The Glorification of Darkness

..Shown in the world by the worship of the negro and the dark skinned races.

John 3:19 “And this is the judgment:  that Light has come into the world and (or but) men loved rather the darkness than the Light, for wicked were their works”.

The amalgamation of the races is an abomination (something hateful in the eyes of God), which was destined to reach it’s ultimate climax in the present day, beginning with the machinations of the demonically inspired religious doogooders called abolitionists, only a few decades after the revolutionary war, which eventually led to the negro being made of equal status with the white through the use of so-called legal means, and with it, ultimately bringing about the destruction of the white people of the south in the War of Northern Aggression, with the intent of making the negro the ruler over the whites in the south through the devastation of that which they called reconstruction, which was nothing more than continuous destruction of the south by another means.  The war between the people of the north and south was a war of worldviews, which war is still being continually fought today, although it appears different to the tens of millions of unenlightened ones presently alive in the country.

However, the southern people, who had the correct view of the negro vis a vis the whites, fought back through various means, sometimes with violence, and eventually won back what they had lost, up until the jew got his strong foothold in the district of corruption, AKA satan’s seat, in the 50’s and 60’s, through demonic marxist/communist methods of fomenting riots and insurrection while standing behind the negro and whispering in his ear and pushing “civil rights” legislation through the congress and senate by their planted fellow tribal members and useful stooges.  The manipulation of the legal system is a satanic jew specialty.

The latter’s job was made easier of course through the granting of the female the right to vote in 1920,which made the more numerous non jew white males more susceptible to going along with the satanic jew program, as the enemy had a foothold in most families through the more easily deceived wife and her emotionally ruled mental tendency toward “feelsorryism,” toward the “oppressed and downtroden” of the world.  The northern abolitionists may have all died and faded away by this time, but their idea was “resurrected” or kept alive in most households through the wives.  It is still being kept alive through the same means however, even to a greater extent, for the white males of today are also infected with the same emotionally driven drivel, which they have imbibed through the generational poison began in 1920 and propagated through the conformity/indoctrination centers called public schools.  This is a Adam and Eve in the garden, “deja vu all over again” scenario.

The aggressor in this idea war is of course, satan and his minions, who- as does the defending side – uses human instruments who embody the ideas in this war.  Behind the aggressive satanic idea is the impulse to utopia, but as it requires force to bring the utopia into existence, the result will actually be distopia.

As it plays out in this visible dimension of time, it appears as a mob standing in front of heaven’s door, trying to get in.  The mob is trying to become as or like God, and this shows it’s satanic origin, for that is what he does, in all his machinations and manipulations, in the attempt by using force/coersion, to become as God.  To make it easier to understand, the war against the White man is the satanic attempt, through tens of millions of human instruments, to become equal to God.  These tens of millions have the horrid mark of the beast that I have described in other posts.  The mark is invisible of course, as only God can see it, but he has given the ability to see it to certain men – not as a “mark” per se, but through the ideas and thoughts/world views which those who have the mark express.

Matt 11:12 “From the days of John the immerser till now, the reign of the heavens does suffer violence, and violent men do take it (or attempt to take it) by force…”

That which a great mass of people have going on within themselves eventually becomes manifested outwardly and can be seen in the world, but the manifestation can only be seen by a select few, for only they have been given the eyes to see into the relationship between the spiritual and the visible.  The multitudes through whom the display comes are blind to it, for they think they are on the side of goodness when they are actually  deceived and on the side of evil.

The acceptance of the negro as an equal to the white is an idea which came out of the pit, but in the present day, the negro has been even more highly exalted, wherein he is now viewed by the mass multitude as superior to the white.  Everywhere, his way is to be made easier.  His crimes and emotional outbursts are to be covered up as though they never happened in the first place.  If any of his misdeeds are somehow inadvertently revealed, it is whitey’s fault for his “institutional” racism.  All of his killings and rapes of whites don’t exist.  His murders and predations on his own people never happened.  His turning his predominately populated and politically run cities into greed, graft, bribing, murdering, raping, and robbing sewage pits, is the fault of previous white rule in those areas, not of his own doing.  His turning of his own politically run cites into financial ruin is not his fault, and the white taxpayer must have his taxes raised, raised, raised, raised, and raised again, in order to support him and his welfare baby producers and to insure he has plenty of whitey’s moolah so he can buy $200+ Nikes every once in awhile.

