Because of civilian guns.

Fear must have it’s object, or that which it fears.  The object is demonized or made more evil than it actually is through propaganda.  Through this process, fear makes or brings into manifestation-builds/manufactures-it’s own external enemies.   What follows is how this is played out in the visible world.

This so-called enemy is an outward/external one, which because of fear, is a type of self deception, for the one who is “fearing’s”REAL enemy is internal.

An example of this, is what occurred in this country during the Roosevelt administration.  It was during this time, that the internal enemy, coming to this country from foreign lands, began to become intrenched in the government and bureaucracy, but not publically acknowledged by Roosevelt and the disguised emissaries who were instruments of the internal enemy.  The reason for this non acknowledgment of the internal enemy, was because Roosevelt had personal skeletons in his closet, which if revealed to the public, would cause him to be thrown out of office and disgraced.  This is the hammer held over the heads of all those in high places to keep them from telling the people of the internal enemy. Another aspect of the hammer of course, and perhaps more important, is the threat of elimination by violence-assassination-making it look like an accident, suicide (a la Vince Foster), drug overdose, etc.

Sometimes, a high official will let a portion of the secret slip out, such as when Eisenhower made a speech in which he warned of something he called, “the military-industrial complex”.  He knew that he dare not speak the enemy’s real name, so referred to two entities through which the enemy influenced, to the country’s detriment. Even Roosevelt himself made a refence to a hidden group behind the visible powers who actually controlled everything, but no one at the time pursued, investigated, or took seriously what was said.  Wilson mentioned something similar also.

So it was determined prior to WW2 that an external enemy needed to be conjured up to cover for the real internal enemy who had infiltrated the government and bureaucracy, the latter which was soviet communism as inspired by the foreigners who came to this country from Europe and it’s environs.  The new external enemy of course became Germany and Japan.

The people, after the devastating experiences of WW1, were determined that this country should stay out of foreign wars, but they weren’t aware of the internal enemy and it’s machinations and it’s power to manipulate circumstances via propaganda and it’s ability in setting up incidents and maneuvering the new external enemies into “making the first violent move” through pretext, by setting up “international incidents” which “proved” the enemies “nefarious intents” toward this country, thereby reversing public opinion from being against war to for war.  I call this, “the pointing-the-finger-and-saying-see-how-evil-they-are-scenario.

The external enemy then is a false one – a “ghost/shadow”- a cloak to cover the internal goings on by the internal enemy;  a distraction to divert attention from what is really going on internally; an outward object to keep the public focused on in order to build up the security state which is presented as the answer or defence from the external false enemy.  One small example of this is when Billary went and bombed Kosovo to distract the people from his shenanigans with the jewess Lewinski.  This is not to say the external enemy does not eventually take on the character of an actual external enemy, such as today’s “terrorist” bugaboo, but what appears to be, is not actually what IS, for the latter was “built” by this country’s own spook agencies so it could eventually be used to manipulate this country’s populace into giving up it’s liberty for security.

The masses say “seeing is believing”.  They are ruled and manipulated by appearances.  This is why the ministry of propaganda-the media,( AKA the false prophet)-is so successful.  If the media didn’t report on it, it didn’t “happen”.  The media is the arbiter of “truth”.

The experience of WW2 caused the media and government to become more united into one purpose which has come to fruition in the present day.  The media, like everything which had it’s beginnings as a supposed “good”; ie, being a “government watchdog watching out for the common man”, eventually morphs into an evil in service to it’s evil master.

In times of crisis, the government wants the media and itself to speak with one voice.  It can’t have an opposing voice in the realm “stirring up trouble”.  Hence in Lincoln’s war, Wilson’s war, Roosevelt’s war, all opposing voices were suppressed in one way or another, through arrest and imprisonment, cutting off the means of distribution of opposing words via threats, disallowing of access to means and/or instruments of publication of printed matter or broadcast via making laws against using the airwaves to promote opposing views.  Such was the case of Coughlin and Lindberg and the labeling of “isolationist”applied to any of their followers before and during WW2.  It’s for the good of the country you know.  Now that we’re in this, we’ve all gotta pull together! …and other such horse hockey.

