An Update of the Old World and the New

Proverbs14:1 “Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one, with her own hands would break it down”.

Generally, when I write about women, the woman, or the female, I am speaking of an entity; a mental idea, or the feminine principle that is one of the two spheres of God, of which has an ultimate embodiment in the biological male and female.

As the masculine is an outgoingness, or Will, the feminine is inward drawingness, or desire.  The “power” of the feminine is greater then that of the masculine.  Take note however, that there are not two “powers”, but one, which seems like two.

Because of the power vested in the feminine, the woman, when under some form of restraint, is a “house builder”.  I’ve explained in other posts how the feminine sphere acted in the creation of all things under the restraining masculine entity.

I have also explained previously how the feminine that presently rules in our current zeitgeist is not restrained and therefore is most dangerous.  She is, in this condition, a foolish woman who tears her own house down with her hands, while simultaneously blaming the masculine for not restraining what she herself has done.

In a one on one, male/female relationship, it works in the same manner.  When the male allows his wife to rule the house, she will then destroy it, for without proper restraint she is a destroyer, not a builder/sustainer.  In order for the “house” to be built, she must submit herself to one who has greater understanding and knowledgeIf she has not been properly taught by a wise father, she will not submit to a husband and he will therefore have to leave her to suffer the consequences of her own behavior.

The rebellious feminine principle which has ultimately led to our present conditions, began many years ago in individual females in various places, due to a lapse or neglect in proper father teaching, or a rejection of the father’s religion or religious ways/ upbringing by these individual females. (A good example of this is the life of Marian, or Mary Ann Evans, who is more known as the author George Eliot.)  (Another one is here: )

However it occurred, suffice it to say that it happened and has resulted in reaching what is called a condition of critical mass in our present day, through infecting the minds of millions.

As the conditions we presently live in began in individual females a couple hundred years ago, so likewise the new zeitgeist or mental change, will also begin through individual females,leading to the conditions I’ve already described in recent posts.

The present world we live in is actually “old” and is reaching it’s demise as I write.  As the old world conditions began in scattered individual females across the world, so likewise are the “new” world conditions initiated by scattered individual females.

An attitude of inner rebellion against what those old females thought was male oppression, eventually led to their “mouthing off”and acting out, in public, which then was viewed as scandalous by the public at large, but eventually led to the public taking one side or another, demanding an end to so-called male oppression or fighting against the then new idea, and from there the idea spread to where today, millions are infected with it.  I realize many things happened during this process which I have left out, the right to vote, etc., but an overview is all that is necessary in order to get my point across.

The new zeitgeist which will be a form of patriarchy/domineering male/militaristic and with an Americanized legal system similar to that of Islam’s shar ia, is also being initiated by scattered individual females, unknowingly of course, declaring themselves against a segment of the zeitgeist in public, sometimes under the influence of alcohol, as many of our comrades have seen in video’s on the net of two females mouthing off on British trains or tubes as they are called, against the mass presence of dark skinned people surrounding them.

The change must begin at the “skin” of the abominable “fruit” of rebellion, and through process of time, reach it’s way through to the fruit’s “core”.  In our case the skin is the veneer of niceness to the brown skinned hordes that have enveloped the formerly predominately white nationsThis is actually a niceness toward evil or darkness, which the dark skinned people are the embodiment of, and is a perversion of the saying of Jesus’, “resist not evil”, and “turn the other cheek”.

The recent two incidents (which we know about) show two British women taking a smack at that veneer, by mouthing off at it.  Of course, the present British legal system, and it’s PTB, have deliberately instigated the causing and overrunning of their own land by the brown skinned ones, and have already put the first woman in the clink (or the nick, as is the Brit vernacular) and the second one is no doubt headed that way.

