The Terror Inqusition

About two weeks ago I finished reading this book:

It was interesting, in that it was not only about James and his family, etc, but also went into great detail about the area in Missouri which he was born into and more importantly, the overall culture of Missouri just before, during and after what I call , the War of Northern Aggression, which the author of course called the civil war.

There was a hint of northern/union favoritism at times in the book, but I believe overall that the author did a good job in presenting the confederate view of the times.

I won’t go into great detail of the book here as that is not my intent, for it is not important to the subject of this post.  However, one statement in the book which stood out to me – and I didn’t come across it until the next to last page – was made by one of the multitudes of people which the author cited in his copious footnotes which had to do with a discription of a man named Adelbert Ames.

The discription of Ames the author quoted was made by a man named John W. Garner, who said – my paraphrase – that Ames overestimated the negro capacity to rule.  Ames was a big poobah in Mississippi after the war, and basically was a radical republican and “carpetbagger” from Taxachu  Massachusetts, who was given authority by his northern masters to put down the whites and make the negro the ruler in Mississippi.  The statement that stood out to me, which the author quoted Garner as saying, was, “A superior race will not submit to the government of an inferior one”.

Of course, this is obvious to our comrades in the present zeitgeist.  Also of course, to the blind masses and TPTB, this is a whitesupremicistracistnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews statement.  Nevertheless, the statement is true.  The white race IS the master race and the negro IS the servant/laborer under the supervision/guidance of the white. 

Notice, that wherever the white goes, the black follows.  The negro cannot help himself, as he is like a child following his parent and just does it by instinct.  The perfect example of this is the case of Detroit (Detoilet) and it’s surrounding suburbs.  We’ve all seen the beautiful pictures of Detroit when it was a big up and coming, thriving city, from the turn of the 20th century up until the 50’s.  See here for example:  However, after the 60’s riots, the whites caved in and gave the city over to blacks and subsequent black rule.  The “after black rule” pictures are all over the net and easily available.

Naturally, to those who can see, this led to the city’s present condition which, due to the negro following the white, has also become the condition of several of Detroit’s surrounding suburb towns/cities.

It’s time for the white man to stop running from the black; from the black niggers and their jewenablers who run the media and the country.  Initially, the white man’s “standing up” will come via the means of scattered incidents of self defence by the use of firearms, such as the recent incident of the 65 year old male in PA, who was jumped by three niggers while riding his bike on a trail near Reading.

The negro cannot control his niggers.  He’s just like the braindead jew trained libbots who light candles, march in silence or sing while arm in arm, carrying “stop vilolence now” signs; who gather on courthouse steps and listen to fellow libbot/manginas, speechify with empty words and listen to apostate preachers with dog collars pleading for everyone to be nice and stop the hate.   Typical female misplaced sympathetic bullshit.  To hell with that crap.

As the negro can’t stop the predations of his welfare momma birthed and “raised” niggers, the white will have to do it for him, hence the title of this post. ( As an aside, notice also as recorded in various places on the net by other comrades, the high numbers of black on black crime, wherein niggers kill other niggers, as well as negro bystanders.  We already know of the high percentage of blacks committing violence on whites, particularly rapes.   My point being, sooner rather than later, perhaps the number of niggers left will be smaller and more easier taken care of by whites….maybe.  The welfare moms will have to get the message sooner rather than later…”you wanna keep havin babies for whitey to kill niggawoman?”

Eventually, the white male is to become an embodiment of terror, and his acts will be much like the inquisition of antiquity.  His policies will be the policies of the M14, going forward.  I do not necessarily mean the weapon of choice will be strictly the M14, but use it as a figure of speech.  However, the “killing from a distance” will eventually come into play.

During the period of so-called reconstruction in the south when the north began it’s turning of the south over to the control of the negro through it’s various agents such as the Ames fellow above, with the backing of northern military, the people of the south, who knew what negro rule would turn into – ( the radicals in the north knew it also, but in their hatred of southerners, used the negro as their instrument of destruction just like jewry has done in the present)- banded together and killed many negro’s in scattered incidents throughout the south, particularly in Memphis and New Orleans.

