Sending a Woman to do a Man’s Job

Ezek.9:3-6″….and he called unto the man clothed with linen, who had the scribe’s inkholder by his side.  Then Yahweh said unto him, pass along through the midst of the city – through the midst of Jerusalem – and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men who are sighing and crying over all the abominations that are being done in her midst.  But unto these (the unmarked) said he in my ears, pass along through the city after him and smite – let not your eye shield neither have you pity; older, young man and virgin,and little ones and women, shall you slay utterly, but unto any man who has upon him the mark, do not you come near.  And at my sanctuary shall you begin”.

John 7:24″Be not judging according to appearance, but just judgment be judging”.

1Corinthians 2:14-15 “But a man of (only) the soul, does not welcome the things of the Spirit of God,  for they are foolishness unto him, and he cannot get to know them, because spiritually are they examined.  But the man of the spirit on the one hand, examines all things (has the ability to understand, etc), but on the other, he himself, by no one is examined(cannot be judged/understood).

The article linked above, has appeared in various places on the net recently.  In the article where I first saw it there was a picture of the woman involved, taken from slightly above and to her right.  This picture is not in the above article.  She was wearing one of those spaghetti strapped tops which exposed the top half of her breasts, had some kind of unreadable tattoo on her upper right arm, and her hair chopped off in a male style and bleached blond.  Obviously a dyke.

As is usual, when black on white crimes are reported on the blogosphere such as this, there is the “oh the poor woman/she was such a kind person/blah bliddy blah” by the unseeing ones closest to the victim, relatives, neighbors, etc.

Elsewhere on the net among various WN/ethnonationalist comrades, there is the usual angry commentariat flooding the boards about the latest victim of black criminality.  Neither the close acquaintances, relatives and/or friends, or the latter have the truth about the incident, for all see according to outward appearances, not according to spirit.

The woman, like many others of her ilk, already had a sentence of death on her head and it was just a matter of time and the chosen instrument, when and who would administer the sentence.  Of course the black is/was an unknowing instrument as he and they just do what comes naturally to them, as their “don’t diss me” trigger is very close to the surface and takes very little pressure to pull it.

As can be clearly seen by her picture, the woman was a parent and/ or father and by extension,  God hating rebel, who had finished her cycle of life wherein she refused to learn from earlier experiences of adversity in her life, so this was her last opportunity to learn and she failed, as she had reached her limit of opportunities.

She was living a lifestyle which was against nature.  As a biological female, in her rebellion against God and nature, she took the male role upon herself and acted out of it one too many times and to the wrong person.  She was presented with life and death choices through her whole short life, and chose death every time.  Proverbs 8:36 “All who hate me, love death”.

Of course, she probably had a good start in her rebellious ways because one or both of her parents were also rebels.  This is an example of the generational corruption/rebellion that I have explained in previous posts.  See here:

As long as this present Jezebel on top zeitgeist continues, it will continue to send a woman to do a man’s job and the women involved will reap the consequences of their behavior.

I saw another example of this “woman doing a man’s job” thing at a well known WN site wherein the site owner had a woman write a couple of articles on the “male/female” problem and her perspective on it.  I think the site owner does this to build up traffic, as such articles bring out a lot of comments.  This particular scenario is more subtle than the previous one.  No violence here, unless one considers some of the comments being so.

I understand from some other writers in the WN sphere, this particular site owner is queer and resides in San Fagsisco.  The site has a strong intellectual bent and publishes articles written by some obscure foreigners on subjects relating to “our thing”, as well as some other writers who I think, generally write some pretty good stuff.  He’s also had some good informative articles on Hitler, which I have appreciated.

Queers , generally speaking, have an affinity for women, and vice versa, thinking that they understand them better then us normals, because of their own effeminancy.  Of course a large segment of queers are females in male bodies.  Not talking about lesbots here.  Also of course, many women march arm in arm with the queer/fag agenda having “raised” many queers in the first place along with their emasculated/metaphorically castrated husbands.

Queers, like jews – but I repeat myself – like to stir things up among those who hold to some form of morality – professing christians, etc.  It’s another one of those giving- the- middle- finger- to- God things that they like to do so much.

Anywho…this woman is allowed to write a couple of articles.  She writes about some of her experiences with men and what she believes, in so many words, what men ought to do and shouldn’t do in their lives re females.  She appears to be in her late 20’s -30’s.  I can tell she appears to be reaping the consequences of her involvement in hagism – AKA feminism and now …. sort of….  regrets it….  maybe.  She wants a patriarch, but only one made in her image.  I won’t go into any detail here.  Neither will I provide a link over there.  Some friends and comrades have probably already been there.  A few of the commenters have got her number.  One goes by the handle “uh”.   One told her to go fix him a sandwich, which I thought was appropriate.  Many of the commenters are too nice and “gentlemanly”.  They treat her as an equal or as someone special and she’s not.

Having to deal with women is a side tracking to WN/ethnonationalism.  Woman’s role is that of a helper.  WN’s who are married bring their wives with them into the “order”.  If the wife resists it and refuses to go along with the husband, she is to be left behind.  Two cannot walk together except they be agreed.  This “fork in the road” will reveal those who are and are not worthy of the conflict that lies ahead.  It’s an opportunity to overcome and many will fail it.  WN’s who are not married, should remain single.  Their “wife” is the movement.  The movement is their calling.

This giving the woman a place or voice at that site is a typical female manipulative tactic used by the queer site owner.  It’s as if she has something important to say, when she doesnt.  He sent her to do a man’s job  .   Man’s job is to lead.  Woman’s is to follow.  We don’t need some refugee from hagdom advising us.  She can get her own house in order first.  She said her father was dead, so she needs to shut up and go somewhere where decent single men congregate, and I don’t mean gin mills/bars.  She needs to repent of her foolish rebellious ways and ask God to find her a husband.  Otherwise, she’s hopeless.  To herself and to this thing of ours.  She’s been looking in the wrong place.


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One Response to Sending a Woman to do a Man’s Job

  1. Ryu says:

    The movement as a wife. I can buy that. It is hard to imagine taking a woman who is not at least racially aware. You are right. Most WN women would be more effective helping their men, rather than trying to lead the rest of us. She could use her “trickery” to get men to lead again.

    It’s hard. There are many pitfalls in this thing of ours. I myself do not fret over negro crime any longer. Those that have the mark of death will meet their fate in some form or another. I appreciate the efforts of those who stay with the freshly awakened to help them, but it consumes mental attention that could fuel real advancement.

    Yeah, funny thing about the Sandusky deal. Sanduscky is gay. The most important fact of the case is forgotten. It is foolish to allow gays leadership over boys in sports or the boy scouts. I can imagine the same thing happening in the military as well.

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