San Francisco

Most, if not all the blogs/sites I visit, have had their eyes opened to the deterioration of the country in one form or another for quite some time now.  Many concentrate on one aspect or another of the LDO -latest daily outrage -and what they see as the cause/causes for said deterioration;  one of which is what some call BRA; ie “Black Run America”, a term coined by the writer over at SBPDL, which does not mean blacks are the elite in literal charge, but rather all systems seem to be geared to placating the black.  The “ministry of truth”-the media propaganda/false prophet machine -hushes up the preponderance of black criminality, particularly it’s black on white criminality aspect.

Other blogs specialize, perhaps in conjunction with the BRA theme, on the symptom of “liberalism”and it’s country destroying satanic aspect/policies.  Also, other blogs write a lot on the YKW problem, along with it’s blind, ignorant wife, professing christianity, AKA churchianity.  Tied in with all these is of course the plague of darkness manifested by the dark skinned hordes spreading abroad throughout the country, enforced by a deliberate policy of the feminized “oh! you poor dear!”, feelsorryites, from the empty coffee suit on down to the lowest demon-crap/facilitator in the bureaucrazy and preacher on the podium.

Included in all this is of course the demonically inspired doctrine of so-called pcness, multicuralism, the rights industry and everything else satanically designed and propogated to destroy any semblance of good and righteousness daring to raise it’s “ugly head” in the on going war against God and natural law.

Many are predicting a giant economic collapse on the horizon.  Some say that we are already in such economic straits, but most people aren’t aware of it.  Of course the ministry of truth tries it’s best at the behest of it’s controllers behind the curtain to hush up such talk, and continue to preach don’t worry, be happy.

However, what everyone has missed is what is expected is, or will be,triggered by natural disasters.  Of course, this is off everyone’s radar, because of it’s unpredictability.

A catastrophic natural disaster of some sort, or a series of them occurring one after another, will be the instigation of the actual breakup of this country into regions/independent states.  Yes, there is presently talk of secession in various places, which wasn’t discussed much if at all, until the election of the coffee suit.  Secession this time will not be man instigated, but God instigated.

The natural disaster will be like a jump start so to speak; a “quick charge of electricity to get the ball rolling” in the right direction.   This natural disaster will cause not only a geographical change in the landscape of the country, but will also create a similar change in the political landscape, as we now know it.

There are all sorts of natural disasters, but most of them affect reasonably small geographic areas.  Tornados, even a bunch of them, do not affect the whole country.  Hurricanes usually destroy a much wider area than tornados.  Many forest fires are discovered to be caused by arsonists or people not being careful with campfires.  Some are of course started by lightening.  People generally, are able to recover from these types of disasters, but in the catastrophic natural disaster which will lead to the breakup I’m speaking of, there will be no recovery, only a big change in the status quo.

This disaster will center around San Francisco.  San Francisco, for all practical purposes, will basically disappear due to a massive earthquake along the San Andreas fault which runs approximately nw/se:

San Francisco will not be the only thing destroyed, but also much land area west of the fault line all the way down to the fault line’s southern end will be altered and perhaps may become a uninhabitable detached island or sunk below the ocean level, creating a new coastline configuration.

This disaster or series of disasters on the west coast will create all sorts of infrastructure problems for the whole country.  The elimination of the major California ports where a large portion of imports/exports from China, Japan, etc are handled.  The fruit and produce “breadbasket” that comes from the Imperial Valley area to the rest of the country will be disrupted to say the least.

All this economic and infrastructure destruction costing billions of dollars is nothing compared to the loss of life that will occur to those living in the destroyed areas.  Millions will die in the quake due to falling structures, and thousands more will drown as the ocean formerly held back by the previously existing land will sweep in to it’s new coastline boundary, drowning many in it’s force.

The state’s present “governmental” system will collapse, as this disaster will effect all man built security systems within the state.  This will be the first of many state governments to fall, or be reconfigured in the coming years.

The effect of the earthquake will be felt throughout the country – not the literal ground shake – but the effects of it in the political, governmental, cultural, financial, material and agricultural distribution and related systems.  All existing systems designed to enforce and/or secure stability in the country will be affected.

Many geologists and so-called scientists have been predicting a so-called big one along this fault line for some time now.  But they don’t know the half of it.  They continuously encourage the people living in those areas to prepare themselves, but there is no preparation that one living there can do in order to survive.  The only thing that can be done is to move east while one still has time.  In fact, this moving east because of the mexifornication of California and it’s destructive demoncrapic governmental policies is God’s way of moving certain people out of the way because of what is coming.  Some people are worthy of preservation, but many others are not.

Many will see this catastrophic disaster for what it is, a God brought occurrance, and it will cause them to undergo a mental transformation – a repentance -which will be a good thing.  Many others will not.  They will “double down”in their mental insanity and refuse to believe, not realizing that their beliefs and the beliefs of others like them, are the cause of the calamity in the first place.

California became a state 9 September 1850.  If it makes a 200 year celebration it will be fortunate.

If the government is still involved in foreign wars for the sake of izrahell by that time, this philosophy will also take a hit because of the disaster.  Everything that is now viewed as the status quo will be upset and turned on it’s head.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to San Francisco

  1. Ryu says:

    LDO. You must read Firepower. I have been thinking on how we could integrate survivalism and climate change into WN. SF certainly is a worthy place, full of homos, liberals and illegals.

  2. Provocative essay, brother. Every time you post something new, my day brightens.

    Ryu, I have a confession to make. My short-term memory must not be firing well today, because when I read your comment, I thought the ”SF” was ”Stormfront.” Then I remembered the title of the essay.


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