When the Difficulties Got Killed

Everything old is new again.

In ancient times, God choose to use a certain group of people as his instruments of purging the then known world of what has since become known as sin, lawlessness,or wickedness.

Before those God instruments arrived on the scene of the lands where they were to do their purging of evil, the people of those lands were wholly given over to gross immorality because of the matriarchal system they operated under.  Some comments from a source that I have, titled,  “Special note on the destruction of the Canaanite nations”:

Quote: the terribe nature of the crimes for which they were exterminated….grossly sensual and revoltingly cruel. In honor of their deities women surrendered their virtue.  Their sacred places were brothels.  The generative organs were openly represented by disgusting symbols.  They had both male and female prostitutes.  To the king/idol Molech, the Canaanites with some other nations, immolated their sons and daughters.  Not till their iniquity was “full” did the stroke of vengeance fall.  As to the worship of the local baals, it was debased by repulsive immorality.  Unquote.

God commanded His instrument of destruction to wage total war on those ungodly nations, not sparing men, women or children; also in many cases, destroying their animals and livestock, because sin, like a disease, taints everything.

We are about to enter the same type of vengeance against sin in our own country today, as history is repeating itself before our eyes.  My compatriots need to know and understand and be warned in advance about this, so that they will not react to these acts of vengeance in the same manner that initiated the wickedness/lawlessness/sin in the first place – misplaced sympathy; ie, feel sorryism for those whom the vengeance comes upon in the days ahead.  They are not to be pitied or mourned for.  For example, if a large portion of California, west of the San Andreas fault, divides itself from the continent in a major earthquake sometime in the future, don’t be amazed by it and don’t mourn for the lives lost.  I’t will be easy not to mourn or feel pity when the lone wolves begin to target the system of functionaries and enablers, whom we all hate, but when so-called natural disasters occur, the tendency is to say “Oh my god!,” and send aid and succor to the victims, but this is unwise at minimum and deception at maximum.  It is a female reaction and we aint female.

I know these are hard sayings and difficult to swallow, for the “natural” tendency of white folks is to send aid of various sorts to our fellow whites in their time of trial, but we have to come to the place where we realize that many who “look like us”, aren’t OF us.  We of course cannot read minds and do not know the history of the lives of the many who will suffer in the days ahead, but the all knowing intelligent one who knows all things does, and He is the One who has caused the calamity to come upon those people in the first place.  The government and all kinds of groups/charities will jump in with both feet while simultaneously flooding the media – it’s mouthpiece – with all kinds of horror stories; ie, children being raised out of the rubble, to engage the emotions of all the citizens and get them to fork over, but turn a deaf ear to it and don’t get involved.

The restoration of righteousness or goodness and truth to the country is going to require violence of various sorts.  Speaking for myself, I am not an instrument of violence, and I also believe most of my readers aren’t either.  This doesn’t matter.  I do not have to advocate violence, for violence is the natural result that comes from incessant turning of the ears away from the consequences of individual behavior and by extention, national behavior. 

 Continuous suppression of truth and goodness by the various gatekeepers/functionaries of the system, as metaphorical “firefighting companies” who run to and fro trying to put out “fires of goodness/truth” wherever they occur, through “legal” means, by the criminal syndicate that runs the “criminal justice system”under which we live, will eventually, automatically bring violence upon those operating it/participating in it/promulgating it.

Sometime back, I wrote a post called Legitimate Illegitimacy in which I gave details about the system we live in and how it was set up by the “senior intelligence officer” who operates it through another instrument He created for such work.  In the post I mentioned a number 3000, which at the time,I described it, was the number of people who are given to understand the things which I write of here. (My paraphrase).  As I have meditated on this, plus one of my commentators bringing it up the other day, I see that number as referring also to the violent ones/lone wolves/predators, whom I have mentioned here and in scattered other previous posts.

As police over time have become more militarized in this and other countries, they have taken on the job as enforcers of the system, much like the mafia and other criminal groups have enforcers/hit men.  The police also function as tax/revenue gatherers under the direction of their masters, however, the latter function is not what I want to discuss at the moment.  The 3000 are God’s police/hitmen, the lone wolves who act under His direction, consulting with no one else, advertizing themselves only by their actions, not hindered by relatives/families or wives, who could possibly be used as levers against them should they be caught.  As many big city police departments are notoriously corrupt – Chicago comes to mind – this “police force” is incorruptible, for their cause is righteous and all their kills will be “righteous kills”.

My professing christian friends will run the other way screaming their objections to what I write here while holding their hands over their ears, for they cannot understand how God can be loving as well as vengeful.  They think the vengeful stuff is long gone in the old testament and God is now a goody-goody nice guy who loves everybody and wouldn’t hurt a flea.  They don’t realize as one of my compatriots mentioned at his place, that love and hate are two sides of the same coin, and the coin’s side shows itself according to the inner condition/state of being of the object dealt with.

