The Coming Theocracy is a Good Thing.

With this post, I may-and I emphasize may-be parting ways, or leaving behind or coming to a fork in the road regarding my online relationship with some of my WN/ethnonationalist friends and comrades.  We’ll see.

The reason for this will probably be because what I see coming down the road as I have called in the title, will appear to many of them as a bad thing, when actually it is a good thing.

The word theocracy of course indicates “religion” and brings to the minds of many, the Afgan Taliban, or at minimum, the Muslim religion resembling something like what exists in Saudi Arabia, or one of the other Middle Eastern countries.

Religious rule, according to views of those who worship at the altar of democracy like multitudes of Americans, is uncivilized, backwards, stone age, and neanderthal.  Of course, as I have been “preaching” on here from March 2010, they who hold such views, are themselves also religious in their defense of democracy, and are fanatical in fighting and defending it, having no compunction in lying, subterfuge and hypocracy while doing so.  Democracy is the peoples right to corrupt, pornify, and defile ones own nation/country, under the guise of “freedom” or “freedom of expression”, while simultaneously being protected by the government from any consequences of their actions.

The impetus behind democracy is evil and my friends and comrades better get used to this truth.  We are not just at war with a bunch of deceived, otherwise decent people just like us.  No.  Democracy may have a nice face on the surface; an apparent desire to do good and pushing programs/laws/policies to make the world a better place to live, but behind this Walmart smiley face is the power of darkness – evil.

The Obama’s, Pelosi’s, Reid’s; the bankers of all the various capitols in the world, most congressmen, etc, all operate to further the ends of evil in their sphere of influence.  My friends and comrades must come to the understanding and get used to the idea that we are in a religious war, and that we are on the side of good, fighting against evil.

Having this knowledge, makes our job easier.  To refuse this knowledge because of  prejudice against christianity or religion in general, causes us to wage war with one arm tied behind our backs.

Many say christianity is just an extention of jewry.  Yes, as I have repeated ad infinitum, much of today’s version of christianity is totally jewified and in love with all things, israhell.  The Texas preacher Hagee and his followers for instance.  However, the deceived exceptions do not make the rule.  Just because many professing christians have apostasized – fallen away from the truth – does not make the whole lump worthy of disgarding.  We should not treat christians the same way we treat jews.  Many of the former have partial blindness at present, but the ONE who is in charge of this whole thing is able to open their eyes at the proper time, so that they can be of great assistance in the coming days.

Do all my WN/ethnonationalist friends have perfect knowledge/understanding of our situation?  I think not.  Then should we turn our backs on the partially ignorant?  For example, I know of a man who has some of the best views and insights on the jew problem, along with the ability to use words to great effect, that I have seen written in my cyber travels.  However, he has a hatred for christianity and it’s sky pilot and jeeboos.  So I guess I should reject him as an unworthy friend/comrade in our struggle because he doesn’t measure up to my total standards, notwithstanding his correct knowledge/understanding of jewry?  This is where the advantage of knowing there is ONE who is in charge of all this hoohah, and having this knowledge means that people who are presently partially blind in some way or another can and will come around to our view and be our eventual helpmates in the more harsh times ahead.

I have written about this previously, but will repeat it again as repetition is good for impressing the mind in truth.  In antiquity God used the Israelites to purge/wage war/punish the inhabitants of the land which was known as Canaan, because of the inhabitants’ gross immorality/sexual sins, etc.  The idea of doing this wasn’t the Israelites; it was God’s.  Some point to these incidents and call them genocide by glossing over the reasons for them.  Some also point to Americans doing the same thing to the indians.  There is always a reason for these incidents, but blind foolish men, who think they know everything because they have a framed piece of parchment on their walls, know nothing of the why’s and wherefore’s, because they deny the laws of cause and effect.  They are like the jew who never sees his own perfidy, but always blames others for the cause of all his persecutions down through history.  There is ALWAYS a reason(s) why, but most cannot see it because they have no place within them for the knowledge of the spiritual.  The use of the word genocide carries within it the idea of “no reason for it”.  But that’s a crock.  The same law/principle is at work in the “genocide” of the white race.  “The curse causeless does not come”.

