The Dictatorship of the Militariot

Quite often on this blog I’ve mentioned the coming into power in this country of a strong man.  Mostly I’ve described him as an entity of strong domineering malehood, the opposite of the present power of the dyke domineering female – matriarchy. 

I’ve also mentioned how the latter will not give up her power willingly so that voting for one of her two faces – democrat or republican – will do no good.  I’ve mentioned also how this system eventually “runs out of gas” and becomes transformed into her male opposite, over a process of time.

In order for this to happen, she has to lay the groundwork/foundation for her successor.  In a sense, she gives birth to him.  This groundwork/foundation is being laid as I write, for the outward indicators or symptoms can be readily seen in the moves to militarize the country under this new law recently passed as well as the recent story in the news of american troops being sent to israhell, as well as the drawdown of the government’s military presence in Iraq and the recent appearance of the empty coffee suit at the pentagon to announce major changes in the military status quo which the republicans don’t like because of their being in the back pockets of the military industrial complex and their love for all things israhell.  One of the reasons to send a large contingent of military personnel to israhell, is to blunt the repuke hawks complaints of endangering israhell by the military drawdown in other areas.

More importantly, I’ve also been “preaching” for quite some time, about how the present matriarchy passes laws and regulations/policies which eventually will be used against the very ones who have been responsible for initiating and passing the laws in the first place.  Their intent is supposedly to “protect the country from terrorism”, but they will discover when the Dictorship of the Militariot takes control, those laws and entities/departments will be used against them, for they will be designated as terrorists themselves.

In my cyber travels I had not yet seen anyone else who had grasped this scenario until just recently while reading at another site I visit, wherein he had a link to another site which had an article there by a jewess who talked about it.  However, she, like most females, sees this scenario as a bad thing, when it’s actually a good thing.  The reason for this is because it’s not given for the feminine to see deeper than what appears on the surface.  Yes, she has so-called intuition, but it’s no different then an animal that sniffs the air or acts according to instinct.

The militarization of the country was planned before hand and initiated with so-called 911.  They had to have a pretext and a suitable enemy they could demonize through the media, so they used their usual system of dupes and stooges and invented a terror “organization” run by a supposedly dissident Saudi, a CIA stooge fom back in the day when Russia was fighting against the Afgans.  The “terrorists” were brought here deliberately to set up what eventually happened.  Their trial and error incident was the first bombing in the basement of the towers which wasn’t too successful.  The public yawned.  They needed something more powerful and more people needed to die in order to get the masses behind the PTB, by convincing the public to demand security over freedom.  They have no compunction about killing people to further their hold on power, for they have the Jesuit view of evil perpetrated in the cause of a greater “good” is ok.  So they had explosive charges planted in strategic places in the targeted buildings timed to go off near the same time as the airplanes colliding with the buildings, so that they would come down in the same manner as a controlled demolition which most people have seen done in other places.  3000 people be damned.

Anyway, the question may be asked, how can a military dictatorship be a good thing?  Because of it’s use in purging evil from the land by oppressing and/or suppressing evil’s many and varied aspects and/or eliminating those individuals who have been instrumental in propagating and promoting it.  It will be a good for some, but evil for the many who are of the latter.

The mass of people in this country cannot conceive of a military take over of the reins of this government.  America is too “special” according to them.  Such a scenario makes them think of Mussolini and the ever present Hitler bugaboo.  After all, “It’s against the constitution!”  The very constitution the culprits they have voted for since Lincoln, have been gutting and eviscerating by the government branches the founders established.

The strong man will not necessarily be one man, rather a council like entity of a group of men who have finally reached the end of their patience with the way the country is going.  An earlier “coup” was secretly attempted to remove FDR from office, but it failed, for the time was not right.  It was too soon.  Now, however, the time is just right.  Whichever first family is in the white house at the time for it to happen will be informed that the jig is up.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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