The Explosion of the White Male

Signs of the times…. in slow motion.

By explosion, I’m not necessarily referring to overt violent acts, even though they will occur of course in the days ahead as the White male wakes up.

Broadly speaking, the explosion will occur as incidents in various places throughout the culture and in and among groups and through various means presently existing as part of the status quo, or patterns of governmental and civic activity.

To those involved it won’t appear as “white males” necessarily, but as intangible principles/attitudes of resistance operating through people – both male and female – in reaction to long standing policies/rules/regulations, which have in the past been accepted without much complaint by the populace, but now have reached a point where said populace is reaching the tipping point.

Most of us are familar with the recent incident by unions and their demoncrap (yes, I spelled that correctly) minions in Wisconsin’s unsuccessful attempt at removing their governor.  Like states such as Illinois and  Maryland, Wisconsin has been controlled by the two major urban areas around Madison and Milwaukee who mostly vote in the D column.  Maryland is run by the D’s in Baltimore and the northern suburbs of the District of Corruption.  Illinois is run by D’s because of Chicago.  Large urban areas tend to vote D and are in a parasitical relationship with the rest of the populace who live away from the urban areas.

I recently saw an article (h/t dailykenn) in the jewyork times about an effort to eliminate the property tax by the people in North Dakota:

The majority of the voters that rejected it of course are the recipients of the largesse that flows from the collection of the property tax – unions, bureaucrats, etc.  In the earlier article which told of the effort to eliminate the tax,  some comments from someone up there mentioned how the “home owner” really doesn’t own his home, but it is owned by the tax man, and he – the so-called owner – is really only renting the property.  I’ve known this for years, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it expressed in a news article.  Home ownership is a myth.  All that “American dream” horse hockey is propaganda meant to encourage debt/usury on the people and keep the bankers in business.

Here’s another article along the same line:

And another:

There’s also been a few articles about San Diego and San Jose California governments doing the same thing that Scott Walker the Wisconsin governor has done.

The explosion in it’s initial stages does not appear to be coming from the White male as it is “covered up”, or is disguised, for it appears as intangible principles.  However, these principles are part of the White male DNA.  I’m not speaking of fairness, for that is the cloak that envy hides behind.  I am speaking of Wisdom, Justice, and Righteousness.

As the feminine gained power through envy disguised as the demand for fairness – “equality”- and thereby gained rulership through deception, even though her rulership is against nature and was doomed to eventually fail from the start, so likewise will the White male – true masculinity – gain power/rulership initially by deception, but his rulership will never end once it is established.

Both feminine and masculine gain power by deception, but the deception has a source, for in the feminine the source is evil; ie the tendency to work toward that which is against nature and nature’s God, wherein the masculine “deception” leads toward and is in accord with nature and nature’s God.  Hence, the latter is deception toward the good as opposed to the former which is evil.

This is the basic philosophy behind what some internet bloggers call “game”, wherein the female’s manipulative tactics -“shit tests”- are defeated by the male using “game”- the male form of manipulation, which is stronger and “legal” than the female’s.  The females tactics are in a sense “bypassed” or ignored by the male not putting up with it in various ways, so that the female eventually learns to be quiet and take her place of submission where she belongs.

By “slow motion” I mean the explosion is a drawn out process which will last many years – at least as long as it took the feminine to gain it’s power to the on top position she is presently in today.  We are in the initial stages of the explosion.

The signs of the explosion will be seen in all strata of society.  Even the homosexuals will become more suspicious of the jewish initiative abroad in the culture.

There will be influential voter shakeups in various places across the country wherein those who were formerly in the left camp, mentally move over to the right because they have begun to see the wisdom of the right’s position due to changes in their own surrounding circumstances, and/or because of their own desire of self preservation.

Some areas which formerly were solidly in the left camp will become slowly transformed, especially when the financial systems of various municipalities – cities, counties, and states – become more dire with many jobless people and tax revenues shrinking because of it.  The states will no longer be able to provide for all the infrastructure improvements as well as various means of security such as fire and police protection, leading to individuals becoming more self reliant, and this will then lead to a return to the peoples reliance on “a man with a gun” to protect themselves, as they did in the old days.  Some will band together to hire their own security using perhaps a barter system of some kind, while others will just do it themselves.  Detoilet is our present day example here.

+++                                                 +++                                  +++

In the march of time that we are in we’ve been going from oneness to multiplicity.  We are going back toward oneness.  The NWO’sters are attempting to make a false unity – a false back to oneness so to speak, but their plan is doomed to failure, because it is against nature, just as their ancestors failed at the Tower of Babel in antiquity.  True “oneness” is simplicity.  Included in this is self reliance, but most importantly is self governance.

A people who will not govern themselves voluntarily must be manipulated into doing so by the alteration of their outward circumstances – life circumstances.

Most people deny this truth because they refuse to acknowledge the existence of the spirit world which is the life support system of this visible,tangible one, and which is inmeshed throughout and mingled within this one, and is manipulating this one toward the ultimate good.

 The long line of coterie masters who began their attempt at world rulership in ancient antiquity not long after Adam and Eve, are still at work today, because, as they were the first city of madness builders, likewise are their decendents.

These are they who select presidents and leaders of countries.  They chose ones among their members who appear to oppose each other, when in reality they are members of the same club. They all have to be members in order to get to the place where they are.  They are chosen and groomed from youth and vetted before membership.  Those who have to be blackmailed are carefully watched to insure they follow the club line.  They allow some differences of viewpoint in order to deceive the masses.

Cities are their phallic symbols; their symbols of power.  This is why many cities in this country are crumbling and must be destroyed.  They must be allowed to crumble.  Their crumbling will be fought against by various financial shenanigans, putting the usual burden on the white taxpayers.  Of course the whites flee due to crime, but they still pay for the cities mismanagement through state taxes.  Eventually, some whites will get a clue and tell the tax man to stuff it, just like one of the incidents I described above in Oregon.

Of course the authorities will use fear tactics to try to sway the citizens to keep their support, but eventually the citizens will see through it.  The authorities always resort to the “we’ll have to let the prisoners loose” card.  However, the armed citizen will say, “Let em come.  We’ll solve the crime problem”.

To those who have their eyes open in these preliminary stages of the scenario I’ve described, no move for your own and your family’s preservation is a dangerous move.  If you live in a large city, eventually you will have to get out if you value your own life and the lives you are responsible for.  Perhaps in your city there is an “ongoing renaissance” with gentrification projects going on in various segments.  Don’t be deceived.  These efforts are merely band aids over putrifying boils.  Eventually the force of envy operating in the ubiqutous criminal element/class will start paying you visits as they are doing even now with their mobs of youfs.

You say you can’t move to the country cause you can’t stand quiet?  Ok.  Enjoy your distopia….


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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  1. Ryu says:

    I read this a few days ago, Bradon. Great work.

    I found this online and thought you might like it:

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