Anyway, Israel waged war on the inhabitants of Canaan; men, women and children were killed and even animals and the land was then taken over by the Israelites.  This, taken in it’s entirety was a legal righteous act, for it was directed by God.  God does not have the same misplaced sympathetic view of death and destruction that today’s feminized culture has.  He kills and makes alive because he owns it all.  Man’s opinion does not enter into it.

Of course later on, the Israelites themselves apostasized and took to performing the same conduct of the Canaanites, whereupon God raised up other nations to do the same thing to them that they did to the Canaanites originally.  That does not mean the nations God used against apostasizing Israel were necessarily God loving and/or righteous living.  All the nations are in his hand to be used according to his purposes.  Now we come to this country and the subject of the title…

Generally speaking, Americans have corrupted their own land much like the Canaanites before Israel arrived as punisher.  It is the idea of democracy that has done it.  They call it freedom, but it is actually license.  I said generally, as not everyone has been involved in the corruptification process, but have, to the best of their ability, fought against it by trying to protect and defend themselves and their families from it.  They are a comparative few.  They are like Lot in Sodom of whom Peter in one of his letters said, “vexed his righteous soul from day to day” regarding the corruption that surrounded him.

Lot was delivered by being led OUT of Sodom before the tar pits exploded, which rained down fire and “brimstone” on the “cities of the plain” or “circuit”.  The righteous Lot’s in this country are not going to be taken out of the country, nor in a “rapture”, but are going to be delivered from their oppressors/corruptors while still remaining in the land.  This will be done by the raising up of an unexpected (by the few) deliverer or the appearance or revealing of same.

This deliverer will have a “muslim” face.  When I say face, I am speaking metaphorically/symbolically.  The face is the character or nature presented to the world, or as seen or manifested in the world.  He will be the face of strong domineering malehood like he is now.  Hates queers and fags and pushy feminazi females and jews and all their corrupting influences, such as media, Hollywood, and all their NGO, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, ACLU; all their gazillions of lawyers and judges perverting the “legal” system.

Most Americans are afraid of muslims because of the terrorism bugaboo.  They fear an attack by Iran or some swarthy character.  But all that anti muslim demonizing propaganda, is just that – propaganda to keep the people in fear, and it’s horse hockey as Colonel Potter would say.  They aren’t going to attack us like most people think of a WW2 type of Normandy invasion.  That’s BS.  Their method of conquering the country is by stealth, the same method the jews have used.  Salami tactics.

It may be through the financial system and using the means of blackmail on key persons and in key institutions.  Nevertheless, eventually they will gain control of the reins of power in the country and begin to cleanse it by violence.  Their initial take over will give Whites space to get strong without interference from Jewry, for the latter will be occupied packing their bags among other things.  At that time – many years down the road yet – leading Whites will make a compact with the Muslims, wherein the former will take over from the latter, but will in the agreement have it written down that this nation will no longer be involved militarily in Muslim lands, nor will this nation go abroad to Muslim lands in any form other than by trading with them, and also will disallow any jews in any positions of influence in the government and culture.  They will live only among themselves or get out of the country.  They want to lie and cheat someone they can do it to themselves.

The Muslim worships God according to his lights, and that is pleasing to God.  Generally, the Muslim hates the same sins that the christian hates.  However, the Muslim does something about it for he is not hindered by a jewified “legal”just-us system, which is set up to handcuff any kind of display of religiosity/goodness in the culture, such as demoncrazy.  The Muslim is the manifestation of the warring “old testament God”.  No, his societies aren’t perfect, but they are more perfect than this country’s present one.  They honor God, pray often and most importantly keep control of the female and her tendency to deception when she is allowed any kind of freedom.  Any of my friends/comrades don’t like the latter, tough.  It’s what has gotten us into this mess in the first place.  If they don’t realize that, then they have a long row to hoe.

Some will point to the middle easterners in England, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, et al, and their raping and criminal activities as justification for hatred of the “rag heads”, after all, it’s our “white women” they are raping and comitting violent acts upon.  Remember what I wrote above:“The curse causeless does not come.”  There is a reason behind all corporate acts such as these.  It’s not just, “I m gonna go to (pick your country) and rape me some white wimmins”.  The individuals perpetrating the crimes are not aware of any purpose perhaps other than the typical one of it being a sign to the native population of men that your wimmin be ours cause you have f’t up your own country, and this raping of your wimmin is your payment for it.

