A White Cloud

An idea whose time has come.  Whose coming is via a human embodiment who doesn’t declare the idea’s entire import.  He has secretly no plans against the jews whatsoever, but the idea which comes via his appearance on the scene will eventually become manifested and be used against the jew through the “foundation” he lays, however unknowingly, on his part.  The reason for this is that his “attack” is indirectional in not actually naming the ultimate source of the problem, but by attacking the works of the entities which they have been instrumental in setting up in the past and are presently operating, by referring to them with “surrogate” names and titles, which only the cloud members who have been forming in the idea’s womb prior to the embodiment’s arrival, fully understand.  The embodiment must have plausible deniability in order to spread his word to those in the country who need to be taught truth and thereby become accustomed to it, for many of those destined to receive the idea are presently fighting against it, calling the embodiment a “kook”, conspiracy theorist, naive, isolationist, arab/muslim lover, among many others, especially by those of the undestined dwellers of the ream called outside.  (See Rev. 22:15)

It does not matter that the embodiment does not seem to agree with all of the truth that we see, such as the aforementioned cancer/parasite machinations of so-called jewry, neither perhaps does the former agree with our view on the problem of the dark skinned hordes swarming across the country, doing what comes naturally to them, for these problems will be taken care of at the appropriate time, when the worldview changes.

The idea, as a baby being conceived and formed in the womb, must take time to be properly formed in it’s ultimate state.  The embodiment I am speaking of is not the idea in it’s completed form, but is basically a “newborn” thing which is to be spread abroad so that more and more people become accustomed to hearing it/him.  Before now he was relagated to the hinterlands, idea wise, and was basically ignored or only known by a few.  However, the time of his being ignored  is coming to a close and the second stage is approaching, and even now is, wherein the idea he represents is being noticed negatively through increasing ridicule and calumny being heaped upon it/him.  That is one of the stages that new ideas always have to go through before they become the prevailing viewpoint.

The next stage of “notice” appears as two stages in one, wherein the idea becomes the prevailing viewpoint and he wins.  However, by this time, the embodiment will have passed on and others following him will take up the banner that he carried and paved the way with.  He may even become a martyr to the cause due to the machinations of those who oppose him and their abilities to make deaths appear as natural causes/accidents, etc.

I don’t believe that will be the way his end will come however, for the stage he is presently in in this country, is such that he will most likely not succeed in the personal endeavor he is presently involved in which is running for the nomination of the republican party in the next presidential election.

He is definitely disliked by the braindead neo con-artists who think they control the nominating process, and they will do everything they can, including corrupting the nominating voting process to insure he doesn’t get to be the repuke candidate, as well as stirring up their media lackeys to dig up all the dirt they can find against him.

If this happens, he may probably decide to run on a third party ticket and split the repuke party, which will be a good thing even if the empty coffee suit with the teleprompter and golf club attached wins another term.

The repuke party needs to undergo a transformation and therefore, must be broken up itself into factions, wherein the so-called extreme, right wing nut jobs become the prevailing faction and the fembot, mangina, RINO compromisers, shut their mouths and go back to bed where they belong, with their fellow adulterers in the democrazy/crap party – all being children of Jezebel.  The demon-craps will of course looove to see the breakup of the repukes, for they will see it as an opportunity for their continuation in power, but they will be wrong.

Ron Paul is a catalyst for this change.  He may or may not realize it, but he is in a sense, laying down his life so that others – other embodiments of the idea – can experience the acceptance and spreading abroad of the idea which he was an initial embodiment of and spent much of his life in the struggle to spread as “Dr. No”.

The transformation that is to come in this country wherein our idea becomes the prevailing one, has to have an instrument in the initial stages of the transformation process who “jump starts” the idea on a stage in the public view.  Ron Paul is this instrument.  He and the idea he brings is the thin edge of the wedge or whatever other word picture you can think of which describes the situation.

The change has to come through the faction who is closest to the idea, which in this case is the republican party.  This party, as so-called conservatism, has been what Robert L. Dabney said in the 19th century, “Conservatism is radicalism’s (today’s left/liberal/progressivism) shadow as they both go off into perdition”.  Conservatism and left/lib/prog-ism have to change places/roles.  The latter, being a female lesbian dyke type entity, has to be made to shut up and will be made to do so by strong domineering male represented by a new republican party or something similar.  Regardless, out of the rubble and ashes of the old repuke party a new one will arise, whether it’s called with the old name or not.

Rev 1:7 “Behold, he comes with the clouds…”  “He” is truth.  He appears with/among an aggregation of souls.  The clouds are internally and externally white because they represent an aggregated embodiment/entity of truth.

Presently those destined witnesses are being purified/made internally white so that they become what their outward appearance says.  They are not there yet.  They still hold some mixture of truth and error within themselves and therefore have to be purged by “fire”; ie, hard times/tribulation, so that they can become extremists/fanatics. 

In the present condition of the masses, truth can have no effect because it appears too extreme or fanatical.  Therefore, it must enter into the minds or the public square by stealth, or a process of gradualism/osmosis, and this is the “why” of Ron Paul.  He is consistent and is always saying the same thing over and over.  Repitition is necessary for the public to gradually accept truth.  Salami tactics.

The present regime is unknowingly acting as a forerunner, laying the groundwork by passing laws and implementing policies which will be used against the very ones who have been instrumental in promulgating them, by the new masculine dominating regime.

The present manifestation of conservatism as represented in the republican party is neither hot nor cold.  It has to become hot.  Circumstances are being arranged in such a way that it has to become the party of the white angry male….a white cloud of witnesses of truth.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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One Response to A White Cloud

  1. Ryu says:

    Nice to see that you’re back.

    I think so too. Even though he is not a WN, he attacks our enemies indirectly. Unlike every other candidate, RP at least pushes the limit. ZOG is afraid – a very good sign. It’s a first step and I welcome it.

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