What it will take is a large mass of like minded, angry people who are fed up with the present situation of the theft of their own land and deliberate giving it away to the foreigner by their so-called leaders and enablers and enforcers, beginning a mass mobilization of civil disobedience in doing the same thing these two women have done, by riding the rails and mouthing off at the brown ones; willing also to be arrested and filling the courts and prisons of the land, bringing them to a standstill.  I don’t mean marching in the streets and protesting and carrying signs necessarily, because in those situations, police presence always accompanies them in force, so that is a disadvantage.  It must be done on the “tubes” away from mass police presence, so that eventually, police forces will be stretched so thin, that they won’t be able to handle all the disturbance and so the government will have to resort to bringing in the military.  The legal system, with all its lawyers and soliciters and judges will also be overwhelmed as well as the financial system supporting it.  Basically, this will be a repeat of what happened during the women’s suffrage movement.

As the old world began with more and more women joining the rebellious brigades, it will likewise take a large number of females to get this thing going and eventually the men will join it, as they did in the old world.  As the female has great power in the influence and promotion of evil, as witnessed by the present massive mental instability, she also can have great power in influencing men in the furtherence of good.  This is how she builds her house.

As the rebellious woman of the old world was given permission by men to do what she wanted, so likewise the wise woman of the new world.  By mouthing off at the darkies, she is rebelling AGAINST evil – the evil veneer of darkness/false niceness.  The darkies belong back where they came from.  They supposedly “want a better life”, but they bring their own outhouses with them.  Hear me.

As the old world started through individual British women, I believe this new world will repeat the same way, as these two video recorded incidents show.  The English have been pretty much stripped of any means of self defence as far as hand held weapons is concerned, so they must use their God given weapons.  Eventually, through this same internet video phenomenon, we in this country will see and hear of other incidents of the same character and be encouraged by it and set off on our own version of resistence.  Along with various other means, as I have already written about .


I spend some time periodically cruising some news sites, Yahoo news, etc., and depending on what the subject is or the title of the article, I make comments as I feel necessary.  For example articles on the furtherence of fagdom, planned barrenhood, jewry and it’s mouthpieces, so-called pop culture which usually has something to do with the slutification of women under the influence of jewlywood and it’s minions, political horse patuey, and etc.  I get a lot of thumbs down by the , as I call em, “headinthesanders” and some replies, of the usual demonic jew inspired outhouse mouthing brigades, calling me the usual epithets.  It’s my version of fun.  I don’t bother going to jew/lib sites, for that would be too much like casting pearls before swine and giving holy things to dogs.  Hopefully, however, some sparks of enlightenment may be kindled by my comments at the places I do go to.

Those negativers that reply to me with their potty mouths I call em jewstooges and rearrange their screen names into “stein’s” or “bergs”, etc, when I reply, because they are doing jewry’s work when they reply as they do.  I make sure and point that out to them.

I don’t comment at many sites, as some of them make you jump through too many hoops in my view.  One particular WN site I visit, as they have some good articles and authors there, however I have used the word “God” there a couple of times in short comments, which apparently offends the site owner and I never get posted, so I don’t even try anymore.  Another one is too high minded for my taste and I’ve only commented there a few times, but they did have a 900 some odd comment thread which involved Alex Linder, which I enjoyed as I appreciate his “no jews; just right” policy.  I also read the lady over at VA and comment there periodically.  As a matter of fact, she had a small hand in triggering this post by one of her recent ones.

So, I’m doing my part here, not by just writing posts, but in my own small way, bringing in the new world and perhaps helping to hasten it’s day.  When I can no longer show the dog and pony show for what it is, I will be through with writing.

In a sense, we are doing Breviks work by using WORDS to “kill the children”; ie, putting to sleep/death, the philosophies/mental worldview of that which the rebellious woman – the tearer down of her own house -has given birth to, according to Rev.2:22-23.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to An Update of the Old World and the New

  1. Ryu says:

    Good article, Bradonstein. Planned barrenhood – I like that. I also do not comment at many sites because it is too hard to get in.

  2. Brandon – interesting piece. Thanks for the mention and I am pleased that my piece inspired yours in some small way.
    I do hope you are right about the pendulum swinging back away from the current madness (the out-of-balance feminine, etc.).

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