The Muslim is God’s anger against what the jew and democracy has done in this country.  I’ve seen some comment boards especially on Yahoo news articles where someone will complain about, “you conservative religious nuts!  You all want to set up a theocracy!”  Some such comments have been in reaction to the republican politician who said he would eliminate pornography if he was elected.  Of course we know he will have to go after the jew to do that, but he probably doesn’t know that.  Anyway, all it takes for the ball to start rolling is for someone to start the conversation….

When the demoncrap jew/left/lib/fembots accuse the conservatives of wanting to set up a theocratic rule in the country, they are actually , like the weatherman, “calling for it,”for unknowingly or not, theocracy is the “answer” for what they are, and for what they have done.

Makes me think about how this country has a Jezebel secretary of state, which is a middle finger to the muslim nations when shehe goes to their countries.  It’s a sign of disrespect to the Muslim nations even though they may not say so publically.



About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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13 Responses to The Coming Theocracy is a Good Thing.

  1. Richard says:

    A couple days ago, before reading this article, I had a thought. And that thought was / is expressed in the title of your post — the idea that a theocracy might actually be a good thing.

    The only difference between my thought and the title of your blog post is the word “coming”. I haven’t sensed that one is coming, but the ideas in your post are definitely interesting. Thanks for sharing them.

    (I admit that I’m not an expert on political or religious issues, so I’m not sure how much weight others should give to my comments.)

    I want to ask a question that is somewhat unrelated to your post above. But in a way it’s related. (If you aren’t interested or don’t feel comfortable answering, that’s fine and no offense will be taken.)

    Do you have any thoughts on what happens when we die? Do you believe in some kind of heaven and hell? I’m genuinely interested in your thoughts on this subject. If you do believe in heaven and hell, how do you think we are divided up? What makes one person go to heaven, and another person to hell?

    I’m not sure what to believe about heaven and hell. If I did, I would share it with you here.

    Take care, Brandon.


  2. Ryu says:

    Good article, mate.

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Brandon,

    I think you will enjoy and mostly agree with this short article here:

    I found it a while back and it makes a lot of good points, similar to the ones you make.

    Here is a part:

    “America, before you go to remove the speck from the eye of other peoples and nations, first remove the log from your own eye that is blinding you to your own deplorable moral, social, and civil state.

    You have no right to point to the Taliban with their extreme practice of women wearing burqas, when you evidence an even more destructive and deplorable extreme practice at the other end of the spectrum in nudity and immodest sensual dress and behavior among women. You are hypocritical! You condemn one extreme, and practice the far worse opposite extreme. You condemn excessive erroneous modesty, and practice excessive erroneous immodesty, which is far worse!

    You boast that you are a Christian nation, when you fail to practice Christian principles and teachings such as men being the head of the home, no divorce (except for infidelity), no unwholesome word coming out of your mouth, modest dress, women covering their heads when they pray, women not assuming a teaching or leadership role in the church, in like manner women rejecting the Eveonian practice of participating in civil governance in violation of that which our forefathers delivered to us, and finally, not committing murder when you murder 3,500 babies every day!”

    Thanks for your blog, Brandon.

  4. Richard says:

    I’ve spent a couple hours reading your posts today.

    I’m hooked. It appears you have written something about the size of a book. (I started at the beginning.)

    I want to ask a question. (As always, no offense will be taken if you aren’t interested in or feel uncomfortable answering. I trust your judgement. And if you prefer responding via email, that is fine too.)

    Is there something that made you decide to write your thoughts down? I mean, in 2010, why did you decide to start writing?

    Did you feel a responsibility?

    That’s part of the reason why I blog. I feel like, whether I want to or not, I should get some of my ideas out there for others to read, in case it helps somehow. Even if I’m wrong or partially wrong about an issue (which I probably am a lot), I still figure that others can be helped by reading another person’s thoughts, if they are sincere.

    Take care, Brandon.

    • Brandon says:

      Richard: I started writing much earlier than 2010. I actually started back in the 90’s when I was with Jezebel #2 by writing down my dreams and attempting to interpret them. It was my early attempt at finding God and learning to hear his voice within. I did not know at the time that dreams are always about the dreamer and that other people appearing in the dreams are actually aspects of the dreamers own character. I also did not know at the time that the realm where dreams occur is part of the adversary’s playground, so a lot of the stuff is in the form of some kind of accusatory scenario, because that is his character. Nevertheless, I plugged away at it, in my determination to find the ONE, and He honored that determination by eventually causing me to hear him in the night hours, by waking me up, whereby I would then write down what I heard.