Psalms 18:25-26 “With the loving you did show yourself loving; with the blameless man you did show yourself blameless; with the pure, you did show yourself pure, but with the perverse you did show yourself ready to contend.”

They who are part of the present criminal enterprize system are given the old testament God.  As their “face” is against Him, so is His face against them.  Eventually their contentiousness against Him is built up to a climactic condition wherein vengeance is finally sent forth or comes to fruition in their circumstances.  This means God has reached the place like the guy in the movie Network, “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

This two faces of God thing – expressing Himself as a vengeful being in the old testament/stage vs expressing himself through Jesus in the new testament as love and forgiveness – causes many to stumble and ridicule the Bible.  Jesus’ expression was individualistic; ie expressed toward individuals as only individuals can experience it, not groups.  Groups cannot “turn the other cheek”, only individuals can.  Groups cannot forgive, only individuals can and etc.  God must express Himself as He is, not how we or man wishes Him to be.   He had to show the two “faces”, which the Bible shows, and which the book of Hebrews says, referring to the old stage/testament, ” these things were written for our admonition, upon whom the end of the ages has come“- ie, us.  He was saying, “This is what happens if you don’t obey My natural law”.  This is why this is such an evil age we now live in, for even man’s conscience has has become seared as if by a hot iron and they have no conciousness of natural law which many of those in older times had, and avoided wrath from Him thereby.

Much of the 1800’s was known as the victorian age, a time of” horrible oppression”, and by today’s so-called enlightened(endarkened) ones who control the publishing/media industry, gets a bad rap.  The puritans and the prudes, etc.  Yes, it was a time when evil and all it’s related perversions were suppressed, and that’s a good thing.  Evil is darkness and is supposed to be hidden or suppressed.  Yes, there were queers and perverts and sexual crap going on by certain individuals, but in most cases it was not flagrant, in-your-face as it is today.  Also when it reared it’s ugly head, it was usually put down for the good of society, for in those days generally, law was on the side of truth.

However, in the present matriarchy we live in, law and perversion are working hand in glove, making it impossible to be corrected other than by violence.

Recently there has been a scandal at Penn State university in which a long standing member of their athletic system has been caught molesting young boys, apparently going back to the 90’s.  Of course every so often there will be reports of catholic perverts doing their thing also.  This is more wide spread than people realize, and it particularly occurs among the hoi poloi around the world.  It will only be stopped by violence or the threat thereof.   The man who discovered this pervert in the shower should have ran and got a gun or baseball bat and did what is necessary.  That day is coming, when the man who does it will be praised for doing so and given a medal.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to When the Difficulties Got Killed

  1. Ryu says:

    Yes. I much prefer the God of the old testament. I’m surprised to hear that your Christian friends only see the one side. Justice is the opposite of mercy; there is supposed to be a God who punishes sins and who is feared.

    There seems to be a relation between the character of men and their gods. When they are weak, given to corruption and all manner of temptation, they worship a god who is very understanding and readily forgives.

    • Brandon says:

      The christian friends can only see one side for they are female and as females do, only see from one side instead of the big picture. When I say christian friends, I mean the mass of professing christians, not certain ones I know personally. Mercy is shown by God toward those who ask for it ,and/or those who show mercy themselves

  2. FN says:

    I, of course, want White homelands to remain WHITE, yet Hoffman makes an excellent point in this piece.
    From Basra to Boise: Why Muslims Will Defeat US
    Reflections on the Death of Steven Vincent in Iraq and of any sense of Shame in America in the Summer of 2005

    For the umpteenth time: this writer is not a “Muslim sympathizer.” But in the wake of the dearth of militant, elite Christian resistance to the record-breaking public and almost universal, near-nudity on view on almost any American street in this summer of 2005, with little kids who see this shabby skin show scandalized and their innocence dented or destroyed as a result — you’re darned right I wish some Muslim army would come over here and put some clothes on the lost American females who have suckered in for the media’s less-than-zero “culture,” squandering their dignity, spirituality and intelligence in the bargain.

    What price the dignity of future American mothers and wives — girls as young as ten — dressing in public like jungle natives, in what amounts to loin cloths, “apparel” that would have gotten them arrested for indecency as recently as the America of the 1950s? We are experiencing child-molestation on a mass scale!

    • Brandon says:

      “…child molestation on a mass scale…” Very true.

      • Brandon says:

        Also…I appreciate some of Mr Hoffman’s writings, but he as many other religionists/professing christians, has a blindspot and that is his adherence to catholicism despite it’s many corruptions that have been revealed throughout history since it’s founding. He makes a difference in his writings between the various popes and other individuals involved in some of her nefarious corruptions and the system itself. To him catholicism IS christianity, therefore to attack it is to attack christianity itself, but he is mistaken. Catholicism isn’t christianity. Then again…neither is much of protestantism.

        Catholicism is the mother of harlots and the harlots are the denominations/sects of protestantism.

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