Obscure References

Matthew 19:24-27 “A disciple is not above the (or his) teacher, nor a servant above his lord.  Sufficient for the disciple that he become as his teacher, and the servant as his lord.  If the master of the house, Beelzebul they called, how much more the men of his( the master/lord’s) house!  Then do not fear them, for nothing has been covered which shall not(eventually) be uncovered, and hidden which shall not be made known.  What I am saying to you in the darkness, tell you in the light and what is whispered in the ear you are hearing, proclaim you on the housetops“.

John 8:44 (Jesus speaking to the pharisees) “You are of your father -the adversary (devil/satan)- and the covetings of your father you choose to be doing.  He was a murderer from the beginning, and in the truth he stood not, because truth is not in him.  Whensoever he speaks falsehood, of his own he speaks, because false he is and the father of it.

Recently, there has been quite a bit of hoohah on various WN/ethnonationalist blogs and sites regarding the pharisaical/talmudic/jewish/satanic lie, planned in secret after WW2,  which has come to be known by a certain word, which I will not write here, because to write the word is to participate in the lie even in that small way.  To use or speak the word that the satanic minded jew uses to perpetuate his lies is to take sulfur in the mouth .  I have used the word in earlier posts, but I know better now.

A small group of men who have the gift of historical research have taken it upon themselves to investigate this particular lie and attempted to bring forth the real story behind it.  They of course have been hounded from pillar to post, lost livelihood and jobs, and some have been taken to court and thrown into prison, and maybe even a few have been made to recant some of their earlier discoveries by blackmail and/or threats of one form or another, which the satanic minded jew is expert at discovering and implementing.  You can always tell when someone who formerly was “on our side”and goes over to the other side, you know as the Brit’s say, “He’s been got at”.

Most of the countries in Europe have made it illegal and punishable by being thrown into jail for even speaking against the lie and calling it for what it is.  This shows how much the satanic mind of jewry, and the fear of it, has complete sway over the spineless so-called leaders of those countries.  This country hasn’t quite gotten there yet.

What these men have been attempting to do has also acquired a name which is called “revisionism”- or historical/ h_____revisionism.  This is a mistake, for the idea behind this word used in this instance, is giving the lie an implicit legitimacy which no lie deserves.

These historical investigators are in fact, Truth Discoverers, similar to those who have investigated dishonest/lying Abe and his shenanigans re the War of Northern Aggression.  They are not “revising” anything.  A lie cannot be revised.  Our job is not to revise a lie, but to tear away at the root of it and destroy it; show it for the lie that it is, and hold it up to the ridicule and mockery that it deserves.

True history, especially the history of this country, has been mostly hidden, becuse of the truism that the victors write the history books…the ones that are used in the indoctrination/conformity centers called public schools, colleges and universities anyway, where the ignorant masses farm their children out to.

There is a division among WN/ethnonationalists about how to handle this lie in order to progress on the road to the “14 words” that they talk about.  Some say we should side step it or step around it/ignore it because we’ve got bigger fish to fry, and to get bogged down in discussions about it is a distraction that we don’t need right now.

Another controversy that has raised it’s head recently is what some have called “monocausalism”, or the tendency to believe or not in a single cause for our problems.

The so-called single cause is the jew.  Those who believe the jew is part of it, or maybe even a lot of it, also think that non jew whites have been corrupted by some doctrines attributed to christianity which causes them to have a “guilt” complex, so to speak, hence being part of the cause for our troubles.  Jews are to blame and so are many whites who have bought into the guilt for past wrongs stuff, is this scenario so they believe.

However, those who are in the “two cause” camp, or more than one cause camp, have a blind spot and that blind spot is the non recognition of deliberate evil vs ignorance deceived into believing the evil as a good, because of the “good”face that evil appears as in this day.

The jewism of today is actually phariseeism/talmudism which had it’s origins in antiquity, and is an entity of deliberate evil, totally under the control of satan, the adversay; having his mind. The jew’s “holy book”, the talmud, is a satanically inspired book, full of perversions, filth, sex, fetishes about the female menstral period,favorable views of sex with children, as well as concerns about bodily functions.  When the jew rejected Jesus as their messiah, they were turned over to satan and are presently under his total control.

