The Sovereign States of America

Seeking an occasion..deja vu all over again.

I started out in this blogging business via hand written journals, which I have been writing off and on since the 90’s.  In 07-08 I started writing on a blog which one of my sons set up on blogger.  In the fall of 08 I stopped blogging on there and went back to the written journal and kept doing that until I started this blog in March 10.

In the fall of 09 I was given some information involving Arizona and the beginnings of a movement in which that state would play an initiatory part and which would then spread eastward to other states.

I wrote this information down in the journal at the time it was given and didn’t give it any more thought.

The gist of what I was given was the situation in Arizona would be the beginnings of the foundation of a new entity called the Sovereign States of America.  The movement would start in Arizona and move eastward, as we know it has proven to be, via the enactment of various laws by certain states to the east of Arizona in the attempt to get hold of the illegal immigrant problem in their states, following Arizona’s example.

Gradually, incrementally, these states will withdraw from their connections with the abomination in the district of corruption.  Eventually, through various means, they will tell that abomination to keep it’s money, for they will go it alone, because the benefits of going it alone, or with a voluntary unity with other like minded states, will out weigh the present financial tax/bribe/carrot and stick relationship with the Beast on the Potomac – the, “if you don’t do it our way, we’ll take away federal assistance” hokey.  These states will say, “screw that”, in so many words.

Eventually, they will also sever themselves from the jew run federal court system, which has become a violator of the peoples views expressed via the ballot box.  The federal court system, especially the supremes and their flunkies in the regional courts only have legitimacy if the states submit to their decisions, and up to now, they continue to do so despite the objections of a majority of their citizenry.  They tell their citizens, “our hands are tied”, when they are not.  However, it will take awhile for the states to get to this backbone stiffening scenario, as other things must come first, particularly in the financial realm.

This “secession” scenario will be successful, whereas the earlier one wasn’t.  The present empty coffee suit is following his predecessors, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Johnson, and the Bushes in doing the usual poking and provoking, in the attempt to maneuver and manipulate his opposition – Arizona and the other likeminded states – into making the first violent action so that he can then point the finger and say, “didn’t I tell you how raciss they are!”, and sending in the troops.

The fedgov poking and provoking is done through the passage of laws, rules and regulations which the feds know offend a certain segment of the population, many of whom live in a certain area of the country.  This so-called healthcare bs is one of it’s many provokings.  Any government which provokes it’s own citizens is not worth the powder it would take to blow it to smithereens.

This government’s spread of “democracy” across the world to other nations is a putrifying cancer.  As she spreads her cancerous doctrine over seas, destabilizing other nations so they will have the same leprocitic image as she, deposing rulers and setting up power vacuums so that israhell can live in peace, she is finding that the replacements for the ones deposed are worse (from israhell’s viewpoint) than her “cure”.

Her spooks were instrumental in getting rid of Libya’s long time ruler, and who replaced him?  More islamic fanatics.  Likewise Egypt.  In process is Syria.  The same thing will happen there.  So like a typical rebellious silly woman who goes house to house, disturbing her neighbors with gossip and tale bearing, her own house is falling down around her ankles due to the cancer of so-called democracy and “freedom”.

Next year, after the November elections, the blacks will be back doing their usual rioting in the cities because their brother savage didn’t make it back in office.  DC will be one of those cities.  DC will be London repeated.

Some states have already made baby steps in their withdrawal movement from Leviathan on the Potomac, such as Montana telling the feds in so many words that ammunition made within the state does not come under federal control….

…as well as some states have threatened to make obamacare illegal in their states if it is approved by the 9 black robed ones who supposedly speak for God in DC.  ( I see they just have as I write)  Also Florida has told the feds to stuff it in their move to purge non citizens from their voting rolls.

Ah well…to those of us who can see(as PK has coined the term over at his place) we can set back and watch the show-all the symptoms of the change as they occur across the country – knowing we told ya so.  Many things are coming down the pike which taken together will perform dramatic changes in this country.

The many conservatives who cling to the vision of one country from sea to shining sea governed by a monstrosity in DC are going to have their worldview turned upside down.  Their idea of “if only we can get more conservatives in the courts and in congress, we can turn this country around”, aint gonna happen.

The war that seemed to be lost in 1865, was merely continued by other means on up to the present, and is not yet settled, even though the deceived side thinks it won.  This “one nation under God” hooky is just that.  It was never meant to be only one nation in the first place.

Mark 3:25 “And if a house against itself be divided, the house shall be unable to stand”.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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One Response to The Sovereign States of America

  1. Ryu says:

    I’ll tell you this – DC and NYC seem a ways away in the West. They seem to be living on another planet.

    It would be great if AZ seceeded. It’s only the white population, Pierce and Sherrif Joe that keep the state from being totally overrun. Whites are already the minority. But at the same time, the darker Mexicans are a slave people, and are accustomed to being ruled over by pureblooded whites.

    A problem is water. AZ relies almost entirely on the Colorado River which is shared by CO, UT, NV, and CA. In many ways it retains the ways of the Old West.

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