There is going to be a lot of bleeding from the bleeding hearts at the JewYork Times in the days ahead, as their pet niggers get what is coming to them.  They will do their usual jewish mangina, fembot calling of names, demanding that the government do something to clamp down on the perpetrators of the deaths of their pet niggers, because instinctually, they know that their kind is next.  In their hearts, they don’t really care when the niggers kill each other, but they secretly love it when Joe sixpack’s daughter gets raped out in the hinterlands, or especially down south, by one of their pets.  I’m sure they have high five ceremonies in their boardrooms when this occurrs.  “Gotta keep those southern white trash, bigot/racists in their place, after all”.  ” What better way than to have your nigger children do your dirty work for you?”, they say within themselves.  In this, they show themselves to be the children of their abolitionist, radical republican, Lincoln loving, religious apostate ancestors.

As I wrote previously in another post, by the time the effects of this scenario become more pronounced, the militarization of the country will be more advanced, wherein there will be check points set up – the precourser of which we can already see at airports, etc., – which will be more numerous and wide spread.  The reason for them at first will ostensibly be the usual terrorist bugaboo, but it will eventually morph into a means of culling/separating the former “elite/enablers” and placing them in holding pens, which I understand have already been set up – they call them FEMA camps – to be dealt with, probably by some type of quick kangaroo court system.

I believe, the affect of the terror that the white male will be the embodiment of, will be felt more in urban areas where a large concentration of negro and niggers are.  Generally speaking, welfare moms live mostly in cities.  The rural areas will be comparatively quieter, so the concentration of the military-like check points will be in more urbanized areas.  The cities need more cleansing than the rural/small town areas.  Not to say there won’t be pockets of niggers in those areas also which will be dealt with on a case by case basis by individuals threatened by same, such as the 65 year old above.  Perhaps, even older negro folks will get their daughters and grandaughters “by the throat” and knock some sense into them, when they see the white male finally getting pissed off and retaliating.  Many of them don’t like the niggers either, but are fearful to speak up with any authority.

The people like those who run the JewYorkTimes will be eventually made to know that it is their ideas that have made the country the sewage pit that it has become.  They will be confronted, as they have not yet been.  In turn, they will be made to give up their fellow jew handlers behind the scenes.  I’m sure they will be willing, in “the day of the rope,” to give them up to preserve their own life.

I will sum this up by going a little deeper and personal…

I began my spiritual journey which eventually brought me to the understanding I now have, when I was with my first wife, to whom I was united to when I was 19, just before I embarked on a 21 year career in the US Coast Guard in 1960.

The inquisition I am speaking of is mainly an internal action; a reaction to external circumstances one finds himself in.  I began my internal inquisition as a reaction to external “terror” in my surrounding circumstances.  I use quotes here because it was not necessarily a fear per se, but a “there is more to life then I presently know”consciousness.

Many of our yet-to-be comrades are still fence sitters; ie, neither cold nor hot, and have to become “hot” as we – those who can see – are.  Therefore their surrounding circumstances have to become more straightened/constricted/harsher, in order for them to begin to be transformed in their mind/made to be angry/become fanatics.  It’s the inner jihad that the muslims speak of.

So, when our to-be comrades see the white male terror object operating in the culture with violence, they will begin their own inner mental change because of the question why? 

What will be occurring will be the coming into existence and spreading abroad of a new idea, which will become an Americanized version of the middle eastern legal system of shar ia.  When the culture changes to the “new morality”, the law will follow.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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One Response to The Terror Inqusition

  1. Ryu says:

    Yes, I’ve detected a sort of “bargaining” in the negro/jew population online. They used to be very much against WNs. Now they are beginning to sweeten up a little bit. However, we are not deceived.

    Sure, in the meantime they will crack down with more draconian regulations against white racial consciousness. Ironically, the same rebellious spirit they have cultivated in our youth will be used against them. There’s nothing special about coexistence bumper stickers or multiculturalism. We’re the real rebels here.

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