A Massive Reconstruction Ahead

The jewnited states, AKA The Great Satan; as The Great Provoker of Wars in various and sundry places across the world and especially at present in the middle east, particularly in her present provoking stance with Iran, not to mention provoking her own people within her own borders, is setting herself up for a coming murder campaign, the like of which has not been seen on the world stage in quite some time, perhaps ever.

While this whore is presently rattling sabers and making threats at Iran, she has and is creating her own enemies – thousands of them – whom she has let into the country from the very nations she has recently been killing innocent men, women and children in – Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan and Iran.  Many of these people have come here as sleepers, to be “awakened” at the proper time, and that time is very near.

The whore’s own immigration policies – I say immigration policies, but it actually has none to speak of – is an open door and slamming the states down who make any attempt at closing the door and steming the flow coming across the southern border, by use of the black robed treasonous so-called judges.

This synagogue of satan jew whore complains about home grown terrorists, when she herself has been tending the very garden they have been growing out of, and there are millions of them, but they are not terrorists, rather they are The New Revolutionary War Patriots, and are armed to the teeth.

It is the terrorists of the federal beast system who have provoked and instigated the coming war, which is a repeat of the period between 1865-1877 and was called “Reconstruction”, during which the people of the south were to be completely wiped out, physically, economically and totally disenfranchised.  This was a government run policy, an extension of the philosophy of total war instigated by his majesty, uncle Abe.  I wrote of this previously here:  https://bclaym.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/moses-by-any-other-name/

However, there is a difference between the previous “reconstruction” and the present one that is coming upon this country.  I also might mention the word which has been used to identify that period is typical of the governmental mind by making it seem that the process of “rearranging the south in the north’s image” was a benign, harmless one.  Usual crock of horse manure, which there was plenty of in those days.

Nope.  As the title says, this coming period of reconstruction will be more massive; ie, on a larger scale then the previous one.  More importantly, in this reconstruction the roles will be reversed, in that those who have been the oppressors will become the oppressed and the formerly oppressed will be the new oppressors. 

Presently, the common people, the average joe, has become a slave of the oppressive system.  He lives in a two tiered “just-us” system, wherein he has to obey the rules set up by the synagogue of satan, while the synagogue members can do what they want and get away with it.   The synogogue members have been able to do this because they have had the monopoly of force, by it’s ownership of police and military.  They are going to be stripped of this ownership through fear for their own lives.  

I’ve explained in previous posts how TPTB have a bunker mentality in which their workplaces are hulking concrete buildings with pervasive security systems and their homes, even though not built in the same way, nevertheless also have the ubiquitous security systems and body guards.  This shows their fearfulness, but their fear must be increased to a level of panic.

It is necessary for all those who work for the government, particularly in the bureaucracy, to begin a mass exodus fom it, through whatever means or reasons, but the main thrust of the exodus will be because of fear.  The minions who work for government must begin to see that there is a strong hatred of it and hence to those who work in it’s cubicles/at it’s desks, shuffling papers.  When the worker bees depart there will be none left to make honey.  The workers will be made to be afraid to even go to work every day.

If or when there is an explosion over the Iran situation, there will probably be an attack on the District of Corruption monstrosity, most likely committed by the above sleepers.  I’m sure there are sleepers in israhell also, and there will be a similar Iranian response there as well.  By explosion, I do not necessarily mean a nuclear one.

What the suicide and car bombers do in the middle east, will be repeated in DC.  Several  blasts timed to go off in succession and/or when emergency responders arrive on scene of the first ones, others will go off, killing the responders, will be enough to panic the whole city.  It is not necessarily the intent of those plotting the bombings to destroy buildings, for they are mostly impregnable, but to create mass fear in the people that work there.  

This will then bring in martial law and the control of the city by the military.  Here then is the beginnings of the idea of what I wrote about here:  https://bclaym.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/the-dictatorship-of-the-militariot/

It will be seen that civilian control of the military is no longer suitable in the new “emergency” and a leadership change will be made to control the country during the emergency, “until such time that the terrorists are pacified”.

The fear/panic must go from the outer edge of the circle of power; ie the bureaucracy, to the center of power.  The center of power in this country is not the president, nor is it in the halls of the congress or senate.  It is in the ones behind the scenes, who pull the strings of the puppets which these three are.

However, the string pullers cannot operate when their puppets are removed or their worker bees are eliminated because of fear for their lives.  The murder campaign will be a process of eventually isolating the string pullers and targets of influence such as the various jeworgs which act as conduits and influence peddlers who blackmail and control members of congress and senate to do their bidding.

The murder campaign which was started by the bombings in the District of Corruption will then ignite the conflagration which will spread across the country in an ongoing process of the purging of evil from the country.

Judges who have been instruments in the taking away of the rights of the citizens by striking down laws passed by citizen’s representatives and voted for by overwhelming numbers of the people in various states, will suffer the consequences of those unjust judgments.

The people will organize and set up self defensive organizations and take the law into their own hands.  Their eyes will finally be opened to realize they have been in a war for over a century and didn’t know it, but kept backpeddling, all the while thinking things would get better if they could only get someone in office who was an honest man and would do righteousness, but to no avail.  They will come to realize that the people they trusted and voted for in hopes of “taking back their country”, had a “higher loyalty” after all, and that loyalty was not to the people who voted for them.




About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to A Massive Reconstruction Ahead

  1. Ryu says:

    I hope you’re right, Brandon. A purge is necessary, badly. This nation has a deep, growing cancer. There are no easy cures left.

    This Iran thing is madness. You’ve got the ZOG military saying that they’ll take Iran down no problem; I’ve even seen articles on the Navy’s magic dolphins that will clear the straits of Hormuz. Israel is just looking for an excuse. The people in DC don’t seem to understand what will happen. They really do love the Jew more than their own nation.

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