Blind professing white christians are also on the “I love darkness rather than light” bandwagon.  Not only here in this country, but also over in the negro’s native land.  They pump out these misplaced sympathyite, heartstring plucking, guilt trip pushing commercials, where they show poor negro children with distended bellies and flies around their mouths, trying to get everyone to empty their wallet.  As well as initiating projects and programs to bring even MORE of them to this country and dropping them off in small towns or other areas where there were no previous dark skinned ones living, where they eventually numerically increase and become a criminal and financial burden on the white tax paying population.

Or, they run to the latest dark skinned dominated country disaster and bring the blacks from there INTO THEIR OWN HOUSES and bringing a curse upon themselves in the process.  Or, they preach from their pulpits the jew/marxist/communist doctrines of miscegnation; promoting the coupling of their own daughters with the cursed ones.  And when their daughters are beaten, raped and killed by the black, they defend the black and “forgive”him, whom God has not forgiven.

Such abominable actions and activities promoted by people who supposedly “love the Lord Jesus”, is the reason this corrupt, demonic country shall be destroyed.  For they, of all people, should know and be a depository of the truth.  The christians of today, with their worldview of niceness are the direct mental decendents of the abolitionalists of the 19th century.  They, like the foolish women that Paul described in 2 Timothy3:6, are like “silly women, going from house to house, laden with sins, led on by manifold covetings, ever learning and never unto a personal knowledge of the truth able to come“.

Their blind, pharisaical pastors/preachers/theologians/teachers, preach that the negro is a decendent of Adam, therefore is equal to the white and should be treated as such, when  -he- is- no- such- thing.  They’ve been preaching this crap since just after the turn of the 20th century, mainly following the stooge, C.I. Schofield, and his bible of the same name, with his copious lying footnotes.

I’ve written of this previously,but I’ll repeat it here again.  The negro is not a decendent of Adam, but is what is called in some translations of the Bible in Genesis, as a “beast of the field”, a pre Adamic race made to be a “burden carrier” or servant of the Adamic – WHITE – race.  Adam’s white skin was a “manifestation of light”.  “Let us make man IN OUR IMAGE; AFTER OUR LIKENESS“.  God IS LIGHT.  He made a race of men who would outwardly show “light” by their skin. The black race, being an outward showing of “darkness”, was created before Adam and Eve.

However, even this “beast of the field” race became corrupted by the so-called “fallen angels”.  These were a segment of the spirit beings which were made after the “big bang” who “left their first estate” – rebelled from their initial condition of goodness – and went to earth where they mated with the beast of the field, creating progeny who were called nephilim; ie, giants or men of renown.  How can spirit beings mate with flesh?  By taking on the form of flesh and appearing as beasts of the field.  It is written in a certain place to not be fearful of entertaining strangers, for you may be entertaining an angel (spirit being) without being aware of it.  Another place is described in the incident where Abraham entertains three spirit beings appearing as men before the incident at Sodom .

Christians have been debating for years about who Cain’s wife was and where did she come from?  It’s simple.  She was a progeny of this mating of spirit beings with the beast of the field.  Cain’s wife WAS NOT A DAUGHTER OF ADAM.  Goliath, the 9ft 6″ tall Philistine that David killed was also a decendent of this race of giants.

Professing christians have more responsibility in the corruption of this country than the unbelieving do, for judgment is supposed to begin at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17).  It is judged first, but more importantly, judgment is to flow out of it.  But because of it’s present position of “falling away” (2 Thess. 2:3) which began in earnest after the turn of the 20th century when many assemblies began to be corrupted by false doctrine and increased when women were given the right to vote, it first must be judged or purified, before the rest of the country.

