Christian Jurist

A collective, not an individual; hence more powerful and effective in “his”or it’s judgments.

The reader will take note of my denegration of what is known as christianity in previous posts and my using the word here seems to be a refutation of that written previously.  Yes, the word is the same, but the quality is different.

The entity which is known by that word today is a weak, feeble, intensely jewified and talmudically obedient, not to the Jesus whom it is supposedly here to represent, but to the synagogue of satan; the criminal enterprize that controls the present zeitgeist/visible world, through government, culture, academia, media, jewlywood and the mossad/spook agencies who work through the NGO’s such as the splc, adl, b’nai brith, aipac, and etc.

The christianity I am speaking of in the title is a new type of christianity, not seen on the world stage since it’s Founder walked the earth 2000 years ago. 

Old christianity (henceforth – OC), is a non cooperating entity, in that it takes the side of it’s enemy against itself, and is therefore powerless and mute in front of the enemy’s onslaught.  It’s not cooperating with the Will of it’s Founder in the New Work He is doing on the earth, but is actually cooperating with the adversary who hates it.  OC is a hinderer and stumbling block.  It should be on offence, but instead is on defence…and has been there since the Founder’s raising.  Yes, the number of professing christians has supposedly increased over time, but sayers do not equal doers.  Instead of overcoming and being on offence according to Rev. 11:15, it’s wallowing around in woe is me-ism in accordance with Rev. 6:9-10, and practicing being nice.  By their actions they are saying their Founder is still in the grave….and so are they….for all practical purposes:

Rev.3:1-4″I know your works,that a name you have that you are living, and (or but) are dead.  Become you watchful and strengthen the things that remain that are about to die; for I have not found your works fulfilled before my God.  Remember therefore how you have received and did hear and keep it and repent.  If you shall not watch, I will have come as a thief and in nowise shall you get to know during what sort of hour I will have come upon you.”  OC has rejected it’s prophets; ie, it’s “watchers”, hence, it is dead.

The adversary, speaking through his multitudinous minions using the “hate” card and it’s various offshoots, has totally wimpified OC and put it back on it’s heels since at least 1920.  “I am not racist!”  “I am not anti-semitic!”  “I am not homophobic!”  Blah, blah, bliddy blah, blah.

OC has been by passed and replaced with a NC who will take the offence position like it’s FounderThe offence position is as a JUDGE.  This position is the right of all those who are part of NC.

They don’t have to graduate from Hahvaad to be this judge.  The only qualification is to fear God and HATE EVILTo hate evil is actually righteous anger and is therefore, not self destructive as is the hatred that our enemies have for us, because the talmudists naturally hated everything Jesus said, therefore fix it in your minds that the jew of today will naturally hate everything we say, so we don’t need to explain ourselves anymore and continually be on the defensive, for that is part of OC; the dead past.

We rule and reign with Him as judges, because : “the kingdom of this world, HAS BECOME the Kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ (anointed ones),and He (and by extension, we) shall reign unto the ages of ages.” (Rev. 11:15).

We judge with our words and attitude toward evil and those who promote and practice it.  As we judge in such circumstances, our judgment is carried out, not by us, but by those who inhabit the unseen dimension, who act in such a way as to cause our words to produce the desired effect in this visible world of time and space.  By doing this, we are cooperating with the unseen in a way which OC does not.

The blessing of God is being removed from this country, and the “more logical staff” will hang for their torturous and treasonous deeds.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to Christian Jurist

  1. Ryu says:

    Interesting article, Brandon. I’ve noticed the enemy asking people to not hate, to not judge, to not be angry. It seems to be the equivalent to throwing down the sword. Don’t quite know if they are conscious of it of not.

    • Brandon says:

      “I’ve noticed the enemy asking people not to hate, judge, be angry.”

      That’s the satanic female talking, pushing her “be niceness” doctrine to emasculate us. She’s had her day. They can put it where the sun don’t shine. No one ever won a war by being nice. Those who say such are not conscious, but there is a core of evil intent who are. We will get to them eventually,but for now, we nibble around on the outskirts.

  2. Louis says:

    I am from South Africa and I was looking for the Poem from Rudyard Kipling on “When the Saxon begins to hate”. I came accross your website and find the articles immensely interesting. Thanks.

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