The third stage always looks crazy to those down below.

Covington contra mundum….

The third stage of life is a state or condition of being, wherein an individual begins to live his life for a cause greater than himself.

As most humans live their lives according to selfish principles/selfishness, when they encounter one who lives for a cause, they do not understand it, for they “knew” him in his “before” state when he was as selfish as they are and now he seems to have a case of the “holier than thou’s”, so they fight against him tooth and nail, revealing all his previous lies, hypocricies, his rejection of his then wife and children, his unjust treatment of former friends and comrades, and etc.  They see his holier than thouness as an escape from responsibility.  His non response to their appeals that he “repent” and address their complaints, just makes them fight more harshly against him in what they see as his crazy conduct.  No amount of explanations by him will satisfy his accusers, it just causes them to have more questions/accusations.  In this they are like jews.  Their misunderstanding of him is actually a gift given to him which is the means of strengthening him even more in his new state.  It is a means of hardening him internally, wherein his “face” is set toward a higher goal.

To his accusers – his former friends, family members, colleagues and comrades – he has become mentally unstable at a minimum, or stark raving crackers at a maximum, but he is neither, for he has, as a comrade said here,  transended self:

Many friends and comrades see the need for such individuals in our “movement” or for them to rise up from among us, but like most of those still living on the earthly plane of emotionality and selfishness, they join the accusers when one appears.  This is because of the prophet principle, which says that when a person appears on the scene who has a “living for a higher cause” viewpoint, he is not recognized in his own house and /or among them who knew him “before”.

By prophet I do not mean someone who necessarily sees the future, but he will focus on the or a future scenario in some way, by writing or speaking about it.  He may write about what MAY happen if certain things are not turned around in the country for the better.  So…along this line….

A few days ago I had an occasion to visit this site and this particular article wherein a commentor who calls himself UN, as in Uncle Nasty, who according to some of his other comments I’ve read over there from time to time, is a former resident of South Africa.  He linked to an article over at OO from 2011 which was a review of some sort, of Harold Covington’s books about the future fictional distopia that this country will be.  The article had about 300+ comments of which many were favorable, but some few weren’t, as is in most cases of such threads, they began attacking Covington and got away from discussion of the writer’s article.  Anywho…

I don’t know Harold Covington.  I seldom visit his site.  I have listened to small excerpts of a few of his podcasts.  I have not read any of his books, as I am past reading books which tend to get the adrenaline pumping.  Most of his accusers were “I knew him wheners”.  He did such and such!  He called me a liar!  I took him to court and won a judgment against him and he took off out of state to avoid the judgement!  He still owes me $$$$$$!  His own brother says he is____(fill in your own mental defect definition)!  He abandoned his own family!  He doesn’t like such and such..( a well known name among us)!  He accused such and such..(another name of a not so well known), of being a traitor to the cause and being a Fed collaborator!  Anyway, you get the gist.

I’m not Harold Covington’s defender.  He’s been in this thing of ours much longer than I have.  He doesn’t need me as his defender.  He can well defend himself if he is so moved as he did so on that comment thread.  He and HW(OD) have gone a few rounds I understand, as I assume HW, under another name – “Cass Sunstein”- appeared in the same comment thread as one of his accusers.

When certain of our fellows appear to be…in the present veracular…”polarizers”,  or lightening rods or objects of accusations by various ones amongst us, we need to stop and take a breath and ask ourselves what is really going on here.  Everyone seems to like and appreciate Kevin McDonald…except for jews of course.  Fine.  He has his place.  Jared Taylor has his place, even though I have been critical of him in the past.  There are many others.  But the “prophets” are the necessary “fanatics” among us.  They keep trying to pull us to come “up” where they are, but most of us hold back out of fear of the consequences if we go up “there”.

Families, jobs, the desire to be liked and approved by our fellows, etc, holds most of us back.  Some of us are doing what we can do in our restricted circumstances.  Meeting, handing out flyers, creating havoc on left/lib/conserv. comment boards, teaching others how to become more independent from the beast, etc.  These are all good.  Only a few can go up where they who live for a cause higher than themselves live.  But at least, by beginning to see the “symptoms” in or of such individuals – the “tell”so to speak- we can at least stop accusing them/fighting against them by recognizing how they COME OR APPEAR AMONG US. 


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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11 Responses to The third stage always looks crazy to those down below.

  1. Ryu says:

    Very good. It’s a struggle to see what needs to be done but holding some “hope” for a normal life. Stronger WNs than me do not have any difference between public and private life. WN is their life, it is why they exist. I remember in the Turner Diaries when Earl Turner reached that point and nothing else mattered.

