The Fall of the Mindweapons

Rev. 3:20″Lo! (ie, pay attention!)I am standing at the door and knocking; if anyone shall hearken to my voice and open the door, I will come in and will sup with him and he with me“.

Zephaniah 1:14-17″ Near is the great day of Yahweh, near and very speedy, the noise of the day of Yahweh.  A strong man – there! -bitterly crying out!  A day of indignation – that day!  Day of danger and distress. Day of rush and crash, day of obscurity and deep gloom, day of cloud and thick darkness; day of horn and war shout – against the fortified cities and against the high towers.  And I will bring distress to mankind, and they shall walk like them who are blind because against Yahweh have they sinned…”

The why of mental instability in certain segments of the population.  Some of the information here I have written of in previous posts.

I have recently noticed news reports about two segments of the population suffering mental problems, along with the large number of people using drugs of various sorts in an effort to alleviate the symptoms of same.  The two segments are homosexuals and women.

The effects of mental instability and/or depression are vividly described in the above Bible passage in Zephaniah.  The words,” against the fortified cities and against the high towers”, refers to resistant mental barriers raised up during a life spent living in discord to natural law, ie, resistance to God.  Cities are a metaphor/symbol of the mind.

The pervasive matriarchal culture that we presently live in, fosters the spread of sexual perversions of all sorts.  Hence, it also fosters mental instability, because both are symptoms of minds that are at war against God and the natural law that He set in motion.

God has provided two “automatic” things which occur in the lives of adult men and women, which are described, again metaphorically/symbolically, in the passage in Rev. 3 above: “I am standing at the door and knocking”.  The knocking on the door in the female is called menopause, and in the male it’s called a change of life.  Menopause is not just the cessation of menstrual flow.

The lives of most people prior to this stage has been spent in “me-ness”, hence, the door knock.  The knock is experienced in the mind.  The mind has a door, like most ancient cities had gates . The door is awareness…awareness of the spiritual.  The recognition that the menopause/change of life is God’s knock, is opening the door.  The passage says when or if the door is opened, that He – God – comes in and has a meal with the individual.  To “sup with” is to eat the same food, which speaks of agreement; ie, the remainder of the life from that point is no longer resistant, but lived in agreement with natural law.  Up to this time, the individual and God “have been eating different food”- been in a state of disagreement.

However, because the mental fortifications and high towers of the mind of most people in this present day have become so hardened and fixed in their reliance on the world’s security system, their “default mode”is to run to it for help rather than God.   They have been so steeped in and indoctrinated by what the system says is “wisdom”, that they consider any existence of a “sky pilot”to be a delusional mental desease, but what they don’t realize is when they view things this way, the mental disease they think they see, is their own  in a mirror looking back at them, for according to how and/or what you see, you are.

So they ignore the knock at the door and run to the medical practitioners and their drugs to suppress their symptoms of mental anguish/depression, meanwhile continuing on with their against nature modes of living.  The woman, being the embodiment of “earth” is more susceptible to this then the man is – not to say he is immune from it.  The female’s default mode is fear.  She needs to alleviate the fear “YESTERDAY!”

The woman’s body tells what her natural role in life is meant to be.  She ignores this or tries to put it off until she has her so-called career behind her, to her own peril.  She buys the lie of “I can have it all”, which is a code phrase which actually means “I can do everything a man does and do it better and still be happy and joyful.”

So along with her mental problems and fear, she is prone to diseases of the reproductive system – because not using them according to the law of her being – as well as cancer of the breasts, for the same reason.  She puts off having babies till she thinks she is ready, but then discovers in many cases she can’t have any now.  Like a child, she wants it WHEN SHE WANTS IT, but the real system doesn’t work that way.  Plus, she only wants 1.7 children or two at the most.  The female was never meant to be an independent being.  She is always to be either under her father’s authority/covering, or her husband’s.  She was made for man, and is important only insofar as her useability to man is concerned.  Today’s female, wherein she is out from under male headship, has brought upon herself the consequences which she is now experiencing.

Today’s matriarchy is the cause of the proliferation of homosexualism and all of it’s offshoots throughout the culture. Also, homosexuality is of course at war with nature and nature’s God, thereby putting themselves under a curse, the effect of which takes place in their soul and manifests itself in their bodies via all sorts of diseases as well as the above mentioned mental problems, particularly if they manage to make it to old age.  Many die long before then.

Because the nature of sex is like a fire that burns, it’s tendency in those who practice unnatural sex, is for the “flame to get higher and higher” which leads off into other vile practices not just “basic” anal sex with another adult.  It pushes the individual’s involved to open themselves up to more gross/heinous practices, such as sex with children and violence against same, as well as bestiality.

The penalty for these things is death.  The mental and physical problems these people are experiencing is this death principle at work in them.  You cannot violate natural law without receiving the consequences in this life.

If you don’t believe in natural law and the violations of same, your disbelief doesn’t cause the existence of natural law to cease to be.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to The Fall of the Mindweapons

  1. Ryu says:

    How would you describe the male change of life more fully? Maybe this is when a man gains a family; I always hear how the only way to truly become unselfish is to have children.

    Good article. I seems proper to me that the One might comminicate with you by way of metaphors and revalation. Have you always heard it, or did it only come to you in old age?

    • Brandon says:

      It’s a disturbance; an inner disquiet; an inner dissatisfation of the life that one is presently living. A man normally living according to nature’s law would have been long married by this time and had children, for marriage and children should have already been started 20 or so years ago. The exceptions are those who are not destined to be married.

      Yes, marriage and family is an excellent learning environment – learning unselfishness as you say. I covered some of this in an earlier post called, “A married man”. In a true marriage, the man lays down his life for his family, a type of Jesus’ sacrifice. He puts his family first and shows it by what he does in providing for them and raising his children up so they will follow his example. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not tarry from it”. His wife of course must be in complete agreement with this program, for if she isn’t, and is inwardly chafing to go her own way or fights him continuously for headship, she is a hindrance and a drag upon his soul.

      Most men because of their previous life choices, will not turn inwardly when this knock comes, but will seek outward solace in material things – man toys, new sportscar, as well as dumping the wife for a new model also.

      Yes, communication is by metaphor and/or revelation, the same way Jesus got his marching orders. No, I haven’t always heard it, but when I was “conceived”; ie, when my inner lightbulb was turned on and I became conscious of the fact that there was a God, I immediately had a strong desire to KNOW HIM. This occurred in 1970, and yes I was married at the time. It took about 30 years give or take to begin to hear his voice and the removal of 2 wives. There is a cost involved in gaining the inner state where one begins to hear.

      I hope I’ve sufficiently answered some of your questions. Thanks for commenting here.

  2. Great post. Subscribing!

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