The Clue to Everything

A few nights ago, I watched the first of a four part program on PBS called NOVA, discussing the universe/cosmos; interviews with various scientists and quotations and information about Einstein’s various discoveries; Newton’s discoveries about gravity, all mixed in with copious amounts of computerized graphics like they do in a lot of movies, hosted by someone named Brian Greene.  As usual on programs like this, there was a lot of surmisings, what if’s, could be’s, and etc.  Also included was the mention of something they called dark energy, which will be the main subject of discussion in this post. As a side note, all the various spokespersons on the program seem to miss the fact of their use of the term energy, presupposes a livingness or intelligence which activates the energy.  It’s kind of hard to make blind men see….

Prior to the existence of anything; before the “big bang”; before the coming forth of the universe of stars, planets, etc, God existed as a being of two parts, or aspects/spheres/principles.  The essence of the two are Light and darkness.  I discussed some things about Light in the previous post.  Among many other things, Light is Will – will to goodness – an outgoingness, hence, the reason that scientists think they see the  universe as expanding, for Light is expansion, as darkness “by itself” is contraction or static.  Light keeps going ever outward and never has an end, for the darkness causes circularity, therefore bending Light back, so to speak.  The universe has no “end”, for to have such would mean there is a realm outside of God, and that is impossible.  Light is also idea, and therefore, darkness is the helper/worker that works to bring Light’s idea into manifestation.

Darkness is restraint/resistance, an entity which holds back; opposition; that which holds together and causes things to consist, or harden/solidify, and is the cause of cycles and circularity, and that which causes what is called gravity.  Darkness, like Light, is or has, substance.  People think space is nothingness, but, like it’s opposite, Light, is also particle-ized unseen substance, and as the scientists have discovered, is what makes up the larger percentage of the universe; the reason being that darkness is the larger sphere/aspect/principle of God.  All the stars and planets therefore, are not hanging in nothing, but are, in a sense, floating in a particle-ized water like substance, or sea, the substance/sea being the cause of the stars and planets movements, which are being guided by the idea/intelligence; the animating ingredient hidden within darkness, and which “understands the plan”.  The scientists think darkness has energy, or is a type of energy and it has and is, but the energy does not belong to it/is not inherent in it’s character or nature.  This is why John said in John 1:5:

“And the Light in the darkness (or out of darkness) shines; and the darkness laid not hold “(or, could not comprehend/know).

After the bang, or at the instant of the bang, Light and darkness became intermingled or inmeshed, so that darkness seemed to be a type of energy in and of itself, but is not, for it is animated by the Light hidden within it.  Darkness is not only in outer space, but surrounds us on the earth as well, for out of it comes the air we breathe, as the latter is one of the forms darkness becomes in this dimension.  This principle of a thing being manifested in this dimension, having it’s counterpart or source from which it comes in the hidden dimension is true in many situations.  This is the truth that the seen world is merely appearance, while the unseen is the REALITY.  By and through this principle is seen God’s DNA; ie, His twoness.


Another thing that occurred simultaneously at the time of the big bang/announcement, which was necessary in order to follow the law of God’s being in expressing Himself in this manner, was the coming into existence of unnumerable spirit beings, called messengers, whose activity and work is in accordance with their character/nature; the latter being dependent on what sphere they represent; ie, Light or darkness.  God cannot “do it all by Himself” so to speak, so established a hierarchy of beings to carry out the idea.  Just as an inventor – idea man – has the inspiration to build a device of some sort and makes a prototype of his idea in his garage, but needs others – workers – to bring his idea to fruition.  The idea goes from one to many through the creative process.

Because God cannot be known in His oneness, and neither can He “know Himself” that way, it was necessary for him to “go” from one to many.  The universe and all it contains is the visible expression of the unseen God. The first level of oneness to multiplicity then, had to be in the spirit world in the creation of these messengers, before He went on ever and ever outward from the center of His being to creating and forming what we now know as the universe of space-time, matter, stars and planets, the plant kingdom – before He created multi-legged/four legged beings, because their food source had to exist before they did – and on to two legged beings – the pre Adamic human-like “beasts who work in the field”, then on up to his ultimate creation, man in His own image.


The spirit beings who were created in the beginning and are divided into the two classes represented by the two spheres of God – Light and darkness – are remarkable, not because they are beings who can do things that humans cannot, such as not being limited by constructions of matter – walking through walls, etc – nor because they have super human strength and have the ability to smite humans with disease or blindness, nor for their ability to take form as humans in certain circumstances according to the will of the One Who sends them.  Whereas humans are made in such a way as to have the ability to choose to do either good or evil, these messengers do not.  The character/nature of these beings is limited by the sphere they represent, or are embodiments of, hence, the messengers of Light, cannot do evil, and the messengers of darkness cannot do good.

At some moment after the bang these beings were given a choice to represent one sphere or another and after their choice, their character/nature became fixed.  This is hinted at in 2 Peter 2:4.  This passage implies that certain messengers were consigned to “pits of darkness”.

The spiritual law or principle that I mentioned above, wherein a certain thing that exists in this realm of time and space also has it’s counterpart in the unseen spirit dimension, is also true here with the creation of these beings having an earthly counterpart, these I call the beasts who work in the field.

