Provocations, Pokes, Prods, Feints, and Shit Tests

2Kings 5:7 “And it came to pass when the king of Israel had read the letter, that he rent his clothes and said, ‘Am I God to kill and make alive, that this man is sending unto me to set one free from his leprosy?, – but of a truth just mark I pray you, and see that he is seeking an occasion (an opportunity to start a quarrel by making the other side make the first move) against me.”

If the reader wants the context of this passage, read the whole chapter.  The subject of this post is not about the events described in the chapter, but rather the idea of seeking an occasion.

The tactic described as seeking an occasion has been used for a long time between nations prior to all out war. It is a provocation, poke, prod or feint, used by one side in a disagreement, designed to induce the other side into revealing itself or to react violently so that the provoking side may use that as an excuse for going to war. The king of England used it in provoking the americans via taxes, etc.  Lincoln used it against the south prior to the war between the states.  Roosevelt used it against Japan prior to the outbreak of WW2.  Johnson used it with the so-called Gulf of Tonkin incident to meddle in SE asia/Vietnam.  More recently, the incident of 911 and the subsequent wars in Afganistan and Iraq and in the more immediate present, Libya, Syria and Iran, the US is the provoker and that is why the middle easterners have taken to calling the US the “great satan”, for she actually is.  More on this later.

The tactic actually entered the world through the female, who operates by it almost constantly even though she doesn’t realize it.  The female operates by the principle of indirection.  Indirection is actually manipulation and is the way the adversary – called satan – operates.   Manipulation and indirection is also the way of jewry as she is the adversary’s special instrument as a parasite, cancer, culture and government destroying entity.

Some blog writers on the net whose eyes have been opened to the female’s tactics have described such maneuvers as “shit tests”.  In the male/female “dance”(polite word) the female “pokes and prods” the male in the attempt to get the male to “give her of his strength”.  This means she wants him to show forth his maleness.  (Don’t let your mind go there, for that is not what I’m talking about, as that is just a visible metaphor of what he is meant to be internally- even though that may be a result.)  What I am talking about is the male traits of inner strength; ie the ability to say NO and mean it; a firmness in not putting up with her tests.  Her tests are a demand for assurance; an attempt to draw out of him demonstrations of strength.  The female is fear ruled and needs to be shown that she need not fear, and may have complete confidence and trust in the male. Because most females have not been raised properly by fathers with an understanding of natural law, it goes without saying that men who get involved with this type of women in this day and age already have two strikes against them.  The male must lay down the proper rules at the beginning of the relationship-the main rule is that the female has a subordinate role and must recognize the truth of it and willingly abide in it for this is nature’s law.  In all of this, the female is generally not aware of what she is doing.  As written previously, she has no conception of cause and effect or consequences of behavior.

The system – the entity – which presently rules most western nations also is female in nature/character and therefore, is an opposer to natural law and is called in the Bible an “anti-Christ” or a “beast”.  As individual females operate in the manner described above, likewise does this massive entity, clouding the minds of the masses into believing it is a benign entity which just wants to do good and bring peace and safety throughout this country and other countries so infected.

The main concern of this enity is for it’s own safety and security, not for those it rules over.  Justice, to it, is actually spelled justus, as it believes that it can violate natural law with impunity; that justus is for it’s benefit, not the masses.  Any threat to it’s security is dealt with, with a heavy hand – with punishments far greater then the offences against it.  It makes laws trumpeting it’s transparancy, while simultaneously making laws in secret designed to “provide more security” to itself, eventually leading to the full militarization of the country, putting it on continuous “war footing”.  An example of this is the following:

Presently there is wall to wall coverage of the shadow party’s empty suits preening before the cameras in their endeavors to become the next dark house empty suit.  They love the applause of the lemming/sheeple who worship them as though they were the personification of the second coming, but let anyone try to get near them to ask them an embarassing question, the system enforcers gather around and escort you out – at minimum.  Here’s an example of that:

All the moves by TPTB, because it is/they are embodiments of the out of order/operating against nature entity, are moves to bring about/bring into manifestation her/it’s opposite “face”, which is male.

The following will be difficult for the reader to understand.  If you have eyes to see, then see and comprehend.  I have explained the spiritual law/principle many times here that says when one thing is manifested, it’s opposite comes with it; ie, is present, but hidden.  In the present scenario we live in, the male is doing what he is told to do by the female.  This is the opposite of how his nature is to operate.  He is supposed to tell the female what to do.  An adjunct in this female system is a male entity who obeys the female, which is the police and military.  This is shown in many of today’s cop shows where the hero or the cop’s boss is female.  This also is reflected in many cities and towns across the country who have female chiefs of police.  Many of them are dykes.  The lemmings/sheeple exalt them as fighters for and protectors of freedom.  A lot of cities have the motto on the side of the police cars, “To Protect and Serve”.  This is of course Orwell speak. They are actually protectors of the system and serve it, not the people.  They are authorized “to do evil that good may come”….to the system.

The woman, no matter how much she denies it, doesn’t really like being in control.  Her being in control just adds fuel to the fire of her fearfulness, but she, like jewry, cannot help herself.  The more she is given control, the more mentally unstable she becomes.

