Hitler’s Darkroom

Darkroom:  A room with no light or with a safe light (usually red) for handling and processing light- sensitive photographic materials.

My title is of course metaphorical.  I am referring to the conditions which are necessary to the formation and manifestation of a new idea.

The female womb is the dark place or condition where the new baby or metaphorical “idea”is formed.  The baby, being a form of idea, is a type of light which at birth, comes out of darkness, as it says in a couple of places in the New Testament…”the light shines out of darkness, but the darkness comprehended it not”; ie, the darkness doesn’t know how it happens; has no self awareness of it’s own being, or what is going on within itself.

I’ve explained in various earlier posts how this world is an entity of darkness.  I know it is difficult for the natural minded person to comprehend this, nevertheless, it is true that darkness is the entity or aspect of God that “forms”and “hardens” and causes circularity.  The universe is full of darkness and even the scientists think they have found something they call “dark matter.” This dark matter is like a “sea”which all the stars and planets are “floating ” in and which causes their movements/orbits, etc.

When an individual has an idea about how to do something or make something, the idea is actually Light Becoming….something.  The individual then proceeds to form the idea/Light into tangibility.  We call Light, understanding or wisdom, etc, but in it’s essence, it is Light.

The present all encompassing zeitgeist that we live in, started as idea in a few female individuals 200 +/- years ago, which started out as little “sparks of light” in certain females who “preached the idea” to their circles of influence and practiced the idea in their own life.

This idea was a reaction to what appeared to be (to these females) of male oppression, either by their fathers or husbands.  Eventually, the idea began to infect men causing them to take the women’s side and gathered steam for the long haul.  Through female hen pecking and nagging, the idea spread more abroad until eventually resulting in granting  women the right to vote.  Here, the idea received the stamp of approval of the men in government and began to lead to a headlong rush toward mental instability.

The female as a human embodiment of the principle of darkness, has no understanding of her own power of destruction and has no “caution button” in her makeup kit; she does not have an internal brake system.  Neither does she realize or understand the principle of consequences of behavior.  She can only “know” these things through a strong male – father or husband.   This is why under her present rulership, the attempt at eliminating consequences of behavior through legislation and court ruling is continuing apace.

As with all things, there are exceptions of course, as some may have had some positive male influence in their life which has influenced them for good, and/or in cases where their own inner male aspect’s voice is not completely shut out which acts as the above brake/warning system.

I have already explained in earlier posts how the general mass of males also became infected with the same idea by “going along to get along” and eventually taking it over and becoming just as much fanatics with pushing the idea as the females, wherein at present, males generally rule with the female idea, even though females are becoming more and more prominent in rulership positions such as governors, chiefs of govt. departments, police and military, judges, etc.  In other words in positions which they don’t belong.

Anyway, I’ve said all this as background/foundation in order to explain the forthcoming New Hitler Picture/Idea that is forming in the “darkroom” even now.

The Hitler archtype that came on the world stage after WW1 was also an idea of reaction against a previous action.

This previous action was WW1 and the ornerous conditions forced on Germany by the victors in the post war period up until the time Hitler came to power in the 30’s.  Germany was an economic basket case in this period, brought on by several things, some of which were the demands made on Germany by the victors, and the typical jew financial predations they are always the source of, which we are witnessing in our own country even now.

When Hitler came to power he realized he had to do something to get the country back on it’s feet financially and get people back to work, so he began to work on the financial side of things to free Germany from the usurious jew banking system that was then in control of the country through it’s usual manipulating/machinations.

Satanic jewboy didn’t like this, so he and his minions declared financial war/boycott on Germany in 1933 which was announced in all the big newspapers of the time.   That action by jewry, along with their activity through Bolshevism in Russia and the Ukraine in the murder of millions through planned famine, created another reaction which led to the so-called holocaust bs.

I’m not saying that Hitler was reacting to what was going on in the Ukraine, et al, as he had his hands full in his own country. The separate incidents were actually spiritually connected and the so-called suffering of jews in WW2 was an additional consequence of what their fellows were doing in Russia, etc, pre WW2.  The jew is always the cause of his own suffering, as I’ve written previously.  He has a subset of big men who hide in their palaces in various places, financing both sides in wars, etc, who care nothing for the suffering of their own lower- on- the totem- pole- people, and in fact instigate, foster and plan so-called anti-semitism in order to further their own power.  They have no concern whatsoever about the lives of their own lower “castes”.

