To the pleasure of anybody queer.

Rev.2:23 “…and her (Jezebel’s) children will I slay with death; and all the assemblies shall get to know that I am He that searches reins and hearts and will give to each one ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKS.”  (reins and hearts=choices and motives which give birth to works)

My comrades, friends and I have known about the phenomenon of white folks of a liberal/demoncrap worldview leaving the nest they have befouled in one state or locale and moving to another, previously inhabited by people of a more, shall I say conservative/religious bent, and starting the befoulment of their new locale and making it into the image of the one they left, making life miserable for the “native” folks, who have lived there for a much longer time.

This happens when northerners – or yankees if you prefer – and people from the west, particularly from mexifornia, move to the south and/or southeastern states, when they retire or in order to escape the pressure of the consequences from their own voting and worldview decisions, which have led to the destruction of their domicile and it’s surroundings via crime and etc.

These people, being infected by and under the complete thrall to the demonic, domineering spirit of Jezebel, cannot see that it is their own lifestyle/choices and worldview that is the cause of their dissatisfaction with their circumstances -because the female is inherently blind to consequences of actions and choices – and it’s pressures through the symptoms of crime and other negative things in their surroundings, so they move to more “peaceful” surroundings, not realizing those peaceful surroundings are so, because of the religious/conservative worldview of the native peoples and their ancestors who have lived there for many years.

So these Jezebels pull up stakes and move and start all over again, the same circumstance befouling operations in their new surroundings, making the lives of the natives miserable and perpetuating the cycle of culture destruction by their voting habits and lifestyles.

I came upon an article on yahoo recently which exposes this scenario, despite the authors purposes, however unintentional.–election.html;_ylc=X3oDMTBtcW85dnFqBF9TAwRlbWFpbElkAzEzNDk1NjA4NDk-?bcmt=1349533960087-3518dc27-86ae-4606-ad42-146aeb05549e&bcmt_s=e#ugccmt-container-b

Take note of the pictures, particularly of the Jezebel and her “husband”.  She is setting in a chair with an elaborately carved backrest which is her “throne”.  She has her “baby” in her lap, a small dog,  and “Ahab” her husband  is standing behind her throne.  This is an example of truth spoken in symbolism that most people cannot see.

This woman was born in 1946 of a rebellious mother, whose mother (the grandmother) was also a rebel to some extent, having been born probably near the turn of the century when things started to really go to hell in a handbasket as the saying goes.

Another female mentioned in the article is 18 years old and is also infected.  “To explain their upcoming votes, both cited women’s health care and abortion rights, civil rights for gay americans and equal pay for women”.  ( Scuse me, I have to go wash my hands after writing that, and pore water in my ear to flush out my brain).

Women, like jews, always vote their own self interest by and large, for it is only real White males who vote what’s best for the country – not of course the thousands of feminized white males who vote Jezebel’s demoncrapic agenda.

Jezebel’s “children” are the queerfag sodomites; ie, the animal in her lap, of whom she fights tooth and nail to protect and whose agenda she does all she can to further and promote.  Anything for her little babies…

However, they know not that they abide in the curse, for they are nothing but the walking dead, who foster and create more death everywhere they go.  They know not that their own choices and worldview create the death that they attempt to escape when they flee to other geographic areas.  Blind fools they are.


About Brandon

73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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5 Responses to To the pleasure of anybody queer.

  1. Ryu says:

    Demoncraps! Nice. Good comment on there.

    LOL A Chicago/California native moving to the mountains. The queen with her damned rat-dog. Behind every good woman is a man…

    I myself considered moving to Appalachia. Along with the Intermountain West, Alaska and far northern NE/midwest, they will be the only white areas in the future. Had my eye on West Virginia. Its alot to give up years of experience in a place, as I have now. Why should they want me? They are right to be suspicious of outsiders. It’s the same reason I’m not leaving the US.

    • Brandon says:

      I used to live in WVA. Nice place. They don’t like outsiders much, especially the native folks who live up the “hollars”.

      • Ryu says:

        I’ve heard that alot of poor white families have a mixer or two in the family. Is that true in WV? Like white girls with negros? Seems to be the trend of poor whites being niggerfied.

      • Brandon says:

        Don’t have any first hand knowledge of that. Not many negros in WVA as they know they are unwelcome there. Usually see a few in the cities, but that’s about it. Many of the poor folks who live out in the boonsticks have disfunctional families like everywhere. Prob some incest also. This is just mainly surmising. Most of the people there just want to be left alone I think.

  2. feminizedwesternmale says:

    Have a ton of “clients” that fit the bill down here in the Low Country of SC. Functions as its’ own religion and these (mostly) yankees cannot wait to go to war to demonstrate their righteousness in their faith. Since they consider their religion to be one of enlightment/election, the most obvious “tell” is the insulting of their new neighbor’s lack of intelligence – nothing screams “Lib” faster or more shrilly than scoffing at the dumb, prehistoric rubes. I imagine Big-Mouth in the article (with the bearded Herb behind her) gets absolutely tingly when she can shoot-off about the community of ignoramuses she’s joined. And I’m sure they exchange the same sentiment towards her each morning when they flush.

    Frankly, the race is long overdue for cleansing of some acquired, dysgenic traits. Man fights against what nature would’ve done… well, naturally, so it may be up to God to “tip the balance.” As an ornery throwback to those ancestors that valued Truth, Beauty, and Virtue, I cannot say that I’ll be weeping or “beating my breasts” when… well, I should stop there. [snickers]

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