both bring into manifestation the thing expected.  The consistency/persistence operates and shows itself in conversation; ie, what comes out of the mouth, as expression of world view.

As the world system we live in is based on fear, because the one who facilitates/manipulates it exists by the same principle, so most humans also are infected by it and live by the same.  They consistently and persistently live their lives under the control of fear and therefore, make preparations/provisions and life decisions/choices to secure themselves/keep themselves free, from the consequences that come because of their expectation of evil to come in their lives.  This can be seen by all the entities and institutions founded whose work is designed to prevent/recompense/alleviate and/or provide security to the populace.  Human government/statism was founded based on the fear principle and is the guiding idea behind the present mommy state.

The mass of people, being mentally governed by the feminine principle, which is fear itself, forsake freedom for security, which demand has eventually lead to the totalitarianism which we have today in the western nations of the all encompassing mommy who smothers it’s own citizens in mountainous rules and regulations because of the demands of the female-ized populace for security, while, acting like the busybody/gossipping female that she is, simultaneously going abroad to meddle in the affairs of other nations in the attempt to make them into her image, after her likeness; ie, be niceness/inclusiveness so she can feel safe.

However, faith is it’s own security, because, unlike fear, it KNOWS, whereas fear does not know and is actually a state of being in unknowingness.  All that fear does in it’s running around trying to gain security as described above, is the never ending attempt to know.  Faith is substance and as such, by itself is the evidence of the thing “faithed” for.  Fear is faith’s shadow, therefore can never “know” anything of value, for it only “understands” lies.

As the mass of men live by fear, there are only two groups who live by faith.  There is a large group and a small group.  These two coincide with the two I mentioned in a previous post as the group which cannot be numbered who come out of the great tribulation, and are as children or little ones, and the smaller group identified by the number 144,000 in Rev. 14:1-5, who are “adult,” or “grown men,” or metaphorical 6’4” athletic men of action.

The faith of the multitudinous little ones – sometimes referred to by many as “proles”- for proletariat – is “little” faith.  They have a barely-get-by-faith, or a “saved-by-the-skin-of-their-teeth” faith.  These people are the brunt of ridicule not only by the so-called elite, which calls these folks the denizens of flyover country/bible- belt- religious- bible thumper-fanatic, etc., but also by many of their fellow whites as basically “pimples on the ass of progress”- christotards, jeboos worshippers, hicks, rednecks, inbred, and on and on.

Yes, these people may be ignorant of many truths which many of us in this thing of ours understand.  They still believe their vote counts for something/ is able to change the direction of the country for the good/believes what politicians say when they promise them “heaven on earth”/believes that America can be taken back, and so forth.  However, their ultimate faith, even though little, is their assurance by trusting in the words of Jesus recorded in their Bible, that if they continue to believe and trust in Him, they will go to heaven when they die.  In this they are persistent and consistent and will receive that faith substance when they depart their bodies.  They believe what their Bible says that” he that endures(persistently and consistently believes)to the end, will be saved”.

In order to make any progress in this thing of ours, fellow WN’s/ethnonationalists et al, are going to have to get over the stumbling block which christianity is to them.  As long as you continue to hold a negative view of these people I listed above, you are going nowhere toward your goal, or at minimum, will just be treading water,  for he that would become a leader or member in this “executive” of ours, must overcome all obstacles and most obstacles to progress are internal not external.  You yourself ARE what you accuse others of being; “pimples on the ass of progress” toward a White ethnostate.

This thing of ours is going to operate like a father, and a good father doesn’t hate his children and call them names or ridicule them because they believe in a “sky fairy”.  These “children” are not going to “grow up” to see what you see, for it is not their destiny.  In fact, their very existence is to provide you with an obstacle to overcome on your way to the third stage.  They live on the first and second and are ignorant of the one you are headed for.  So what? (The three stages/levels are described in Rev. 12:11)  If you can’t “get over” them, it says more about you then it does about them.

The second more advanced faith; ie, strong faith, says, “don’t worry about it”.  As we progress on our way toward our goal, this will increasingly become our attitude.  Don’t worry about the ignorant christians.  The One who has the invisible hand will take care of them.  They are only a hindrance in your mind.  We are not in control of circumstances, the invisible hand is.  That hand is much wiser than we.  Worry is an anchor or drag on the soul…(see the above pimple).  I know many of you (some?) don’t believe in any such thing as “soul”.  Well, you’re the lesser for it if you don’t.