The external “terrorist” began as an enemy “external to the country”; ie, a foreign entity.  This foreigner “attacked” american outposts in foreign lands, eventually reaching this land itself in various bombing incidents until it reached the ultimate one of 911.  I am speaking of how it appears, not how it actually is.  This enemy was actually manufactured by the CIA in conjunction/collusion with the state/defence departments and presidents and advisors, along with in country zionist/israeli NGO’s in association with the latter’s spook agency, the mossad.

In WW2 the real enemy was not Germany and Japan, but the internal subversion of jew inspired soviet communism within the US government, which both Roosevelt and Truman poo pooed and refused to do anything about when they were informed about it by patriots.

The patriots who spoke up were attacked in the media as they are today with the accusation of “conspiracy theorist”, “everyone must check under their bed at night before they go to sleep to make sure no commies are hiding under it”, and other such ridicule.  That’s how Coughlin and Lindberg were shut up.  Joe McCarthy was hounded in the same way for speaking the truth and General Patton suffered a staged vehicle accident for his speaking out against soviet communism/Stalinism who was buddy buddy with FDR.

The next external enemy of course was the soviet union itself, even though our own government by that time had become totally sovietized via the entrenched jews in congress, government, media and academia.  In this scenario was fulfilled the saying of Walt Kelly the cartoonist of Pogo, where he had one of his characters say, “We have met the enemy, and he is US!”  We had 40 years of living in fear to a paper tiger instigated by the PTB in order to keep Ike’s military/industrial complex spewing out weapons with money provided by taxpayers.

John leCarre exposed this in one of his novels called “The Russia House”, wherein a Russian physicist writes a book basically saying that Russia didn’t have a pot to piss in as far as the ability to maintain the arms race, which would mean that american arms manufacturers would be out of a job.  The movie made from the book is one of my favorites.

When the soviet union imploded in the mid 80’s everybody thought we would now have “peace and safety” as our main enemy appeared to be vanquished, however, they knew not that another exterior enemy had to be raised up to take it’s place and even simultaneously was being built by the above listed PTB to replace the soviets/Russia.  The new enemy created was the foreign terrorist; not a country, but an idea, which meant that the US could be placed on a continuous war footing for the forseeable future keeping the MI complex steaming away as it is today.  After all, the people have to have jobs, right?

By making the “terrorist” the new enemy – an idea instead of a country-the PTB have stepped in it, for america -and when I say america I’m referring to the evil system that that word has become – is in fact a terrorist nation itself.

The government and it’s henchmen/facilitators, various departments, state, defence, homeland security, FBI, CIA,TSA, IRS, etc, etc, are ministers of terror.  Following the spiritual law which says you become like that which you focus on, the US has become IT.

Like the jew who fosters rebellion against all order and decency wherever he goes, thereby undermining and destroying those nations in which he inhabits, the US is now an instrument of the same due to the same influence of jewry.  The US has become izrahell, run by the precepts of the talmud.

Because of this condition, a new enemy is being raised up within the borders of the land –civilians with guns – who are reaching the place where they’ve just about had enough.  This is an enemy, the actions of the PTB have unintentionally raised up.  This is an enemy they don’t want.  They wanted the “terrorist”, but not this “terrorist”.  Like Job, this is an entity they greatly fear, and also like Job, that which they greatly fear, shall come upon them, and they shall not escape it’s clutches.

Presently, civilian guns are nibbling around on the outskirts, but eventually they will work their way to the center.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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3 Responses to Because of civilian guns.

  1. Ryu says:

    Ah, it’s good that you see that. Yes, the ZOG media is pushing the anti-gun agenda very hard. I read yahoo, a very PC liberal rag; it’s a good indicator of what ZOG is doing at any moment.

    I suspect that ZOG will make a grab at our guns soon. I know that alot of people will give them up, and I know that most soldiers/cops will disarm American citizens, despite their “oath keeping.” The real god of the day is money and most everyone, often including myself, is bought and paid for.

    I will find that movie The Russia House. Curious about that spiritual law. How to use it to our advantage? Perhaps by focusing on the ideal white man…

    • Brandon says:

      Yep. Citizen’s with guns is Zogs biggest fear. It’s not the muslims or the blacks. They know the White male is angry and righteous anger’s focus will eventually be narrowed to it’s intended, not implicit, target.

  2. anirishtory says:

    Reblogged this on Irish Tory.

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