The Hitler idea that was, had it’s “head” cut off at the end of WW2.  This is a figure of speech for an idea that was killed and was prefigured in Rev.13 as one of the “heads” (or ideas) of a “beast” which “was slain unto death, and (or but), the stroke of his death was healed”; ie, came back to life again.  Head=idea.

The present idea – the zeitgeist – is the “darkroom” for the formation of the New Hitler.  This new idea is a reaction against the present idea which rules most western nations.  The “spear point” or main point of contention of the New Idea is the old idea’s appreciation for the negro contribution. 

The female idea/zeitgeist “loves darkness rather than light for it’s deeds are evil.”  So it’s only logical that this inner spiritual sickness/mental instability would display itself outwardly in a manner which could be observed with the naked eye, by favoritism toward blacks, for they are the outward manifestation of those who hold to the present ideas’ OWN INNER CONDITION.

As the female idea is a criminal enterprize writ large – for it is a lawless, against nature and nature’s God entity- it loves those involved in the largest percent of criminality and CRIMES AGAINST WHITES AND ESPECIALLY WHITE MALES.  Light is embodied outwardly in those who have white skin.  Darkness is embodied outwardly in those with dark skin.

The negro, without a positive white influence, is like the female.  No self control.  No brakes.  No caution button.  No concern about consequences of behavior.  Ruled by emotion.  When left to himself he is a destroyer not a builder.  Just like the female.

The New Hitler idea has to start somewhere, at some one particular bone of contention.  In it’s initial stages it won’t “look like Hitler.”  It will not be recognized as such for some years to come.  I’ve already described it in some ways in previous posts as a type of patriarchy/strong father/domineering malehood, a reappearance of a form of nazi Germany, a type of Islamic/muslim shar ia system.

It will be a taste of all these in a Americanized manner.  Regardless, it will be ALL MALE, and a positive good for the land,even though much violence will be required to bring it about and most people will not see it as a good, especially those who are and have been steeped in the dark tea of the present prevailing female idea.

The criminal enterprise that is the female idea professes to hate violence except when it’s perpetrated against those it hates; ie, the White male, the Seed of Adam.

It has been quite busy in perpetrating all forms of subtle violence since it’s inception against all those who don’t belong to it’s criminal enterprise.  It’s done this through government regulation and the jew corrupted legal and court just-us system.  Anything that hinders and harms the White male is fine with it.  From the farmer and property owner who is not allowed to do what he wants with his own property because some tiny insect might die, on up to the unjust/jewbought and paid for judges who declare laws passed by citizens of states to alleviate illegal immigration problems or shut down the jewfagqueers and their demands for state approval of their “marriages” as “unconstitutional”.  It’s only unconstitutional if it doesn’t fit their agenda, that’s why I call it a “just-us” system.  If it furthers their cause and power, it’s “constitutional”.  If not, it’s unconstitutional.

The beginning signs of the pushback of the New Idea can already be seen in the self arming of the citizens, coinciding with the increase of black criminality.

Eventually as more citizens arm themselves and carry weapons of self defence on their persons, concealed or openly, and more incidents of such citizens defending themselves are recorded on the internet – as they simultaneously are suppressed in jewmedia – and the bodies of blacks keep piling up because of such self defence incidents, the implicit message will become more clear to the female’s “spearchuckers” that whitey has finally stopped being the pushover that he was.

As I said in the sixth paragraph above about 200 +/- years that it took the female idea to become as it is today, it will be at least that much for the New Idea to get firmly planted and produce fruit.  I hope it’s shorter than that.  Some pockets in the country will become stronger than others sooner, as they still have a residue/remnant from past experiences which will give them a leg up, so to speak.

As all friends and comrades know, certain areas of the country have strongholds where the female idea is deeply embeded, especially in urban centers and certain states.  These may just be bypassed as I wrote earlier in another post; ie, left to stew in their own juices so to speak.  They’ll have to deal with the dark predators that they sic on others on their own territory as the blacks flee from strong White men to the girly men in the urban locales elsewhere.

May it be so and quickly.  Amen.






About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to Hitler’s Darkroom

  1. Ryu says:

    Things will change alot when white men develop some guts again. This will take some time, but will cure both the negro problem and the feminism issue.

  2. Original and thought-provoking essay as usual. I’ve missed your writing, brother.

    • Brandon says:

      Thanks Wheels. I took note of your most recent post with your experiences vis a vis churchianity. I sent it to some of my sons, one of whom has recently experienced a similar occurrance. I also went through the left foot of fellowship several years ago. All those who are approved or on the road to such approval must endure such things, a taste of what the Master Himself experienced – “despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief”.

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