The Jewish Need to Justify Himself

I have written about jews quite often on this blog, covering their “who, what, where, when, and why”, so to speak, for they unknowingly have, by their rejection of Jesus as their messiah, become a scapegoat themselves, of  which He was the type.

A blogger, whom I will call a friend, in one of his recent posts asks this possibly rhetorical question:  I realize he is not really looking for the answer, as he is a professing athiest and as such cannot see or go behind the surface of appearances to the ultimate cause which is Spiritual, for he believes that the material world is all there is.  There is a cause behind the jew and it/he is the spiritual being known as the adversary or satan.  Many of my European American friends can see the negative, grasping, character traits of the jew down through history, without realizing there is a mind source behind that character.  Mind you, I’m not getting on my friend’s case, because, in a sense, he cannot help his partial blindness, for it is not his time yet to have his scales removed.  Conversely, most professing christians have this partial blindness also.; which by the way shows itself as misplaced sympathy for jews.  Without realizing it, they are sympathizing with the devil.  They think the jew is under God’s mercy at present, but he’s not; he’s under judgment, which judgment displays itself in his character.

There are two enities which appear in this world which display a type of mental attitude.  The two entities are bodies.  A body that mostly does good, and a body that does mostly evil.  The mostly good body is christianity; the mostly evil body is jewry.

In theological circles, christianity is called the body of Christ, or “church of Christ”,(not the denomination).  Christ means “anointed” or “anointed one(s).  The evil body is the body of satan or anti Christ, or the synagogue (church) of satan.

When the body that does mainly good slips up or yields to temptation to do evil, the bad thing that he does is under God’s forgetfulness, which is called forgiveness, for God knows this person is under mercy because of his/her acceptance of Jesus as saviour.  This person’s inner motivation is to do good, so his bad deed is overlooked, nevertheless he will still suffer consequences for that behaviour.  I realize there are many hypocrites in christianity, particularly in the so-called leadership, but I’m just discussing basics here and laying down a foundation for that which follows.

As there is a body of “good”, so likewise is there a body of evil.  There is a non earthly, mental source behind the body of good and there is a non earthly, mental source behind the body of evil.

The mind of satan is the mind of jewry.  As he is a deceiver, manipulator, conniver, conspiring intriguer, and plotting schemer, so likewise is the jew.  The israeli intelligence agency – the mossad- has the motto, “by way of deception shalt thou make war”.  This agency specializes in what is known as “false flag” operations, to further it’s ends throughout the world.  This is the creation of violent incidents which appear to be against israhell and jewry, such as bombing a jew diplomat’s car and making it look like an Iranian did it, or a bombing of a synagogue somewhere using an Iranian/Syrian/Egyptian – you name it-dupe, who has been drugged and psychologically programmed beforehand.  This organization has no compunction whatsoever in killing it’s own men, women and children, in order to further it’s own ends.  If anyone points out the truth of this, they are of course labeled a conspiracy theorist/kook/nutjob/rightwing redneck, blah, blah.

Presently, israhell through it’s use of the mossad is performing the same tactics against Iran in trying to get the latter to respond with a violent act, so that israhell can then point the finger and say, “See!  Didn’t I tell you how evil they are!”

The same method was used to drag the US further into the middle east quagmire after 911.  Most of the ignorant masses blindly accept the “official” version of the why of that incident.  Two planes hit two towers and three buildings fall in their own footprint just like thousands of other buildings have done under controlled demolitions.  Horse patuey.  People want to believe it, for they are scared to believe otherwise.  They’ve gotten into believing the official version since JFK’s murder.  Killing 3000 people is no big deal to these deceivers.  The US government which is a wholly owned subsidiary of jewry/israhell was in collusion with it.

An individual who has committed an illegal act, knows it within himself and tries to justify himself/get out from underneath the guilt.  Jewry is the embodiment of this scenario.  His guilt keeps driving him on and on, into ever increasing dangerous acts in order to shut up the guilt inside.  He becomes more blatant and upfront/in your face as time goes by.  Inwardly, he wants to be discovered and stopped, but he won’t be until something happens which causes a large number of the people to have their eyes opened to his predations.  I believe this will occur when someone eventually comes forward who was involved in planning or setting up 911.  Perhaps a deathbed confession; probably be a jew.   It will be spread abroad in such a way that people will begin to ask, “What the hell else have they been doing?” As jewry used a “Judas”; a false witness/traitor to murder their messiah, so conversely jewry will have one of it’s own – a Judas – testify against it with truth.  As the first Judas was one individual, the later Judas will more likely be several or many.

