The Oven is Cleaning

The fire that cleans….Brevik and other things.

I think it’s interesting that Brevik is being allowed to present his case in his own words in a Norwegian court.  This could only be done in a place like Norway with it’s “laid back” legal system.  He wouldn’t be allowed to do so in this country’s jewified, just-us, two tiered, legal system.  So his reasons are being spread far and wide despite the Norwegian media’s attempt at silencing him and anyone else with his views, prior to his onslaught, as he referred to in some of his testimony.  The same stifling methods are used by the media in this country to disallow any truth spoken which counter their lies.  However, their suppression of the truth just causes the temperature of the oven of the present zeitgeist to be turned up, and they will be consumed in the fire of it.  The more truth is suppressed, the larger the explosive result, or blowback/reaction, as the truth, like natural law, eventually must right itself, for it is inevitable.

The cleansing fire – the heat/anger, which is TRUTH – that is building up in this nation, and has been doing so for quite some time now, has initially been only seen and expressed by a comparative few, as far as being compared to the whole population of the country is concerned.  These few are mostly seen on the internet, as up to now, this anger/expression of TRUTH, has been suppressed by the PTB through their jew bought and controlled media organs.

The suppressors know that they must allow a certain amount of anger/opposition to their JWO conspiratorial regime as a sort of safety valve, which they use in order to prevent revolution from breaking out amongst the masses.  As a side note, this is also the reason why there are so many distractions in so-called western nations – entertainment, and etc, to keep the people’s minds and conversations occupied with everything but Truth. Along that line, I also note one British online paper – I think it’s the Daily Mail – Has a side bar column on the right of it’s news articles which is full of the latest slutifications on display by various and sundry actress/whores and their male pimps cavorting in public and at the beach with their gownless evening straps and pubic hair/boob cloth swatches.  This is a message to the readers of what the editors consider to be the REAL news.  It’s not enough that they have invented special publications for this crap, but they also have to put it alongside the news to make sure those who don’t read their “special publications” are exposed to the same crap also.  This also, by the way, shows the satanic mind behind the system.  However, their problem is, they don’t have enough fingers to put in the dike to prevent the coming-and is already at the door-onslaught.

All wars begin with word battles, the initial form of violence, and eventually escalate to actually killing.  I have written before how Brevik’s actions were the initial or first link in a long chain of similar actions – an archetype wherein more such actions are to follow, not necessarily on the same scale even though some may occur that way.  The spiritual law for this is: a one time historical incident is carried on down through history by the occurrance of similar incidents with the same character or nature.  These incidents continue to accumulate and become more numerous and wide spread as time passes until the mental insanity – the reason for the incidents’ occuring in the first place – shuts up/becomes silenced, and/or is transformed into TRUTH.

As the present zeitgeist/mental insanity operates on the principle of fear, and is faith’s opposite, it brings into manifestation it’s own correction/decrease/death, as faith brings into manifestation it’s own blessing/ increase/life.   The mental insanity that controls western nations cannot be reasoned with by logic and statistics or arguments about IQ, etc, in order to make it change it’s ways.  It only understands fear and strength.   The mental insanity is like the typical schoolyard bully who finally gets what’s coming to him.

The intellectual arguments for IQ, HBD, crime or other statistics and/or arguments  about demographics – “demographics=destiny”- are skirting around the edges of truth and can only have effect on other intellectuals – a minority of minorities.  The common man can’t hear it.  The common man wants a leader to SHOW HIM THE WAY AND HE WILL FOLLOW.

                                            +             +            +

The mental defectives keep calling for the resurrection of Adolph Hitler.    The history channel is full of it.  A book catalog I get in the mail is full of WW2 Hitler stuff.  The mentals-henceforth MD’s-are always calling all those who oppose them, nazi’s. When they call us nazi’s they are actually demanding that the nazi system appear. The jewbots and their femboy mommywusses at the wolf’s den of Huffnpuff- or- I’ll- blow- your- house- down- website, along with the Atlantic, NRO (the latter may be the subject of another post), are forever harping on their holocaustianity; invoking Hitler’s ghost, etc.  What they fear, they shall surely get, but they won’t like it.

The MD has totally destroyed the institutions, culture and government of this country.  They have laid havoc to the economic system which has become since 1913, a system benefiting the few at the expense of the many.  This country is becoming very close to to similar conditions that existed in Germany after WW1, up until Hitler came to power and began to build up the country by restoring it’s financial system beginning around 1933.

Hitler has been made the big historical bugaboo/badguy, at the behest of satan’s special engineers, the jews, since at least the above year.  The history which is force fed in the conforming/indoctrination centers AKA public schools, has been written by the victors of WW2 and is totally distorted with half truths and outright lies.  Also the biographies/auto biographies of the big poobahs involved in various countries during that war are mostly aggrandizing puff pieces.  The same crap has been done with Lincoln in this country. The victors have to have someone to demonize in their wars in order to cover up their own deceptions to their own people, so Hitler is/was #1 on the list for that era, just as various mid easterners are the same today, such as Mr. Ach! My Dinner Jacket! is today.

Nobody knows the FULL real truth of what happened in WW2, least of all, all the other wars this country has been involved in, before or since.  This is because of the suppression of Truth by the PTB and their stooge academics/historians, who are cookies cut out of the cookie cutter college/university system which makes MD clones of it’s mommy professors, who in turn write the systems books, much as the present day media writes the ongoing “history” as mouthpieces for the beast MD system.

Thankfully however, there is being raised up and or discovered, a new breed of historians/writers, who are uncovering nuggets of Truth of historical incidents and personages here and there, and are bringing it into daylight via the internet.  Of course most of my comrades are familar with so-called holocaust denialism.  A few historians, such as David Irving and others, have dug around in the mine of holocaustianity and discovered it’s not all that it has been presented.  Another historical mine is the life of Adolph Hitler.

