Their place is happy.

A continuation of the discussion of the negro – the “beast of the field”- his purpose/role and destiny.  Before we can get there however, we have to start at the present point of experience and deal with that in order to eventually arrive at the negroes “happy place” of the title.

Presently, the negro is a flame stoking, gasoline pourer, whose emotionalism is totally out of control, much like the uncontrolled female entity which rules in the culture and government, but to an even greater extent, for a large portion of his race are violent criminals, and are in essence, a class unto themselves.  Most of these criminals come from homes where the female is the only parent and she has in some cases, if not many, several children by different fathers and is on welfare.

Each female born to these mothers eventually become mothers of more male criminals.  There are exceptions of course, but they don’t make the rule.  Yes, there are the Clarence Thomas,’ Thomas Sowell’s, and Walter Williams’, etc, but they are rare, and their rareness is because of their white mixture coming to the fore, which is sort of a “civilizing gene”.  Such people of course have to fight and overcome their own people in order to succeed, for there is a strong pull on them from their fellow blacks to not “act white”, and they are ostracized if they do so.

Even though the criminal element of these people is presently busy killing each other, which is a good thing, they also are busy killing innocent bystanders/children of their own race, sitting on porches and sleeping in beds in driveby shootings, but there is no lessening of the incidents, nor any actual decreasing of the criminal element, due to the continuous conveyor belt production line of their welfare mom class.

Many of the criminal class are caught and sent to prison and the prisons are full to overflowing, and if or when they are paroled or get out of prison for whatever reason, they go right back doing the same things all over again.  Prisons aren’t the answer.  Death is the answer, but not at the rate it is presently occurring.  Neither is “more death” the only answer, for it doesn’t account for the welfare mom’s activities in being the source providers for the criminal class.

There is at present no answer for this coming from the fed gov, for it is presently an insane asylum which is under the control of the inmates, whose intention it is to keep throwing the productive tax paying segment of the population’s money at the problem over and over again, hoping for different results, so we can forget that source as an answer.

The welfare thing is going to have to be cut off or at minimum, strictly limited, in order to stop this baby flow from these single black women.  It will probably come through some kind of enforced sterilization or birth control on these women, as a stipulation to their receiving any kind of benefit.  A one child per woman thing perhaps.  This is going to have to come from the states and it will do so when circumstances change in such a way, that it forces the states to develop a spine and tell the feds to stuff it, along with their courts and laws, and do something about it when the taxpaying segment of the population, no longer being able to afford to flee to a less taxing area, begins to make demands on the pols to cut off the welfare teat in their state, so that they can at least live with their heads above water.

This will occur mainly in the south. This is because of several things.  The northern parts of the country, including it’s big cities, are still largely under the control of the mental children of the rabble rousing abolitionists of yore, so it is being left to stew in it’s own juices, while the segment of the country which was unrighteously devastated in years gone by, will be delivered from the oppressor first.  The deliverance of course is a process, which is even now under way, but those who are in it can’t see it, for they are too close to it.

Many of the southerners have outwardly bought into the multiculti/diversity line, but in their own homes and among their own people, many know what the score is about blacks.  This is why satan attacks southerners so much through his minions in the media and academia.  When you see the prevalence of broad negativism expressed toward a segment of the population such as southerners, who are generally speaking, God fearing people, you know God has a blessing coming for them on the way, even though it may take years for said blessing to be manifested.

The original northeastern abolitionists were apostate churchianity, having extreme hatred for the south and it’s more genuine, yet imperfect, form of christianity, which was part of the cause of the Northern aggression against the south.  The instruments that the adversary uses, in this case  the abolitionists, always has a mask it hides behind, this time the mask being an outward goodness toward the blacks and pretending to be their friend and deliverer,when actually they hated them even more than what they accused the southerners of.  It’s the same today.

The north, and by north I mean everything from Chicago east and north of Virginia, excepting perhaps West Virginia, has a meddling mommy problem, hence, is troublemaker personified.  A lot of the urban areas have stripped the citizens of any kind of means of self defence, as well as in some states, so much bureaucracy and jumping through hoops requirements discourage the citizen’s from even making the attempt at getting a gun for self defence purposes.  Of course the criminal class has no such problems, for the PTB wish to insure that their people are kept in fear, so make no genuine efforts to get so-called illegal weapons off the street.  As a matter of fact, shadowy groups within the government itself are involved with the traffic in weapons, just like they are also involved in the drug game.

Making appeals to the negro to behave himself, a form of begging, will not work.  At present, he can only understand one thing, and that is strength from the barrel of a gun.  Blacks are going to be slain all over the south.  This, along with a welfare vise of some sort will send the welfare mommas and their criminal progeny up north with all their friends and lovers, and this is when the black will begin to learn who his real friends are and after finding out through these hard times, he will throw his gifted girlfriend to the dogs like the eunuchs did to the original Jezebel in antiquity, by throwing her down from a window, whereupon the dogs ate all but her head, hands and feet.  (The gifted girlfriend is the jew)

Eventually, the word will get around amongst blacks who live in the south that the southern cracka aint puttin up with non of their sheet no mo.  Likewise some of their own smarter adults will start siding with the whites against their own criminal class as they begin to see whitey standing up, and as their fear of whitey will be greater than that of their fear toward their own criminal class, will lose their fear of retaliation from that criminal class, who they themselves call niggers.

The black man, being basically like a child, needs the White in order to survive, for he has not been given the ability to govern himself, so, like the female, needs a “governor”.  However, before the black can come to the place where he sees his need of a governor, the present day and future scenarios must play themselves out.  Separation is required in order for the black to see his need.  Many of us Whites already see it.  Eventually, the black will see that the only way he can be happy is by placing himself under a benevolent White father type of entity, who treats him with firmness, not being tolerant with any hint of criminality or any gangsta- hiphop- pants – down -to – the – ankles – bs.  If they remain in this country, they will live among their own, but with White authority not too far away.  This country is not going to be allowed to be turned into a septic tank by YKW and it’s front men/stooges/useful idiots again, nor by anyone else.

The black race has a role in the purposes of the creator just like all races, but there is a hierarchy.  There are leaders and there are assistantsThe black is an assistant race alongside the other assistant races. Even though he is, he is still to be self sufficient; no longer to be given food or sustenance by the White man through welfare programs or other such things.  He’s not to live as a parasite on the back of someone else’s labor.  This is their place and true happiness.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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9 Responses to Their place is happy.

  1. Ryu says:

    Good article, Brandon. Black nationalists and the few intelligent negros have a hard row to hoe. But for now, that is not our concern. Our own people have enough problems requiring attention.

  2. seriouswon says:

    Thank you. A hopeful read on Resurrection Day.

  3. seriouswon says:

    Ah! A timely Resurrection Day passage. What hope we have!

  4. Richard says:

    I always enjoy reading your posts, Brandon.

  5. Ryu says:

    BTW, Happy Easter Brandon.

  6. Columnist says:

    Maybe the present blacks are the result of an Egyptian welfare state. The ancient Egyptians strongly opposed infanticide and other eugenics.

  7. Columnist says:

    “Of course the criminal class has no such problems, for the PTB wish to insure that their people are kept in fear, so make no genuine efforts to get so-called illegal weapons off the street.”

    And of course the criminal class doesn’t sell weapons to Whites.

  8. GhostlyWhite says:

    A “happy place” – is that similar to “a laughing place”?

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