The preachers and teachers being blind and without guidance of the Spirit, say that the passage in Gen 1: 24-25 is referring to 4 legged creatures, as they may have been in their initial appearance, but eventually became upright over time and became known and described in various places in the Bible as “giants”, or “men of renown”, depending on your translation.  Here is how one translation that I have puts it:

Gen 6:4 “The fallen ones were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when the sons of god came in unto the daughters of men, and they have borne to them – they are the heroes, who, from of old, are the men of name”. (Young’s literal)

“The fallen ones were in the earth in those days“.  These are the spirit embodiments of darkness/messengers of darkness, who were called in this passage, “sons of God“… meaning that He brought them forth as I have described them above.  “Came in unto the daughters of men”…The word for ‘men’ in this passage is the same as the ones referring to the one whom we know as Adam – pronounced aw-dawm – which means ‘man’, as opposed to ‘beast’. The word has to do with his skin color; ie, able to show blush; ruddy, white.  Those who were born from these matings of spirit beings who became human like – humanoid – with daughters of men” – female decendents of Adam – “they are the heroes, who are from of old (original pre-adamic race of men) are the men of name”.  They were not only taller and stronger than others, they, because of their being the first human appearing ones and their dark skin, were men of renown and stature.  Their violent nature was most likely the reason for their renown, in the sense as a group to avoid.  They were the well known bad guys of their era.  Their decendents are carrying on the same predations today.

Many blacks know that they are not decendents of Adam and that they were on the earth before the white man, but being more animal like in his nature, he is, like the animal, ignorant of “why”, and what his skin color represents.  However, even most whites cannot understand that outward skin color is related to inner intelligence. Intelligence, as I said in an earlier post, is an aspect of Light. The more Light=the more intelligence. The black’s skin color shows he has less intelligence than all those who walk upright.  Intelligence potentiality or capability is shown in the color of skin.  This is a hard thing to understand, and can only be understood by revelation.

There are some men who have studied about skin color or race being more than “skin deep”.  Of course these men are not allowed by today’s culture to have much influence abroad in that culture, by their writings and research.  Nevertheless, I speak the truth when I say that the lesser or greater Light (as potentiality /capability) has an internal effect in bodily function/susceptibility on the way outward to the color of skin, causing those of the dark skinned races to be more prone to suffering certain diseases than those of white skin; amongst other effects.

The word darkness is hard to grasp, because we tend to think of it as the time of day when the sun “goes down”.  Darkness is a massive inanimate entity, which is more dense then Light, which makes it more able to “bend”, restrain, hold back, and/or oppose Light.  It is the ingredient in all created solids, compressing/hardening/holding together.

“Man”, or as he has became known, “Adam”, is a Light shower.  He shows in his white face his higher potential/capability than the other races.  That which animates the darkness in the other races knows that the white male is the overman of all the other races, and therefore, moves the other races in envy against the white male, engaging many white males against their own like skinned comrades, as well as the females, for all the unwhites and females are more childish and prone to being emotionally manipulated and controlled by the white lookalikes who are not actually white.

The white man’s white face is showing forth that he is the one who is to bear the image and likeness of God.



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6 Responses to The Clue to Everything

  1. Ryu says:

    That’s interesting about blacks in the Bible. I am pretty sure you aren’t mormon. Where did you learn that interpretation?

    • Brandon says:

      The short answer : revelation….ie, not the book.

      • Ryu says:


        In your legitimacy/illegitimacy post you write:
        “The American government/United States government is not America. As far as I know, there is only one group of people – who number about 3000 – who understand this truth. They are the only ones who go far enough, where the others only go so far and no farther. I have recently discovered a website who speaks the language of those who go farther. This is as far as anyone on earth can go in their seeing. However, there is even more than this….”

        What group and what site are you refering to? Would it be the sovereign citizens? That number, 3000. The current population is about 300 million, leaving a ratio of one in one hundred thousand. I will review your work again to see if I can guess it…

      • Brandon says:

        At the time I wrote this, I had found a site which denies the legitimacy of the US govt, as well as the idea of voting, the two party system (two cheeks on the same butt), and all the other stuff which you and I are familiar with. However, I have gone past them, so to speak, but they are still a good site and IMO go much farther than AltRight and other such places. They are called The Last Ditch. The 3000number doesn’t refer to a single self identified group but scattered individuals amounting to that number. I do not know who they are or where.

        When I said:”This is as far as anyone on earth can go in their seeing”, I meant they are limited in their seeing in such a way as not being able to see the bigger picture of this earthly system, what it represents, and who is really controlling it and for what purpose.

  2. Ryu says:

    Self control figures alot into it. The idea of man made government as a living entity with a survival instinct. Adam and Eve before the fall did not have a government. It must be a religious site of some manner. 3000, not orthodox Jews, not blacks. I would have to guess at some sect of the Amish, Jesuits, Calvinists, or Christianity.

    • Brandon says:

      Yes, self control is correct. They who live in self control follow natural law, so they “need no outward form of government”, for in a sense they “are a law unto themselves”, and are hence, of no threat to the government, for they know all forms of outward government (that presently exist) are based on fear – evil. So they who are self governed “fly under the radar”. This is what mindweapon teaches, and he is correct. You just withdraw yourself mentally from the system and then carry out said withdrawal in your daily life by becoming more self reliant and non trusting in the system. You don’t draw attention to yourself. This is how the eventual lone wolves will operate.

      The 3000 number may not be literal, but figurative, as it was given to me, sort of like the number 7000 was given to Elijah in antiquity when he was complaining within himself that he was the only one left and his enemy was seeking to destroy him.

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