When this happens, the writings about jewry which have been acumulating on the net will be getting a lot more hits.  A more widespread push back against jewry will begin, as more and more people have their eyes opened.   As the jews motivator/character source is  selfishness,so everything the jew does is based on “what’s good for the jew”.  Based on this foundation, he financed and founded numerous organizations of self promotion, hidden behind the mask of outward goodness – civil rights, legal rights, female rights, faggot rights, all the while hiding behind others as dupes/frontmen as the “face” of the organization, or just using the ideas  of “justice” and “civil rights” themselves as the face, I mean after all, who doesn’t believe in justice and civil rights, eh?  Nevertheless, if you look at it deeply, you can see the WGFTJ (what’s good for the jew) behind it.

At present, the public at large is not able to connect the dots about jews/jewlywood; jews/wallstreet; jews/tv networks, etc.  They call it liberalism, or one of the many other ism’s.  The people complain about the bankers, or the pollution on talmudvision (not using that term of course), or liberal media.  I don’t believe it is that they are fearful of naming the jew, but rather it is because the time is not quite right as yet.  The pushback – if it can be called that – by so-called conservatism against liberalism is a phony war, because the real enemy has not been identified, except on various internet blogs/sites.  Conservatism is a false opposition because it will not/cannot name the jew, for it has been totally hijacked by it’s own internal jew control.  If one should go to a conservative site and try to point out his non naming of the enemy, he will most probably be cast into outer darkness, like Auster does.  It’s “liberalliberalliberal”.  They know not that liberalism is one of the fruits of the tree of jewry.

The jew, having the mind of satan, uses the systems /organizations/entities set up through government and by the culture for his own benefit, by maneuvering and manipulation, the hallmark of lawyers and the legal system’s decision makers, judges.  These systems which have the appearance of a good – aclu, planned barrenhood, adl, splc, too many to name here- are then used against the very people whose stock founded the country in the first place, destroying and eating up like a cancer/parasite by legal manipulations/machinations and decisions/judgments, destroying freedom and bringing in tyranny.

Some bloggers mock those of us who are always talking about the “all powerful JOOOOO’S, disparaging our understanding of the way we see things.  They are blind.  Plain and simple.  Not gonna argue with them on their blogs.  They can go on ahead on their road to perdition.

Recently there has been a sign to those who can see in the news wherein one of the repuklican candidates made a speech before some religious group somewhere where he said, ( my paraphrase), “satan is trying to destroy this country”.  Of course the false prophet/media jumped all over him for this, but it is a sign, nevertheless.  The acknowledgement of satan being influential in the degredation /downfall of this country by many people who may not formerly have expressed openly such opinions, means ultimately his instrument of destruction – jewry – will also begin to be recognized.  Eventually, a large portion of people who previously would deny any spiritual involvement with problems in the country will come to recognize the truth they formerly denied, hence the zeitgeist will become more- for lack of a better word – religious.  In other words, those formerly unbelieving ones will begin to acknowledge a seeming warfare between the forces of good and evil being played out on the earth.

These things I have described here will of course be played out over a long period of time.  Some of us may live to see them, some not.  I believe that when people begin to see what jewry has done, an attempt will be made by authorities and some others to protect the jew.  A national emergency will be declared.  But another regime will come into power, which has a more mature view of the signs of the times, and the jews who were previously placed in protection of some sort for their supposed good, will eventually be turned against them and they will not escape.

It’s sort of a repitition of what happened to them when they were viewed favorably, initially, in Egypt because of Joseph.  Joseph and his deeds were a guarantee of safety and provision for the Israelites in those days, but a new Pharoah came in “who knew not Joseph” and the worm began to turn…..


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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9 Responses to The Jewish Need to Justify Himself

  1. While reading this I had several “ah hah!” light bulb going on moments. Thanks.

  2. Ryu says:

    Interesting. I would like to see a member of the tribe come clean in such a way. 9-11 and the holocaust are the biggest lies in the world. Good explaination on the body of Christ and the body of Satan as well.

  3. I’m not an atheist, but what exactly I believe I can’t say. Going by the Bible, it’s easy to say that the Jews are under judgment for rejecting Jesus as the Messiah. But that doesn’t mean the Moslems, by the Middle Eastern saying that the enemy of your enemy is your friend, are our friends our even neutral. Couldn’t you say that Islam is a religion started by Satan to attack Christianity, which by the time of the founding of Islam was widespread?

    • Brandon says:

      Well, I’m glad you’re not athiest. I thought I saw on one of your posts that you said you were. My mistake.

      Re; the rejection of the messiah and being under judgment: They rejected the true sacrifice for sin, so became a “continuous sacrifice” since that historical occurrance. A one time historical incident; ie; Jesus’ crucifixion and rejection by jewry, led to the destruction of their city by Rome in 70Ad, therefore their “city” – their “body”/group- continues to be “destroyed” down through history up to the present. Their rejection of Him means they are rejected by Him which rejection shows itself since, by their being hounded and driven out of numerous countries since. In Isaiah, it says that the messiah to come would be despised and rejected by men…The jew is the present fulfillment of that, but the climax or extreme point of their rejection is yet future, when they will be surrounded on every side.