      However, most everything I heard was, and still is, in the form of metaphor/symbolism, because this realm is a mirror image/reverse picture of the spirit realm, therefore the speech is “backwards” ; must be meditated upon to interpret. This is why Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes.
      I did not start writing on the internet out of responsibility, necessarily.

      You should keep on writing, because there are many men who need to hear the message of celibacy from your aspect, because the ONE is calling some men to that life. For that is the fulfillment of Revelations 14:1-5; the 144000 who are redeemed from the earth as a firstfruit unto God who are “virgin, and not defiled by women”. The same are called a “firstfruit Christ” or anointed ones, by Paul in 1 Corinthians 15:23.

      This is why there is such a war between the sexes at present, so that men become separated from the feminazi, Jezebel harpies that they are hooked up to and begin to live the life you are describing. Such men will be wholly dedicated in doing His work without the encumberances of wives and children. I described the why of this in “The married man” and some other posts.

      So,in a sense, yes, it is your responsibility to share what you have been given. Many will reject it, but the called few will receive it. They who reject it, show that they have not been given the gift. You have probably already read the passage in Matthew 19.

      Hope I’ve answered your questions.


  5. Arcturus says:

    “pushy feminazi females” That is stooge Rush Limbaugh’s phrase, in fact NS Germany’s women folk were the epitome of the New Testament wives and maidens.

    The correct phrase would be “pushy jewesses” for they are, truly like that.

    The popular Christianity of today is a faux Christianity, that is clear.

    With Islam there is the exoteric and the esoteric. That is where the difference lies.

    I note with some sadness so many, alleged, WNs, saying the most derogatory things about Islam. While I realize that there are trolls on all of the WN sites it does seem that too many have drunk the poison of their Masters and Owners.

    I do so enjoy your writings, you tackle the deepest levels of what faces our race.

    O Mankind! surely We have created
    you of a male and a female, and
    made you tribes and families that you may know each other;
    surely the most honorable of you with Allah is the one among you
    most careful (of his duty); surely Allah is Knowing, Aware.

    • Brandon says:

      Welcome, my wordy friend : =) Eso/exo. Those words aren’t part of my vocabulary as I use internal and external. But that’s ok.

      Yeah, the feminazi thing, I think was originated by the “far seeing” Limbaugh who doesn’t go/see far enough. I use it to emphasize their dykish agressive tactics.

      “Pushy jewesses”. Well, in my book, all of jewry is pushy, which shows their satanic mind source, but I get your meaning.

      Not familiar with NS Germany’s womenfolk. Faux christianity…yep. The “exoteric” segment is mostly faux and is the most visible in the world today. The esoteric ones are VERY FEW and far between, but more will be raised up in the coming years.

      Re WN’s: Most still only see in part, like professing christians, but that doesn’t mean I will give up on em. And yes some don’t see the real purpose of Islam in this day, that’s why I’m writing about it. There is still fear there because of the bugaboo preached throughout the schizophrenic American media, who preach fear of Islam on one hand, but bow to it on the other, because they fear having their own heads chopped off, but don’t care if a member of flyover country has it happen to him. I notice more Islam fear on supposed christian sites then I do on WN’s. There is no talking to them, cause they just can’t hear it. I visited one the other day and in a comment thread there were three others who were posting with some understanding regarding Islam, but I noted that the majority was not able to hear it, so I made some short comments and departed.

      Thanks for the short quotation and for commenting.

  6. Columnist says:

    “Their method of conquering the country is by stealth, the same method the jews have used. Salami tactics.”

    “Stealth Jihad”, a book peddled by Jihad Watch. But it is true that Muslim pressure has forced Jews to release their grip on Whites somewhat. Muslims justify raping (some) women by pointing out their sluttish behavior. But it is this very sluttish behavior that leads to low birthrates among non-Muslims. Somewhat contradictory and counterproductive.
    If Muslims rape only White (non-Muslim) women, and do not rape black(non-Muslim) women, their motivation is, known or unbeknownst, not enforcing Islamic decency standards, but Cultural “Marxist” hatred of Whites. That is something very different. In such case, the Cultural “Marxism” is the problem, not Islam.

  7. Rick Dekard says:

    People like me will tear your theocracy down.

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