The falling away is actually a good thing in that it will reveal who is of the truth and who is of the lie.  All the cemetaries (seminaries), bible schools and related colleges/universities will be emptied out as well as the steeple houses and all the true believers will return to the original pure state of the beginning assemblies in antiquity.

In my cyber travels I have seen some commentators wondering why there isn’t any WN/ehtnonationalist forums that aren’t “jew crazy”, where supposed newbies might be directed to, to help open their eyes in a non confrontational manner – my paraphrase.   I visited one the other day from a link I found at another site.  As Charles Schultz the creater of Peanuts would say when speaking through Snoopy the dog, BLEAH!

Everybody is afraid of offending some imaginary person who may or may not be turned off by discussion of precious jewry.  Like AmRen for instance.  They hold meetings, or try to, but it MUST include a jewish representative.  To hell with that jell0-for-spine-stuff.  “I mean after all, we don’t want to make enemies before we explain our case do we?”  Yes we do.  If you have no enemies, you have no standards.  Genuine converts are drawn to strength not weakness.

Future converts must be told about the jew, for it is he who is the prime instrument of the adversary in our present troubles.  Everything flows from him including the problems with the negro, immigration, demoncrazy (yes, I spelled that correctly), sodomites, Jezebels, etc.  If they cannot accept this then so be it.



About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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15 Responses to The Glorification of Darkness

  1. Ryu says:

    That’s for sure. It’s hard to overemphasize the jew in this whole affair. Of course, this turns off alot of people. I don’t feel like chasing down whites yet; they’re not strong enough.

    There’s a WN over at Kievsky’s that has a very unique approach to this. He focuses on the jewess. They’ve become much easier to identify because of him

    • Brandon says:

      A blog with a banner across the top of a naked woman prostituting herself? Feh. I guess you can metaphorically say it’s a picture of jewry. Also you don’t need a long list of names. Just listen to what they say or read what they say….or see a picture of their FACES.

    • Columnist says:

      I personally think jewesses could be turned against their own men.

  2. Rita Rabbit says:

    I should not of gone to that site! Grosssssss!

    • Brandon says:

      I deleted that link.

    • I made the mistake awhile back of clicking that link, not realizing the substantial nudity on the site. As far as recognizing the Jew: it can be done by face only. I had the unfortunate occurance to “spend some time” with one, and not only can you see their race in their face, but in actions as well. I have on numerous occasions pointed them out to my wife, just by face alone. She looks them up, and there you go. What falls underneath the face (i.e large busom, etc) does not matter and varies just like any other race.

  3. Rita Rabbit says:

    Oh great post Mr. Brandon. Sad but true.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple of days, and I’m impressed, gratified, intrigued, provoked, puzzled, and encouraged. If you’re at all inclined, I’d enjoy corresponding with you. My email address is If you’d rather not, that’s fine and no hard feelings; I’ll continue reading your blog anyway.
    ~ Wheeler

  5. Chris says:

    The Seductive Jewess is an awesome website. If you don’t like naked Jewish chicks, then there’s something wrong with YOU.

  6. chiemeka Isioma says:

    this blog is a stupid blog Mr. Bradon and has no place in the society because this rubbish was no seen anywhere or has proof anywhere in the bible. who even told them that Adam was white. this is a racist blog and i do not think it is good for viewers

    • Brandon says:

      You and your people are full of envy of the White man, therefore you have no understanding of spiritual things.

      You don’t like what I write, then don’t read it, but you can’t do that can you, for you are actually attracted to it and cannot resist the temptation to read.

      There are many of your own people who know the truth of your peoples existence on the earth before Adam and therefore are not decendents of him. You are of a servant/burdenbearing race and were created for such a purpose, but you and yours have, with the assistance of foolish rebellious WHITES, rebelled against the purpose for which you were created. You show this by using the word created by your controllers, the JEW, “racist”. A “name” which is used to shut people up, by those who have no answer or argument in their own defence. By using the word you have proven the proof of my FACTS.

      Keep reading and maybe you will eventually have your eyes opened and can be used as an instrument in opening the eyes of your own people to this TRUTH.

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