My friends and comrades in the two camp cause must learn to discern the difference between those who are deliberately evil and those who are in ignorance, but foster evil unknowingly or go along with it, thinking it’s good or “the christian thing to do”.  The reason for this, is that both are not judged with the same judgment.  The deliberate are worthy of death, but the ignorant aren’t.  The ignorant are amenable to being brought to the truth, but the deliberate are not.  Some are “beaten with many stripes”, but others with few.  You have to be in such a place spiritually to understand the difference and judge accordingly.

There are quite a few christian bashers in this thing of ours.  Some of the very same bashers have some correct thoughts and words how to deal with the zeitgeist and jewry.  I’d like to ask some of these bashers – I realize some are not married, like Johnson over at CC – do you denigrate/ridicule and mock your own IGNORANT children because they don’t measure up to adult standards?

This is one of Linder’s “favorite pastimes”(my words not his).  “Jeeboos/christards/christinsanity/xtians”, etc, etc.  He’s not the only one.  There’s a bunch of commentators over at OO who do the same.  Johnson doesn’t allow any whiff of favorable words re christianity in his comment boards.  OD has a few bashers also, but he does allow someone called F. John to post his “christianity”.

As far as this writer is concerned, Linder is spot on with his “no jews; just right” philosophy, but his not judging today’s version of ignorant and blind christianity properly and making a difference between it and the jew is his blindspot, for in this matter, he is taking the side of the jew in it’s satanic hatred of christianity.  I’m not saying he has to become a christian or any such thing.  He just has to learn to discern the difference between the deliberate evil of the jew and the ignorance/blindness of professing christianity.

Christianity is a female entity, and as such is in IGNORANCE at present  – except for a remnant of true believers – which will last for a certain time period.  Generally, most of them take the side of the jew in IGNORANCE.  Their leaders, who are more responsible than the pew sitters in God’s eyes, keep the latter in lifelong babyhood – IGNORANCE.  This is not going to change for some time until a more widespread eye opening occurs among the people regarding jewry in the days ahead and/or, as future generations are raised up with little if any connection to today’s version of jew loving christianity.

Another guy who has a similar blind spot is the spanish boy with an exciting point of view over at WDH.  His problems apparently stem from a catholic father which he has written a lot about at his site, which has caused the former to do a lot of research in fraudology (Freudology…AKA psychiatry).  He’s also published a bunch of articles or excerpts from writings confirming his anti christian bias of so-called scholars who think they have disproved the gospels and the writings of Paul and others, but who only have proved their own ignorance of spiritual realities:

“The natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit of God, neither can he know them, for they are spiritually discerned”….and….“For it is written -I will destroy the wisdom of the (so called) wise, and the discernment of the (so called) discerning will I set aside.  Where is the wise?  Where is the scribe?  Where is the disputer of this age?  Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?  For seeing that in the wisdom of God, the world through it’s (so called) wisdom did not get to know God…..so then, ( speaking facetiously), Because God’s foolish thing is wiser than men and God’s weak thing, mightier than men….therefore regarding the calling of men….not many wise according to the flesh are called (to understanding),not many powerful, not many high born.  On the contrary, the foolish things of the world has God chosen, that he might put to shame them who are wise, and the weak things of the world has God chosen, that he might put to shame the things that are mighty, and the low born things of the world and the things that are despised has God chosen, and the things that are not, that the things that are he might bring to nothing, so that no flesh should boast before God”.  (1 Corinthians 2:14; 1:19-21,25-29

Anyway, in this country, those who believe in the single cause of jewry are correct. It’s taken a couple hundred years to reach this condition in this country.  I can’t speak of the conditions in Mexico, Spain, or other countries.

The jew, because of his satanic mind is very adept at manipulating others to do his bidding, while he hides behind them.  This is how satan works.  The jew has deceived many non jews into doing his bidding, whether by ignorance in thinking his way is the right one; whether by bribery, or blackmail of those who have skeletons in their closets that they want to keep hidden, or by threats against family members which causes many men to go along with the program.  Those that fight the strongest against us have more at stake than the merely ignorant.

