The Spacemaster

John 10:34″ Jesus answered them, ‘Is it not written in your law; I said, you are gods?”  Jesus here is quoting Psalm 82:6.

The circumstances surrounding this saying of Jesus, was the pharisee’s accusation of his saying he was “son of God”, which to them meant he was saying he was equal to or the same as God.  This, according to them, was blasphemy.  Jesus, as his pattern was, always used their own “law” – in this case Psalms – to refute their accusations, showing that the Spirit led writer of Psalms was stating that a certain group of men were “gods”; ie, “if the Spirit called certain men gods, what is wrong if I say son of God I am?  I am merely saying what the scripture says.”

Gods is elohim, and carries within it the idea of “judge” and/or “magistrate”.  These are appointed by God to their position or “ministry”; not by men.  If they were appointed by men, they would have to answer to men; be subserviant to men; be removed by men.  They are not, do not, and cannot.

In antiquity, God chose a certain people who would represent Himself on earth.  That people chose not to be that people despite many warnings from individuals within their own tribes, the latter whom they took and imprisoned and killed because of the words of warning which they spoke.

This cycle of going astray, followed by warnings from prophets, followed by death, destruction and captivity, repeated itself many times on up to the period when Jesus appeared on earth.  The latter was the final warning, again which the leaders of the then tribe refused to hear…”we will not have this man to rule over us!”

The final warning was followed by the destruction of their system and the city which represented it and their scattering to the four winds.  In this, God was saying, “I am bypassing you rebellious, stiffnecked bastards, and giving My kingdom to another group who will hear what I say and do, and bring forth fruit which you didn’t”.  (Mark 12:1-9; Matthew 22:1-7)

The tribe that was bypassed was only able to bring forth “one fruit”, which was Jesus, but He became the “first fruit” of many brethren – like minded fruit.  The latter, like their elder brother, come forth out of obscurity; the common people.

The present day “church” is the replacement for the “church of antiquity”, which has been bypassed and is itself at present become the fomenter and instigator of all entities of rebellion and their rebellious, satanic ideas with which they have infected the masses of the earth and now carries the name on it’s forehead, The synagoue of satan

As the tribe/church of antiquity gave birth to the first born Son, likewise the present day church gives birth to many sons, whose lives follow the pattern laid down by the first.  More on this later.

I’ve written in several previous posts about this birth of sons, but because most readers, being steeped in the sound bite world of today’s technology and having short attention spans because of it, I must repeat much that I have already written months ago, as groundwork to explain the meaning of the title.

When God chose Mary to be the one through whom the first son was to be born, he didn’t choose a bar hopping slut with tatoos all over the place, her hair chopped off and dyed blond with a male partner who was a member in good standing of a hell raising motorcycle club.  Hear what I’m saying.

Joseph and Mary were members of a “tribe within a tribe”.  They were part of a remnant of God worshippers – true believers – living amongst a larger assembly of outward religious ones, who said and didn’t do, much like the church of today.

In Rev 12 the church is symbolically shown as a woman who is pregnant and in pain to be delivered, with a red dragon standing before her to devour the child when he comes forth and she brings forth a manchild, who is “caught up to God and to his throne”.  This is the picture of the birth of a son.  This is not the natural birth, but a spiritual birth.

The dragon – the adversary/satan – tries to “devour him”; ie, keep him “on the earth”.  Keep him involved with earthly things, materialism, the expectations of friends and relatives and religious associates, church activities, etc.  However, he has something in him that gives him the desire to “go up”, so, through a sometimes long process, he leaves behind the things of earth and goes up.  This “going up” occurs internally and in the mind.

The sons of this age also come out of a “tribe within a tribe”- the aforementioned remnant of true believing ones within the much larger mass of christianity.  It is the latter whom satan uses to try to prevent the son-to-be from going up.  Along with wives, children and other relatives, who all use emotional appeals in their efforts to get the son-to-be to “be like he always was”.

A complete description of these sons is in Rev. 14:1-5 “And I saw, and Lo!  The Lamb standing upon mount Zion, – and with him a hundred and forty four thousand, having his name and his Father’s name upon their foreheads.  And I heard a sound out of heaven, as the sound of many waters, and as the sound of loud thunders; and the sound which I heard was as of harp-singers harping with their harps.  And they sing as it were a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders.  And no one was able to learn the song save the hundred and forty-four thousand who had been redeemed from the earth.

These are they who with women were not defiled, for they are virgin.  These are they who follow the Lamb whithersoever he is going.  These were redeemed from mankind as a firstfruit unto God and the Lamb; and in their mouth was found no falsehood – fautless they are.

These are also hinted at in 1 Corinthians 15:23 as “a firstfruit Christ”, and also mentioned in Daniel 12:3,10, as “they who make wise”– instructors.

Some definitions:  Earth.  State or condition of being of limited seeing because of emotion.  Seeing “at”, rather than seeing through.  Therefore promoting answers to problems based on limited seeing, which when followed, produce unforeseen consequences which then produce worse circumstances than the initial problem.

Going up; caught up to God and to His throne.  State or condition of being wherein one sees things from a higher perspective; the “big picture”; spiritual adulthood.  Throne is the seat of judgment; ie the ability to judge earthly things because of seeing things more clearly.

Not defiled by women/virgin:  Not being affected by womanish emotional behaviour and it’s attempts at controlling the male/manipulation.  Deeper meaning of celibacy.

Follow the Lamb:  Being led by the Spirit instead of appearances and what one sees in the surrounding circumstances.

Redeemed from mankind:  A mental transformation from thinking from “earth” to “heavenly” thinking…the above big picture.  The 144,000 are not “angelic” beings but, regular guys, yet become members of this special group, according to the ancient law of the “firstfruit”.

Firstfruit:  First to undergo the transformation (internal/mental) in order to live in the kingdom of God.  They are a “head” group; ie in the natural birth, the head is “born first”.  The “head” prepares the way for the “body” which follows.  So it is in the Spiritual birth.  The firstfruit is this 144,000, head group.  The “body” that follows is the unnumerable mass described in other places in Revelations, who are not yet born of the Spirit even though they think they are.  They are “conceived”, not born.

Mount Zion:  The mind of God.

So….the sons see things from space, metaphorically speaking, hence the title, spacemaster.  As they see, they judge.  They see as God sees.  They are “gods”.  They are God’s “under judges or magistrates”.  No, they don’t walk on water and raise the dead.  However, the judgments and decisions which they make from their metaphorical throne, do come to pass, as the unseen messengers – some mistakenly call angels -hasten to bring their judgment to pass, by using their power over the natural realm of time and space and earthly goings on.

The son’s judgment/magistration work is done naturally, effortlessly, and spontaneously without planning beforehand as he walks through his daily life


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5 Responses to The Spacemaster

  1. An enjoyable and challenging post, as usual. I appreciate your gifts and eloquence, brother.

    I wanted to ask…have you read “Sonplacing,” by Garrison Russell?

    • Brandon says:

      No, I’ve never heard of it or him. I’ll look it up.

      • I’m almost through reading it.You can read it free online, or buy a copy through Amazon, etc. “Revolutionary” is putting it mildly. I don’t agree with all his conclusions (hell, I don’t agree with ANYONE about EVERYTHING, as I often say), but he definitely was not a judeoxtian clone. A friend recommended “Sonplacing” to me, and interestingly, I learned that Mr. Russell died just a few weeks before I started reading his book.

      • Brandon says:

        Skimmed a couple of his chapters. He appears to be saying some of what I’ve been saying for some time now….

  2. anirishtory says:

    Reblogged this on Irish Tory.

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