A Justification for Violence

The present day idea put forth by the matriarchal, feminist system that we live in, that violence is an evil that should never be resorted to, is a lie just like all the other lies the system preaches through it’s lying mouthpieces in the media, academia and tv talking heads, various government functionaries and enablers and all the jew cohorts.

The system is a massive provoker which expects to get away with it, that’s why it’s always trying to get weapons out of the hands of the populace, by using indirect means and subterfuges, ramming through secret legislation after meetings held in secret, as well as massive media compaigns and “polls” in the attempt to sway the female and feminized male masses who already live in fear, to help them in squashing the right to bear arms by the populace.

In the previous post I wrote of how females and the feminine system/entity we live under is a giant provoker, always prodding, poking the white male into taking some initiatory action, for which the latter can be then blamed for the resultant consequences.  This scenario is seen in millions of male and female relationships, wherein the females provoke and in many cases the male responds with violence, by killing said female and sometimes other family members and/or bystanders.  As the system is on the side of the female, no effort is taken to really discover “why” the male did this, for the system always believes in the innocency of the woman and therefore, no matter what she may have done in actuality to provoke the male, it is not even considered, for “there’s never an excuse for violence” according to it.

This scenario is also seen in the indoctrination/conforming centers called schools, when a male student gets tired of being provoked and picked on by bullies and reacts violently to defend himself, he gets blamed by the feministas who run this lying adjunct to the system (feministas=males and females).  You see this stuff almost every day, but most of it is covered up, except when the big ones occur which cannot be hidden, such as the one at Columbine in Colorado. This type of violence is ALWAYS a reaction to a previous provocation, which is like a steam build up in a boiler without a relief valve.


In order to explain the justification for violence more fully, I have to go into the spiritual background of God Himself, before the creation of anything – the heavens and the earth, etc.  Probably no one will be able to understand this, except for those to whom it is given.

Before the existence of anything, God existed as an incomprehensible circular like entity who contained two spheres, principles, or aspects.  These two later became embodied as male and female, among many other things.  The male side of God is Will or Initiation.  The feminine side is Response (to initiation).   This is the hard part…  God’s feminine side “challenged” His male side, “provoking” Him into initiating the action of creation, in an act similar to sexual intercourse, wherein the male experiences an “explosion”- like action, similar to violence, which in God’s case, resulted in a massive thermo-nuclear like explosion and the coming into existence of that which before never was; the substance which I have previously described many times on here, which the Bible calls “heavens and earth”.  (Not the sky and the round ball we live on – that came later.)

Ok.  Back to the present.

Man’s law as it is represented in the present illegal “just-us” system is an opposer to God’s natural law.  It is a metaphorical finger poking God in the eye.  The present female entity’s view of violence is not God’s view.

It is absolutely necessary that the nation be cleansed and it can only be done by violence.  When an individual man reacts to provocations from the female with violence, and kills the female he may have to “answer” for it according the the legal system, but not according to God’s system.  As with all things written in the Bible, men have perverted the “thou shalt not kill”,or as some translations say, “thou shalt do no murder”.  This has to do with unprovoked violence. Yes, they who commit unprovoked murders, must have their blood shed also .  However, provoked violence has legitmate standing before God, and the one who does it is free from guilt, for his act is like that of Phineas’ which I mentioned in a previous post here, wherein he stood up among the tribe of Israel and killed a fellow Israelite and a foreign woman, by running them both thru with a spear, because their sin, or the type of their offence, was the reason for the outbreak of the plague upon the nation at that time.

There is a great plague of sin and lawlessness on this nation at this time and it can only be cleansed by violence, for sin and lawlessness is itself VIOLENCE.  The killing of those involved in corrupting this country and who have been engaged in the justification of it, and making it legal, will answer for it with their own lives.  Whoever kills for these reasons, carries God’s sword; ie, is carrying out His Will.

As I’ve also stated in previous posts, many of the men of this nation have turned away from the outstretched hands of the One who was sent in antiquity, saying within themselves, “we will not have this man to rule over us!”,  which rulership is THAT OF SELF CONTROL, therefore, if they refuse to govern themselves, which is what Jesus represents,  they are given a hard taskmaster, the “God of the old testament”, who shows no mercy to the evil doers, their henchmen and enablers, and rules with violence and/or the threat of it.

In the present regime, capital punishment has been pretty much outlawed except in some states which still have some semblance of male backbone, unless a jury has a bunch of misplaced sympathy-izers on it, with a female foreman – excuse me… fore- person.  Even at  that however, the crimes worthy of the death penalty have been severly limited since the female began her rulership around 1920.

However, in the new regime to come, capital punishment is going to “cover more bases” than in the present one, for the present regime has unknowingly “shown the way” by it’s over-the-top on site punishments by SWAT teams invading homes, sometimes by mistake – getting the wrong address and such – by shooting unarmed people multiple times, etc, on the flimsiest of evidence.

Well….they’ve set a precedent which will be carried out against themselves.  They’ve legalized the killing of their own citizens, and this legalization is going to be used on those of the previous regime’s facilitators and functionaries and leaders with very little in the way of a trial by jury, for the latter have been the instruments of corrupting of this country, for it is they who are the real terrorists, who have promoted the invasion of all the dark skinned hordes across the land, where truly innocent people have to live in fear for their lives in their own neighborhoods and homes and cannot even walk the streets in daylight without being accosted  or preyed upon by some humanoid or have some drive by pants-down-the-legs gang banger spray their houses with gunfire, or be robbed and beaten in a black flash mob somewhere. 

 The new regime is going to be payback time, and I feel sorry for those professing christians – so-called zionist christians – that are going to be caught up in the future blowback against jewry and be blamed and ostracisized because of their attachment to same because of their believing in the false “last days” doctrine pushed on them by their C.I. Schofield taught leaders – also since about 1920.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to A Justification for Violence

  1. Ryu says:

    Good article. Baal recently wrote a bit about a preacher named Josiah Strong, who I hadn’t heard of and have yet to investigate. He seems to be one of the older preachers.

    That’s a mighty interesting interpretation of creation. I could see it clearly and it makes sense. Very good observation about our nation today. The state has almost declared war on the people. SWAT, TSA, Fusion centers and so on. They are creating the opposition which they wish to stiffle.

    • Brandon says:

      Josiah Strong: Came to the fore in the 1890’s; was aquainted with Mahan the navy admiral as well as Teddy Roosevelt. Thought the war with Spain over Cuba was God’s will, when it actually displayed the same scenario of provocation I wrote about. The blowing up of the Maine was that era’s 911. His philosophy was the anglo saxon race (generic whites) was meant to conquer all others, so imperialsm was to him like the crusades so to speak.

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