      Re: moslems: They are a modern day expression of the old testament angry God. Islam is in a sense God’s sword…or one of his swords, which is used as a correcting or “rod of iron” instrument to deal with those who are disobeying Him. In antiquity, God said that the Assyrian was His servant to be used to come against Israel for their sins. He uses evil instruments to punish/judge/correct. Christianity has become totally jewified and corrupted with false doctrine, so Islam is raised up as a correction agent against christianity in this country. The coming government will operate and have a legal system similar to that of shar ia – an Americanized version. All this freedom of speech horse hockey – a doctrine by the way totally corrupted and turned on it’s head by jewry’s legal experts – is going out the window. Sin and corruption is going to be forced underground/back in the closet, if you catch my drift, by the threat of violence upon those committing and promoting such acts.

      As satan is God’s instrument, you could say he started Islam as a punisher long ago. Islam according to it’s “lights” does honor God. Yes it does have a problem with pederasty. True believers have nothing to fear from Islam. It’s a type of entity which is necessary for the correction/suppression of the modern day sins and corruption. The shoe fits.

      Hope that answers some of your questions. Thanks for commenting.

      • Brandon says:

        I neglected to mention that Islam or the type of patriarchal system that Islam represents, is christianity’s “deliverer” from jewry and the corruption that the latter has wrought upon the country. Christianity does not have a warrior like makeup; a dominant malehood which can deliver itself. Islam or its Americanized patriarchal form, is/will be christianity’s blessing, but is not recognized as such, for the latter being a female entity, has no comprehension of spiritual realities.

  4. Brandon – in likening Islam to the Assyrians of the Bible who were used to chastise Israel, God did in fact turn and judge the Assyrians, who were not godly. Might it not be the same with Islam? They may be an instrument of judgment now but does that mean they are God’s people?

    • Brandon says:

      “Might it not be the same with Islam?” Yes, that is correct, but it probably won’t happen until the Jew finally repents and acknowledges Jesus, as part of their work is to “dejewify” the country or world, if you will. As present day christianity cannot be masculine, it requires a “religious masculinity” to deliver it – a warrior class, which is in a sense, the “angry side of Jesus”. See Luke 4:18-19 where Jesus quotes Isaiah 61:1-2 about himself, but leaves off the part where Isaiah says, “and the day of avenging of our God”, which is part of the whole passage. Jesus in his first earthly manifestation was not “the day of vengence”, but of mercy, to those who believe in his name, so he didn’t quote that part.

      “Does that mean they are God’s people?”. We have a tendency to “measure God’s people” by “christian” standards, which is as I’ve said, female. But that is only half the picture. It leaves out masculinity, which has been our problem for years. Adam has been eating the fruit that Eve offered him since at least 1920. Can an angry male be God’s people? You betcha he can. Righteous anger is just as much “christian” as the horse patuey that goes by the name christian in this country. Yes, the angry male has “warts” just like the present female. Are “christians” God’s people? With all their false doctrine and misplaced sympathy ways? Then so can the angry, domineering male side manifested through Islam also be. It looks bad to us because it’s foreign and appears backward and “uncivilized”. But who is to say our so-called enlightened civilization is the example. Look at what so-called freedom has gotten us. I don’t have to list em; you know what they are. Sin has to be suppressed and kept hidden underground, so to speak, and that will only be done by a religious based, dominant male, patriarchal rule.

  5. Columnist says:

    Emulate Islam?! Interesting idea. For years, I worked with a reverend who constantly attacked Islam for being terrorist and for being incompatible with democracy. I pointed out that it was impossible to prove that all Muslims are terrorists, and many Christians have their own problems with democracy. It would make far more sense to charge Muslims with denying the Trinity, as even the most liberal Muslim would admit that he or she doesn’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, dying for his or her sins, risen from the grave. But no, that would offend the Secularists.

    • Brandon says:

      God is incompatible with democracy…I call it demoncrazy. It’s just a means of making other nations like Jezebel and safe for sodomy. Jezebel is the female principle which presently has a stranglehold on the western nations.

      In antiquity, when Israel was turning it’s collective back on God, God raised up those called Assyrians as an instrument of punishment/correction to the Israelites. It is likewise today in this country and other western nations. The difference is, that the latter are inviting them in, because said nations being controlled by the female principle, are deceived and do not know what they are doing.

      The demoncrazy that people are familar with today, will go out the window when the new masculine regime take over.

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