We all know of course that he was the personification of evil!  He was satan personified!  Weeeelll……..As men such as Churchill and Rooseveldt have been exalted to the skies by the regime mouthpieces as the great heroes of WW2 along with their various generals, etc, as they have been exalted far above their true measure, so likewise has Adolph been denigrated very much below his true measure.  What is the true measure?  Of course only God knows the whole story, so we can only know parts.

One of the ways we can know at least some of the truth about various historical personages is through eye witnesses, and of course even they, many times have their biases.  As there are multitudes of tomes written by so-called eye witnesses to history and it’s big men, particularly of the victors, there have been comparatively fewer written about the losers.

The Germans have had metaphorical duct tape placed over their mouths since the time in question, and has only been removed temporarily at times so they could spout the jew line of the evil Hitler and the holohoax.  As long as they spouted the pc line, they could get published, much like it is in this country with all its major publishing companies rejecting anything outside the “standard” laid down by the jew masters behind the scenes.

Recently, there was a movie made in Germany about Adolph, in which a segment of scenes has been pirated and made into humorous youtube videos.  I’m sure the movie was made according to the dictates of the now German form of pc, otherwise it could not have been made.  Maybe sometime in the future someone will make a movie of what he did to lift Germany off it’s knees from before the jewbankers after WW1.

Nevertheless, the One in charge has His ways…I recently came across a beginning series of articles at Counter Currents on Hitler, one of which is here:

So far there are two parts.  I don’t know if there are going to be more.  I found it quite interesting.  Apparently written by an eyewitness who knew Adolph.  Another is a list of various writings about Adolph:

Most of my comrades have probably already” been there, done that” regarding Adolph.  That’s fine.  Some say he is a polarizing character of the past and we should get over it.  I’m all for polarization as I have been doing it here since Mar 2010, and I intend to continue to stir things up, as that is the basic meaning of the word; Saying Things People Don’t Like.

Yes, there is a segment of our friends who dig the uniforms and the flags.  As most of us know, the swastika wasn’t invented by nazi Germany, but has rather ancient origins as a sort of good luck symbol and is even found on ancient and not so ancient buildings.  The masons love the stuff of symbolism in architecture.  And even the pledge of allegiance in this country was originally performed with the so-called “nazi salute”, until it was changed during WW2, because of it’s association with Germany, but the Romans also used it.

Well, I can see the oven is getting hotter and hotter as the dial is set on self clean.  More and more the word of truth is being spread, not only on my comrades and friends blogs and websites, but even unto the enemies own camps – their comment boards/threads.  They are getting more and more agitated.  They fulminate and ban.  Comrades and friends, being more computer savvy than I, know how to get around their bans. Goodonem! Get their blood pressure up!

There has been a link over at Age of Treason fom someone who has posted Brevik’s address.  Those of you so inclined, get over there and get busy.  He needs to know he’s not the only one and that there are others across the world who have some of his same concerns.  If you think he’s a nut and wacko who has set our cause back a hundred years, that’s your opinion, and you reveal yourself by that opinion, for you are not of those who are willing to dedicate their lives to a higher cause.  You are not worthy of the battle ahead.  You still may be our friend, but are not a part of the warrior class that is being formed even as I write.



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7 Responses to The Oven is Cleaning

  1. Ryu says:

    Great article! I have been trying to communicate that to the conservative and HBD wienies. The only thing that matters is fear and strength. Logic is not enough!

    The holocaust fable woke me up. They just kept pushing day after day. You can see today yahoo puts out a new holycost story every other day.

    Have you seen this movie? It’s great:

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks mate! Where did you get this movie? I saw some familiar faces in it. I think one was Liev Schrieber. Is this the same one that they’ve chopped up and made into humour on youtube?

      • Ryu says:

        It’s all on jewtube. I came across it once and mention it when a man is interested in Hitler.

        I don’t know if it’s been chopped up or not.

      • Brandon says:

        Well, the title shows the jew imprimiture, “The Rise of Evil,”and if Jewlywood had anything to do with it’s production the truth is already corrupted, as under their hand any truth is always selective. After all they’re not going to title it, “Hitler, the man who restored Germany to greatness by triumphing over the jew bankers”.

  2. anirishtory says:

    I have read the post on Counter Currents and find them illuminating. It’s not often one gets to some of the truth about Hitler and why he is so hated. I think a friend of mine have a good metric to judge things by, if the MSM tell you to hate something, then you should probably love it, if they tell you to love something, stay well clear of it.

    The reason people voted for Hitler, was because they had come to end of their hope, it was desperation. When less then NINE months later unemployment had halved, they began to love him, when three years later Germany was the most vibrant and powerful country in Europe, they adored him.

    Even if, we accept that he was evil, then why can’t our politicians copy his economic policies? We know they won’t, because that would be a body blow to international usury, and they will not tolerate this. People who oppose this power often find them selves outcast, smeared, or dead, like Jorg Haider in Austria.

    The tide has turned my friend, the power of those elites, controlled by the usury power is almost broken. When the system breaks down, as it is already doing, we shall see the glories of what can happen.

    Marine Le Pen has got 20% of the vote in the French elections, she has not won, but she is now a power to be reckoned with, The Freedom Party in Austria goes from strength to strength in spite of the assassination of their leader, The Swiss Peoples Party is a power in that land, nationalists control Hungary. Bit by bit, our enemy is losing.

  3. Firepower says:

    This is living history
    on the maxim
    “Victors write history”

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