Winning Nationally; Losing Internationally.

Who or what is winning nationally and losing internationally?

Satanic talmudic judaism/zionism, they who say they are jews but are not, AKA the synagogue of satan. They/it has pretty much taken full control of this country through the various governmental and cultural enties – media/Hollywood/tv/congress and senate, academia and K-12 “education” pushing the sodomite, feminist and multicultural agendas.

The repukes – the shadow party – are hoping to vote in an israhell butt kisser who belongs to the mormon cult, whom they hope will replace the empty coffee suit, teleprompter-in-chief, homosexual, muslim, not-so-much-israhell lover.  The mormon cultist will continue the bloating of the defense department and continuous wars for israhell using deceived American young men as the proverbial cannon fodder who are committing suicide in large numbers due to being trained to kill their fellow human beings for no legitimate reason and coming back in body bags or with ruined limbs and souls unable to live a normal life any longer due to their war experience of death and destruction.  A wonderful voting choice…two demons.

If the African mixed breed wins another 4 years perhaps he will double down on his not so obvious hatred of jews/zionists in his second term, which in some ways is a good thing, but he’s got so much other baggage such as his potty trained marxisim mental defect of youth as a “community organizer”, sitting at the feet of various American hating commies of the Chitcago school -yes I spelled Chitcago correctly.  Of course he has the usual bunch of jew handlers controlling him as most presidents have had for some years now, they just have different faces as they move in and out of government in the never ending academia/lobby group/NGO cycle.  The pretence of change.  The mormon stooge will have the same handlers with different faces if he gets in.

Also if the African half breed gets another shot, he will double down on the economic catastrophe of taking the money of the hard earning tax paying producers and giving to the takers/welfare mommies, which was begun during Bush’s lying warmongering for israhell’s reign, to encourage, increase, and enforce class and race warfare from sea to shining sea.

So, the synagogue of satan has pretty much got this country wrapped up to where even the expression of certain thoughts has become a crime, wherein if one expresses in certain venues anything against the present demonic zeitgeist, he or she can lose their job or livelihood which causes people so inclined to self censor themselves.  Internationally, it’s a little different, wherein it appears to be the same as in this country, but with subtle differences.

Supposedly, in America there is “free speech” which has been enshrined in the nation’s founding documents.  Not so in Europe.  Yes, they have laws against denying the holohoax and one can be imprisoned for violating such laws.  They also have various other ordinances, particularly in Germany because of it’s wartime experiences and never ending guilt for same pushed by the above mentioned synagogue.  Germany also throws it’s citizen’s in the slammer or takes the children away from anyone who dares to homeschool their own children.  The pull/push for conformity is very strong among the Germanic peoples.  To them -even though they wouldn’t admit it – orderliness is really next to godliness.  Having said that, don’t presume I am a hater of Germans, I am most definitely not, just looking forward to the day when they throw off the blackmailing judaic yoke.

Nevertheless there are various movements afoot and the spreading abroad of certain incidents internationally as well as the raising up of certain groups/entities which will lead eventually to the throwing of the synagogue’s yoke from off the people overseas, despite the present existant laws.

I think Czechoslovakia and Hungary have the beginnings of nationalistic fervor as well as Greece, despite the caterwauling of the high poobahs in Brussels against such things, but Greece’s nationalistic fervor is in a different form, in that it is a bottom up formation because of the large amount of illegal immigrants flooding the country and it’s present on going financial problems has led to the arising of what is known as the Golden Dawn party, which little by little has taken over some of the duties of government that the government cannot afford to do or refuses/neglects to do because of the mental plague of multiculturalism, which presently has the predominate Greek parties and leaders by the throat as it does most other euro and UK governments.  The Golden Dawn philosophy is basically, “Greece comes first”, and I agree.

I believe Europeans generally speaking are more jew wise than Americans.  As a large proportion of Americans are professing christians, evangelical, fundamental, or religious,  because of teachings and indoctrination into a false view of judaism since at least the turn of the 20th century, America has been captured to the jewmind and cannot hear anything to the contrary.

At present, Europeans are generally more “tribal” than Americans, therefore are more “mentally free” of the poison of jewry.  They have a long history vis- a- vis jewry going back many centuries which Americans do not.  It takes only the rumble of a slight “earthquake” to open the eyes of many Europeans to the predations of judaism, whereas in this country it will take something like the mental equivalent of a 9.0 quake to wake up Americans, and that’s not going to happen any time soon.  Americans are deeply infected with being nice which is their downfall.

Also across the pond there is at present a massive population of muslim immigrants in most of the European nations which will assist in the removal of the synagogue’s influence in those countries in the days and years ahead.

As a footnote I will say I realize the UK is basically already in the septic tank culturally which is manifested by the jailing of it’s own indiginous people and showing favoritism toward the muslim dark skinned hordes that have been deliberately brought into their country by their brain dead politicians/leaders.  They throw anyone who speaks out against the brown hordes in the slammer, such as a few recent examples of women on the tube (underground train) who have told brown passengers to go back where they came from.  At the same time they put these people in jail, they allow to go free unnumerable muslim rapist and slave traders or give them a slap on the wrist or otherwise light sentences.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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4 Responses to Winning Nationally; Losing Internationally.

  1. Ryu says:

    Strange to think that Europe is the hope now. Greece! Hungary is also doing very well. I believe they have an easier time of it, as they don’t have our levels of diversity yet. I have been spending some time with the survivalist community, and a good half of them are zionists and multikulti.

  2. oogenhand says:

    Two things: Muslims put pressure on the Jewish community, and/but Muslims are particularly obnoxious immigrants.

    • Brandon says:

      Yep. They are a REAL good thing for jewry, but not good thing for the native Brit/Greek/French/German, etc, that is because of the muslim being God’s “punisher” for the native peoples departure from the TRUE faith.

      It’s a metaphorical/symbolic thing wherein the dark skin of the muslim is showing outwardly the native white people’s INNER DARKNESS; a fulfillment of scripture which says “men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil”.

      The white people have allowed the phony jew to corrupt their cultures and have come to LOOOVE the corruption and to willingly participate and propagate it, so they must be corrected/punished for it and the muslim is the instrument.

      • oogenhand says:

        They have made the mistake of allowing abortion without corresponding euthanasia programs. That leads to a demography lopsided to old.

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