Don’t worry about the mass of non christian whites either.  Among those may be some future comrades.  Who knows?  How did most of us come to this place of understanding what we now have?  It was our time.  It’s not their time yet.  Many of these will be culled and will have no part in our thing.  Not culled by us , but by the circumstances I mentioned in a previous post – violent acts/sickness and disease, etc. We don’t need to establish “outreach” programs, etc.  Remember we are in a transformational process which takes time to work itself out.  Many things in the country are happening simultaneously to bring about the passing of the old and bringing forth of the new.  We cannot force this to happen.  It will come forth in it’s proper time.

Don’t worry about what the ignorant jewstooge/useful idiots/ like Tim ‘Dumb’ say in their speeches before a bunch of braindead-zombie-mushtwit-college-university-antifa-fem/lesbots, or the latest sewage from that fox from the adl/aipac consortium.  It’s all the same crap…holocaustholocaustantisemiticantisemitic!!!!

The only way to be free from worry is to be able to see how it all ends.  One has to be able to see through instead of seeing at.  As long as we see at, our sight will be limited and we will only see in part and become weary and discouraged by the surrounding evil and oppression and genocide of our people.  We don’t like to see fellow whites suffer, and that is good, however in these times we must eventually become hardened similar to how some police do, who see death and destruction every day.  As I wrote in a comment the other day over at another blog on a post of his about a young man delivering pizza, who was killed by, I assume a black, many white people bring these things on themselves – referring to the young man’s parents – because in their own lives when adversity comes, they don’t see it as a lesson to be learned, and so miss the teaching sent to them by the unseeing hand, and have to keep going around in the viscious circle again to another adversity occurrance for another opportunity to learn or “overcome”.  Adversity in the life is opportunity to overcome, but few understand this.

Like the wife is a “mirror” of the husband, so are the children “mirrors” of their parents.  These mirrors are “unknowing”, not conscious of their “mirrorness”.  They reflect back at the husband/father/parent the latter’s bad character traits, so that they may be seen and corrected, but most fathers are ignorant of this spiritual truth, therefore they miss the ‘tell’ in their children resulting in incidents such as the young pizza delivery fella above.  The father has already had numerous warnings and didn’t hear/see them, so this “killing of the children before the eyes of the parent” occurred in the same manner as when conquering hordes would have the children killed before the eyes of the conquered in order to teach them a lesson – a “this is why”to the conquered so to speak.

The earlier forms of adversity/lessons in the life are less harsh and easier to be dealt with by the object.  However, continuous disbelief and shutting ones ears and eyes to “why” leads to progressively harder “opportunities to overcome”.  These opportunities/adversities are life course corrections which all receive, but only a few are aware of, because most deny the existence of the spiritual to their detriment.



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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to A don’t worry about it executive

  1. Ryu says:

    This is a good article, Brandon. Dense. I had to read it a few times.

    I’ve always had trouble with some aspects of Christianity. In particular, the understanding of the bible. It seems like everyone has a different interpretation of it, and everyone is quoting different parts.

    It is highly disturbing when two people can look at the same data and reach different conclusions! So what is the bible? A sort of spiritual cookbook where I can assemble passages as I like to get the meal I want? The word of God? Historical record? A bunch of stories? How do you read it and gain anything?

    • Brandon says:

      To most christians,the Bible is literal, however, it is a spiritual book in which the outward, literal word is a “cloak” covering the real meaning inside or behind it. Just as this visible world of time and space covers over and hides the spiritual within it, for the former is also spiritual which has been “slowed down” to become visible. This is why most of Jesus’ words were in parable form, in which only few in his day could understand. Understanding is given. It cannot be strived for, for when you do so, the understanding “flees from you”.

      Christianity has established all kinds of schools, colleges, and seminaries, based on the idea that one can study ones self into righteousness,but it won’t work. When I said above, that this world is spirit slowed down to visibility, that relates also to putting oneself into a position where one can “hear” the spirit. One must “slow down”; ie, become quiet,in order to hear. Most christians cannot do this, because it’s too hard, or seems so to them, so they take the easy road of literalism.

      If I might say, don’t worry about christianity and it’s ways and doings, just continue to be a truth seeker and the understanding of things will come to you seemingly without any effort on your part. A seed, under the right conditions, brings forth something within it’s own self which eventually produces “fruit” or “meat” that others can “eat”. The understanding is already within you.

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