As the entity, the female goes abroad meddling – poking and proding – in middle eastern affairs and in the affairs of other countries.  If she can’t get the reaction she wants,  she fakes one by using her various spook agencies in conjunction with israhell’s in order to hasten into manifestation the militarization of the empire’s homeland.

I have to laugh, as she can’t even get the seat of domineering malehood – muslim lands – to come here and cooperate by blowing up a city or two, so she has to do it herself and fake it by using stooges and useful idiots, making sure that they can get into the country through the machinations of her state department and immigration   Yeah, she may get an individual or two to kill 10 or 20 or so…”Oops!  sorry!  My bad!  Yes, he fell through the cracks.  No red flags went up.  It won’t happen again!”

Malehood will eventually take over in the system and will come through the right wing.  We have a previous historical example of what the “new” male face of the system will look like and that is nazi Germany. The nazi system died or was “slain unto death….

Rev.13:1a,3 “And I saw out of the sea (the mass of mankind) a wild beast coming up; having ten horns and seven heads…..And I saw one of his heads showing that it had been slain unto death, and (or but)the stroke of his death was healed…”

The system has already laid the foundation for this nazi lookalike in it’s many spook agencies -think gestapo and SS – “Homeland security, FBI, CIA, NSA as well as the various govt departments which have their own SWAT teams, plus the setting up of “FEMA” camps all over the country – think concentration camps/reeducation camps.  The problem is, the present female entity’s personnel, who have been instrumental in setting up this thing are going to be the first ones to suffer under it’s thumb.  The nazi head is coming back to life in this country.

The indirectional trait I mentioned above is pervasive throughout the governmental system of the US.  It was set up that way in the beginning. The idea of various branches of govt is an example of this.  The setting up of ambassadors in foreign nations is another.  The bureaucracy setup is an excellent example.  The idea of making the military a subordinate entity under civilian control, reveals it’s basis in the feminine.  However, this is going to change in the new regime….

A group of high ranking officers are chaffing at the bit over the corruption of the military by civilian and cultural PC rules regarding perverts and women in the ranks.  They are also fed up to here with the never ending wars for haughty israhell and it’s lobbies and enforcers in congress and senate.  Presently, these men have to suck up to their fembot superiors by mouthing the PC line of “diversity is our strength” and to kiss israhell’s behind.  These men are the REAL patriots who will cause the corrupt out of order feminine to be a nice girl who returns to the depths of her real homeland.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to Provocations, Pokes, Prods, Feints, and Shit Tests

  1. Ryu says:

    I really enjoy that phrase “the great satan” as a description of the current system. The Iranians are fond of it. I see you have learned of PUA. A bit surprising to hear that you have approved of it so easily. I have heard that many of your generation have lofty ideals on the nature of woman.

    You think that a military coup will save the US? Interesting. It will take the hand of a strong father to break the will of the modern feminist state. However, it has been our own weakness and indulgence as men which has allowed it to occur.

    • Brandon says:

      You have misunderstood my view of the woman.

      I understand the meaning of PUA to be Pick Up Artists. I call them bedhoppers. That behavior, among many other others, is the reason why judgment has come upon this country. “The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children unto the third and forth generations of them that hate me”. With each generation the woman has been allowed more “freedom” which is harmful to her. “Sex and the City” lifestyle. The fathers of each generation have bought the lie. I do not hate women, but I do know the “who, what, where, when, and why” of the woman. The woman, if allowed to go her own way, “tears her own house down with her hands”. She has been allowed since 1920 to do this to the “house” of this country, and we see the results of it before our eyes every day in so-called pop culture and in the policies and programs of the government.

      The woman is mans HELPER, BUT SHE HAS BECOME MAN’S RULER which is against natural law/against God. “My people…children are their oppressors and women rule over them” Isaiah said.

      The woman is “special” in a way, in that she is meant to be protected. The woman is meant to be in subjection to the male, that’s why I have emphasized the importance of her being raised by godly fathers and protected by them , who then release them over to husbands at the appropriate time and he takes up where the father left off, so to speak. The new testament lays down full instructions on the male/female relationship, but doesn’t explain the complete reason why this should be so. Christians themselves don’t even know. The male/female roles are founded on the principe by which God himself operates. There are two”roles” in God himself. They are the two spheres/principles of which He consists. One sphere is “initiatory” and the other is “responsive”. They operate according to FIXED LAW and to violate that law brings confusion and chaos, hence what you see in the present surrounding culture and govt. Male is “initiation” and female is “response to initiation”.

      The feminine entity that is the present day oppressor of particularly, the white male, is a rebellious female – a Jezebel – who wills not to give up her on top position, and so will have to be forced to give it up by an entity stronger than she, which is strong, domineering malehood, a stern fatherlike taskmaster, who will cause her to cease her predations and to “shut up”so to speak. It plays out as she “runs out of gas”; ie becomes more mentally deranged/exhausted wherein the latter male takes her place/comes into manifestation.

      I hope this more detailed clarification helps.

  2. A profound essay, esp. re Jews/Fem. We’re barking up somewhat the same tree, @

  3. Ryu says:

    It does help. I have enjoyed your recent comments at mindweapon’s and Simon’s. I remember an interesting philosophy about the spiritual being more fundamental than the material. Hegal and Spinoza had this view. A Christian would recognize it immediately. The unseen is more powerful than the superficial. Subtlety. That’s where I am mentally right now; I’ll see where it goes.

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