Many marvel at the intelligence/high IQ of the jew.  His intelligence/IQ is satan’s, not his own.  It’s cleverness, cunning, deceitfulness, and whatever other synonyms you can think of which fit the category.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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9 Responses to Obscure References

  1. feminizedwesternmale says:

    We see completely eye to eye.

    I’m always very skeptical of anti-Christian Whites: They always seem to bring their personal prejudice above the fourteen words (an Orthodox Judæo-Liberal supposition) – few articles are written by our (so-called) intellectuals that discuss nuts and bolts strategy. It is more fashionable to write Nietzschean fantasies.

    Even before becoming a Christian, I knew that attempting to achieve the fourteen words through bad-mouthing Christianity was a fool’s mission and just poor strategy, given the persistent residua of our Civilization’s belief structures. Furthermore, destroying our historical religion reeks of post-modern Critical Theory – and we both know who invented this, and to serve who’s purposes. As though the historical accuracy of the Gospels has any bearing on two millennia of history of the Greatest Civilization.

    Disprove one factoid from 32 AD and we can go to a pre-Christian era…. hmmm…. that’ll get us closer to the fourteen words. Who would be smiling if every church and Bible were destroyed?

    Many just have a blind-spot with Christianity, poisoned as they are by You Know Who. They need to cut this out in order to see. Evil traps them in adolescence – we need to help them become adults, so they can help us attack the evil.

  2. Ryu says:

    I consider it an important issue; it’s the one that woke me up. It is the jew’s greatest weapon. I don’t think he could run his white-guilt racket without it. Like the negro and his slavery, the jew always uses this weapon first. It was the greatest revalation of my life. I’d write more about it, but other WNs specialize in it.

    I have read WDH alot. A Spaniard. Haven’t been able to figure him out yet. Do you read Arctic Patriot? He is a Christian WN in Alaska.

  3. Brandon says:

    “die in a fire. An OVEN of fire”…..You oughta know, satan worshipper! Glad to see you God haters are following me…..my shadow as it were. WONDERFUL!!! Don’t suffer too much from smoke inhalation! Say hello to your jewmasters from me!

  4. Brandon Doe says:

    WTF? Why did you remove my comment? Seriously, is there any decency left in you?

    • Brandon says:

      I’ll post your comments when you grow up…..if ever.

      • Brandon says:

        By “grow up” I meant, come out of your JewYork mind. Of course you won’t understand that either, nor your God and Father hating cohort.
        Like a tea bag in hot water, you’ve been mentally steeped in the propaganda/indoctrination centers called schools/colleges/jewnaversities. Their are literally millions like you. Don’t bother handing me all that claptrap about the “thousands of tons of tangible, credible evidence”, AKA jewpropaganda, which the allies were under the sway of during that period. Horseshit. The victors write the history books which everyone has bought the lie of since those years. You may be intelligent, but you have no wisdom or true understanding. Children always think they know better than their parents, and when the former die, they think wisdom dies with them.

        As to Kevin MacDonald. He is also an intelligent one, but has used his gift in a righteous project. He closed down all comments; both good and “bad”. He and others like him are of those who lay the groundwork for our IDEA which will come to prevail in the future, which you are presently fighting against. Intellectuals like him lay the groundwork for the radical warriors to come. The former cannot be the latter, except for a few. The fanatics and warriors formerly commenting at his site were the reason he shut down the comments. The fanatics and warriors WILL HAVE OUR SAY….and our DAY. Intellectuals, like KMac can’t handle us because they need to maintain their worldly positions.

        “All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self evident”. Arthur Schopenhauer. We are presently in between the first and second. But you cannot see it, for you are Spiritually blind.

        Here’s a little information which you will no doubt throw in the trash as it does not fit your anti Christ satanic jewish agenda.


      • Brandon says:

        I’m wasting time conversing with a blind jewyork jew with a holohoax fixation. This ends the conversation

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