The Nations are Turned into Hell

Psalms 9:15-17 “The nations have sunk in the pit they have made; in the net which they had hidden (to catch others), is caught their own foot.  To be known is Yahweh, by the sentence He has executed.  By the doing of His own hands, is He about to strike down the lawless one (and by implication, those who are the lawless one’s followers/instruments/mouthpieces).  The lawless (wicked) shall be turned into hell (their lives made a daily, living hell); (ie) all (those of) the nations (who) forget God.”

To be known is Yahweh by the sentence He has executed“.  It is obvious to all who have eyes to see, that a sentence of death has been executed on the nations of the so-called west, particularly on England and this country, as the death throes are clearly seen as symptoms of a death like downward spiral, by many of those whose blogs I visit from time to time.  Most observers, however, cannot get past the symptoms to the root cause, for even though they have been granted the ability to see much of the degradation of the government and surrounding culture and society and particularly, the instrument which has caused it, along with that instrument’s useful idiots, stooges, middle/between men and various frontmen that said instrument uses to hide behind, they cannot get deeper, for many of them refuse to acknowledge the existence of a spiritual world behind and infusing this one, and the One who is in full control of it all; the One whom most men call God.  Many, to their detriment, just like the instrument they point to so much, have made a deliberate choice to forget God.

I’ve already written much about this instrument – in the “Usual suspects” for one among many others- as he and his henchmen are the original God forgetters, who have taken up the banner of the god of this world, called the adversary and satan.  I have also written about how some of my WN/ethnonationalist friends, sad to say, march behind the same athiestic banner.  It’s much better to the life of the soul to be an agnostic, then it is to be an athiest, for the former is “not far from the kingdom of God”, wherein the latter says no God but himself, and therefore puts himself “outside, where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth”(Matt 22:13), and “outside (where) are the dogs and sorcerers and the unchaste(not inwardly white) and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone loving and doing falsehood.”(Rev.22:15)

The other day I visited a blog, which I don’t visit that often, and they had an article there about the upside down condition(my paraphrase) of the British police/justice/legal system, and how terrible it was, which was quite interesting I thought, so I left a comment.  In the comment I used the “hated” word ‘God’ a few times in saying that the condition the British find themselves in is because of their own forgetting of God years ago, and so have nothing to complain about, as they have brought it upon themselves.  The administrator apparently didn’t take too kindly to my comment and asked me if I was “proselytizing”?; apparently meaning, was I trying to gain converts to my “God”?.  A subtle hint to “leave God out of politics” or some such thing, I suppose.  A perfect example of a God forgetter.

The Brit’s are already in the septic tank, whereas this nation as it has existed under the false “union” threat of force/coersion, is still whirling around in the toilet.  The difference being, most of the former’s population have been infected with the noGod disease years ago, and the original population being smaller, there are fewer God fearing there than in this country.  The principle is, the more God fearers in a land there are, the longer it is preserved, or held together (see the story of Lot).  The Brit’s, religiously, have gone the way of a “state church”, full of outward show, pomp and circumstance, etc, with no inward life, producing no fruit in the life of the individual.  Not saying of course that there are no true believers there, but their numbers are much fewer than here.  Like Lot, there are only scattered individuals, here and there.  Lot was the only righteous one in Sodom.  His wife and daughters were not like him.

So…some can see the symptoms of the cycle of nations in their founding and the process of their ultimate destruction, but are blind to the simple root cause.  In their blindness, they make it out to be multiple reasons, when it’s actually ONE.  They have no understanding of how to trace the seeming multiplicity of causes back to one source.  This is due to their denial of the Spiritual world which is behind and infused in all things in this world.  Men in their noGodism, have made what is simple into complicated multiplicity, and in the process have put other men on pedestals, such as scientists, whom they look to for guidance and understanding, but in their noGodism, have no understanding at all, for their so called wisdom is foolishness to God.

The fact that many do not see the surrounding circumstances in this world as the carrying out of a death sentence pronounced by God, reveals the gross darkness over the minds of the people.  They are like the men of Sodom outside Lot’s door who were struck with blindness by the messengers who came to rescue Lot, and who wore themselves out trying to find the door . (Gen.19:1-11)

There is a phrase or proverb going around which says, “whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad”, which has some truth…

Isaiah 29:14 “Therefore, behold me!  Again dealing wonderfully with this people – doing wonderfully a wonderful thing (In the modern term…dealing awesomely; doing awesomely an awesome thing)So shall perish the wisdom of their wise men, and the intelligence of their intelligent men shall vanish”.

Man’s intelligence is an aspect of Light.  Because of his noGodness, his Light goes out; ie, he becomes mentally unstable.   Light is the livingness which infuses all of creation and is the same thing as the sap in a tree and that which causes a seed to open and shoot forth the plant from it’s center, in the proper conditions.  Light is the particlized spiritual substance which flows like water and is what is described in Genesis 1:3.  It is the energy or electricity of God, or of which God is.  This Light in it’s essence, cannot be seen with the eye or detected by the microscope, but it does have the ability to become, and takes on three “uniforms”, which can be measured or detected/seen, hence the multiplicity and variety throughout the creation/natural order of plant, animal, etc.  The three uniforms are the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom starting with the tiniest insect up to the elephant and whale, and man himself. Each thing or form being a “telling” of an aspect of God’s character or nature. It is also the power of God which operates the cycles of nature and the stars and planets in their orbits, etc. Light is likewise the livingness of man’s physical life; ie his soul, which takes the form of waterlike particles or an undectable mist like substance in the body.

All this existed in God as potentiality before what I call the big announcement.  Picture in your mind’s eye, if you will, the process of popping corn.  The kernel has within itself the white matter as a liquid like substance, and when it “explodes” you see the odd shaped white substance which was formerly a liquid within the kernel. At the big announcement, all that was within God, came out as tiny particles flowing like liquid and without form and void, or waste and wild,  depending on your translation.

The big announcement, as I call it, is replicated throughout nature in various ways.  The ejaculation of male sperm in animal and men and the popping open of seeds buried in the ground are all varied forms of the same “announcement”.  You might call the original announcement as God’s sperm ejaculating from within Himself, from which everything that lives was created/made/formed.


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2 Responses to The Nations are Turned into Hell

  1. Ryu says:

    Definitely an interesting idea, the connection between national prosperity and faith. I’m going to have to think about it.

    • Brandon says:

      Faith is merely the recognition/acknowledgement of, and obedience to, natural law. When one is blind to it, or ignores it, saying within oneself that it doesn’t matter, then one is placing himself in the “outside” described in the post, which is a type of “hell”.

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