Delegitimizing the Opposition

It’s like having a conversation with satan.

In my daily cyber travels I’ve noticed the tendency which has been going on for some time now, of blog writers using the statements of enemy opposition party members as subjects of their own blog posts.

Without realizing it my comrades are legitimizing the opposition.  They need to start DE ligitimizing them by ignoring their soul destroying, pompous, know – everything statements and attacks.  They are attention getting whores just like the one that motivates them and speaks out of their mouths.  His intent through them is to stir up the emotions and illegitimate anger in us so that some of our more susceptible ones will strike out in physical violence before the time

We know they are on the losing side and we are on the winning side.   They need to have their fear increased and that happens when we become silent and unresponsive to their vomit inducing pronouncements.  When we comment on what they say, we are sticking our heads up out of the trench and making ourselves an easy target.  We are telling them “where we are”, when they are not to know where we are.

What happens when fear is increased?  The blood pressure goes up and death comes knocking at the door.  They need to have their fear of us increased.  We don’t do that with threats of bodily harm, for that will eventually come upon them without any effort on our part.  We are unknowingly “dialoging” with them and this has to stop, if we really want our win to manifest itself.  Why dialog with a defeated enemy?

As an example of this “self inflicted death”,I can relate in a roundabout way without naming names, an incident I had with a somewhat well known blogger on the right, a so-called convert to christianity from jewry,in which I warned him of certain consequences that could befall him if he did not change his ways and he replied in his usual manner, metaphorically casting me to “outer darkness” , that I was full of hate, etc,etc.  To make a long story short, I heard later through another blogger who has had some word battles with him, that he now has cancer.

I am not advocating shutting down our blogs.  If any of the enemy’s comments make it through the spam filter on our blogs, jump down their throat with both feet with all dispatch, and silence them.

One of the blogs I frequent is doing some educational things which I think is excellent even though it’s not my thing.  They are intelligent guys and younger than I and are trying to lift up their comrades which I think is great.  Here is their blog:

Another guy who also is pretty smart has a lot of good info on self sufficiency, gardening and other related things.  He’s here:

Another blog by a christian lady that I have recently discovered, lives with her family in the northwest boonsticks somewhere near Spokane Washington and Couer d’Alene Idaho and has a lot of down to earth wisdom, writing on receipes, posts about family life, natural remedies, etc, and are off grid.  I don’t think they are WN per se.  They are more on the survivalist bent.  Here:

All of us on the winning side have a speciality, a gift that we have been given to use as a benefit/help/encouragement to others.  We make up a “body” with many members.  We can’t all be leaders (heads), arms and hands (workers), legs and feet(supporters), etc.

Many of us are not destined to know what we know, for they have not been given the capacity for it.   They are like children. We must approach them indirectly, so to speak, in essence, hiding from them our real purpose, until they “grow up a bit”,to where they can look upon those of us who are destined to be leaders, as such, and will then willingly fall in line behind us.

This is sort of like the idea of “game” which some of the mens rights bloggers advocate using in female relationships.  It’s a manipulative tactic used for good.  The woman as “child” has to learn her place/role.  She/they have to be manipulated into “following”.  There are of course exceptions, but they don’t make the rule.  God uses the same tactic on us, but that’s another story.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to Delegitimizing the Opposition

  1. White Rabbit Lady says:

    Great post!

  2. Ryu says:

    How did you predict that something bad would happen to that rightist blogger? Intuition, a feeling?

    WN is a movement and it is alot like a body. Some people can see the whole thing. We have people like Paul Kersey and even half Jews like Unamused or Auster increasing racial awareness. Others attack the Holocaust fable. A few work on solutions. Thanks for the recommendations.

    • Brandon says:

      It was based on what he was doing and my knowledge of what happens to God’s spokesmen when they get off into speaking about things which God has not called them to do.

      There was a prophet who appeared on the American scene in the 40’s through the early 60’s whose name was William Branham. He eventually got off the highway he was called to ride on; teaching things he was not called to do and was warned about it by fellow ministers, but he wouldn’t listen. He was killed in a head on collision by a drunk driver on the wrong side of the road.

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