    Men need to be led. I believe that Hitler had that mission and that conviction. WN needs a real leader like that. Jared Taylor is nice but is a bit moderate. Amren doesn’t touch the jew. Covington is a bit old. McDonald is too narrowly focused. It’s wide open for that one man, he’s out there somewhere.

    • ritarabbit says:

      Harold needs a PR person. My first contact with him as a new WN was him (seemingly) spamming my Facebook wall after I friended him…posting something promoting his show…then never coming back. He does it all the time on people’s wall I found out. I wish he would come back and talk with us!

      Recently I saw another link he had up on a FB Group wall. I thought I’d give him another chance. It was some kind of weird blog about all his enemies and all the sorted stuff that’s gone on over the last 20 years. Who needs it?

      He’s probably a very good man but it’s not coming through.

    • Firepower says:

      In the past “elders” would be looked upon for wise guidance.

      The problem is today’s elders are… baby boomers.
      Selfish and venal, they are only leaders to The Grave.

      • Brandon says:

        “baby boomers….leaders to the grave”.

        Yep. The leader will probably come out of the generation that is now a teen -20’s.

        Every rebellious generation thinks it knows more than those that begot it.

      • uh says:


  2. vanishingamerican says:

    You know, I really disagree with this generational division. On my blog I’ve cited a number of statistics showing that the older generations (‘Silents’, boomers) are, with all their faults, more ethnoconservative than the younger generations, who voted in great numbers for the current regime.

    Brandon, you are of the ‘Silent’ generation I believe.
    If blanket statements about the older people are allowable, then let’s apply similar standards to the young ‘millennials’, who are according to surveys and polls, quite liberal, especially on the issues that supposedly matter most to us. And yet they will be our salvation?

    • Brandon says:

      You misunderstand me.

      I didn’t say “they would be our salvation” in my response to FP. I said the leader would PROBABLY “come out” of a younger generation.

      Generally speaking every generation “rebels” against it’s parents. Of course there are exceptions. This rebellion is especially true in this present evil age. The cycles have to go through their process. Yes, at present, us older folks are more ethnoconservative than the present young’uns, but that is going to change in the days ahead. We are a vanguard so to speak. We are laying down a foundation in our writings and speakings, for those who follow. Wisdom will not die with us.

      Yes, great numbers of young foolish ones helped vote in the present endarkenment, but remember, so did the older ones vote in his predecessors -Ahab and Jezebel and the Bushes, the latter with their faux churchianity.

      The present left/lib condition of the younger folks is going to gradually change as individual life circumstances worsen among them and they will have their eyes opened. Once again, not saying all of them, but enough to matter. There are many young ones joining our ranks even now, on the “outskirts”. The entities in which they have placed their trust, which are basically idols, have to be destroyed in their own minds – democracy and all its tentacles and ism’s. Of course many will double down in their insanity, but enough will come out of Babylon – the mental city of lies – to make a difference in the days ahead.

      Thanks for commenting VA.

    • uh says:

      They might vote “conservative” at the ballot box, but they vote “selfish” with their retirement plans, vacations, and reluctance to help those beneath them. They are absolutely unconcerned with the fate of a “white race”. Only we at the bottom – AH’s milieu – are instilled with this concern and anxiety, and not even we do it as well as leftists.

  3. Firepower says:

    The culturally-accepted pinnacle of elder statesman in practice
    is The Presidency.

    Boomers gave you Xlinton.
    And, by way of Kenyan sperm-injection
    Obama’s Mama gave you The Anointed One

    • Brandon says:

      What the culture accepts, and what is truth are two different things.The culture’s acceptance and/or belief in the presidency as “elder statesman” is IDOLATRY. This is a mental idea which must be destroyed, and will be by the coming straightened individual life circumstances coming in the country. That office has become a god to the people and they all await with bated breath any pronouncement he makes from on high through his mouthpieces, the false prophet media.

      The source of our present condition goes further back than Ahab and Jezebel (your Xlinton) and the empty coffee suit. The people worshipped FDR long before them, and my own father in ignorance was one of them. FDR was a lying manipulator no different than the two you mentioned. Even further back was Lincoln, who was just as bad in some of the things he did.

      The tendency for the people to look for a great man leader will eventually lead to one arising whom they may not like, but by then it will be too late.

      • Firepower says:

        I agree with most all you wrote. So, not much to reply with except the concept of a Great Leader, now, is far different than one seen historically in homogeneous ethnicity.

        We’re fragmented into three main groups and that means whites vote for minos without much reciprocation from them, later.

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