Moses by any Other Name

Lies in his obituary.

The corruption that came before jewry, came via Abraham Lincoln, the so-called great emancipator who did no such thing, but did set the old ball of tyranny rolling by allowing himself to be used by the south hating abolitionists and their whisperer – in – the – ear – of – the – commander – in – chief, Edwin Stanton, who in turn was aided and abetted by various radical republicans in the house and senate, in initiating the war of aggression on the south by establishing tax/tariff policies and regulations designed to push the south into resistence just as the British king did to the revolutionary forebears, so that they could spread abroad their hegemony and political radicalism/control of the idea of a strong centralized government, initially brought forth through Alexander Hamilton and his agreers earlier.

Abraham Lincoln, the great American Moses destined to lead America to the promised land.  Worshipped in the history books, written by system loving stooges who always show up to write the history of the winning sides and who are ardent lovers and promoters of the state and it’s predations.

The abolitionist John Brown lovers, the latter whom they believed was a martyr like Jesus, were apostates from the founding New England puritan/calvinist/quaker/congregational pew sitting segment of protestatism.  By the early 1800’s they had already lost what little faith they originally had and turned into trancendentalists, unitarianians and deists; the latter two of which many of the early founders belonged.  The abolitionists had deteriorated to the mental condition that held a type of utopianism, which believed that the central government was god walking on earth, and therefore his will was to use government to bring righteousness by force/coersion upon whom they believed needed it.

Their main target of course was those ignorant, piece of paper, constitution worshipping, southern slave holders.  Slavery had to be wiped off the face of the earth even if the south had to be made a howling wilderness in order to do it.  These people worked hand in glove with the radical republicans in the congress and senate who used the means of onerous tax/tariffs to eventually back the south into a corner.

All the court historians say that slavery was the main cause of the war, but that’s a crock of horse hockey.  Neither Lincoln, nor the northern congressmen/senators, nor the abolitionists had any love for the negro.  The main cause of the war was the system of tariffs, particularly what was called the Morrill Tariff.  In short, this tariff was a heavy burden on the south and a great benefit to the north.  There were tariffs enacted earlier in the 1800’s which also nearly brought about secession.  However, a compromise of sorts was reached in which John C. Calhoun was instrumental in bringing about, which caused the percentage rate of the tariff to be lowered, hence decreasing tensions at that time.

I’ve written previously how the founders with George Washington himself, put down two small tax protests in the 1780’s and 90’s, after the revolutionary war which were called the Shays rebellion (1786-1787) and Whiskey rebellion (1791-1794),  by force of arms at the behest of money men.  This was the first test which the then government failed.  The second and more broad test was the one that resulted in Lincoln’s war of aggression on the south and particularly the policy of total war, which then set a precedent in some other conflicts to follow.  Despite what most propaganda trough eaters think, the “civil war” was about the same thing – unjust taxes.  Economic beneft to some at the expense of others.

Total war is when civilians and their property and wives and children are warred against as well as the opposing armed forces.  This philosophy led to the pillage, burning, destruction, rape, and theft of property all over the south, mainly through the instruments of Sherman and Sheridan and the men under their commands.  The orders for this were approved by Lincoln through his ear whisperer, Stanton, the Secretary of War.

Sherman’s burning, pillaging and rape march through Georgia is well known.  Sheridan’s similar march through the Shenandoah valley is perhaps less well known, but the effects were the same.  However, most people are not aware of the various incidents which occurred in Missouri, a so-called border state, wherein people were accused in today’s parlance of thought crimes.  The thought crimes were sympathizing with the south’s cause.  Anyone suspected of being a south sympathizer was either incarcerated or shot, his goods taken and his property confiscated.  They didn’t actually have to take up arms against the north, they just had to think those thoughts and it was enough to be guilty.

The situation in Missouri was similar to that of Maryland, as they both had divided loyalties in their citizenry.  The least whiff of the smell of disloyalty to the “union” was dealt with harshly by Lincoln and his minions.  These conditions in Missouri eventually led to the blowback syndrome fostering the raising up of men such as Quantrill, Bill (“Bloody Bill”) Anderson, and the James’ and Younger brothers.

Even after Lee’s surrender, war was continued against the south through what was called “reconstruction”, but was actually further DE-struction, repression and war waging by another means.  The idea behind it was political, but the actions used in furthering it were basically the same as during the four year period between 1861-1865.  This scenario again resulted in blowback by the raising up of organizations for self defense such as the KKK and others.  What was left of the southern inhabitants were to be annihilated and replaced by transplanted northerners and blacks.  This was the intent.  This set up continued until about 1877.


Following the spiritual principle that says, a one time historical incident is carried on down through history with the same character or nature until it finally is stopped or transformed, the War of Northern Aggression/War For Southern Independence is still being carried out today, however it is masked in a way so that people do not see it, except of course by those who have eyes to see.

The “southerners” of today who are being warred against do not all live in the south.  The southerner of today is the white middle to lower class male.  The same process that was used against the south of 150+ years ago is being used today by the mommy beast, israhell on the Potomac and it’s jewmocrazy.

The minions of same and their jew world order handlers however, do not realize it, but they are actually the instrument of pressure which binds the white males together in an entity which will take the reins of power in this country and begin it’s purging and purifying work in the days ahead.

Note:  The details of the occurrances that I’ve written here can be found in this 359 page easy to read book.  I highly recommend it:


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One Response to Moses by any Other Name

  1. Ryu says:

    I’m not a southerner but I “sympathize” with them now. They were the only group that were safe to attack for a long time. Now it’s all whites. I’ll have to look up the Whiskey rebellion and Shay’s rebellion.

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