Worthy of Vomiting

I’ve touched on this subject in various previous posts, but will repeat it here with more detail not included previously, because the time is ripe.

Rev. 3:15-16 “I know your works – that neither cold are you nor hot; I would that cold you had been or hot.  Thus, because lukewarm you are and neither hot nor cold, I am about to vomit you out of my mouth…

Generally speaking, in my cybertravels around the net visiting various and sundry blogs and websites, the repukelicans – my word for what the republicans actually are – and the so-called conservatives, are down in the dumps and in complete disarray because of the recent voting results; a situation I might add, is due to their own conforming to the image and likeness of what Robert L. Dabney called them over a hundred years ago, ” the shadow party that follows radicalism (today’s left/lib/marxist/feminazi/sodomite- queerfag/all things brown loving, demoncrapic party), as they both go off into perdition (correction/judgment)”.

Every politician that they have put up to run for the figurehead office of president for many years going back at least to the middle of the 20th century, has little by little, been conformed into the same image as the left.  This has been intended of course by the PTB, the criminal enterprize running things and hiding behind the curtain.

The most recent example is the empty white suit they put up to “oppose” the empty coffee suit teleprompter – in – chief, half breed from nobody- knows- where, a product of a braindead white jezebel woman and commie marxist; the pairing and fruit of which was an archetype for the present dark age we live in, which age began around the time of his birth, the rebellious 60’s.

The repukelican opposer, AKA the second coming of John McCain, was the be – nice -to liberals-and-their-agenda-candidate, with the usual absence of an attack button, with no worldview, testified by his never ending flip flopping on various issues and his putting forth of a healthcare plan while governor of Taxachusetts – many of the people of which have fled to their neighboring states and made them the same outhouses like the one they left – which became the model from which the demoncraps manufactured their plan for the whole country. Romney is also an archetype of the character/nature of the shadow party’s “conservativism”; an embodiment of it’s spineless, lukewarmness, neither hot or coldness, unprincipled and without any standards or inner truth or belief, the epitome of the spirit of this ungodly, “everything is relative”, perverted, good is evil and evil is good, age.

The conservatives have been completely conquered by the consequences of female suffrage and it’s demonic equalitarian doctrinal offshoots.  Conservatism is a completely submissive female entity, with not a masculine warrior-like hair in it’s head.  Only braindead women vote for the lesser of two evils.  When the choice is two evil’s, real men don’t vote…..they raise hell.

Speaking of which, according to some number crunchers I’ve seen, and according to their comparisons with the recent voting fiasco with the last one four years ago, there are at least several million whites who didn’t bother voting this time.  If this is true, good on em.

The repukelican/conservatives are supposed to be a mouthpiece for God in the culture.  I am not speaking necessarily of religion or christianity and all their various doctrines here,  but rather what I have called in the past, natural or moral law, or order.  Conservatism is supposed to be the voice for order, while liberalism/leftism is the voice of disorder.

We all know who was and is behind the corruption and degradation of the culture.  Most of it began with the attack on the family years ago, concurrent with the granting the female the right to vote, for the family is the foundation of natural order; ie, not  disfunctional female ruled  families as are the “norm” today, but families who follow the “divine” order of the roles of male and female, with the male as head.  Patriarchy if you will.  Satan and his buddies hate this and he has used his minions to fight it tooth and nail through legislatures and government/NGO entities for over a hundred years.

I realize Romney’s family looks like a manifestation of patriarchy, but as we all know, outward appearances are deceiving.  Instead, look at the decisions and choices he made as governor and in business.

It is through and by this satanic warfare, that this “voice of order” has been incrementally made to shut up over the years up until today, where it has become merely a whimper in the background saying “please”.  The voice of order is the voice of masculinity/malehood.

Today, the voice has become the voice of equivocation, and/or uncertainty.  This describes the condition of the people today, and especially their leaders, and is the reason why the PTB chose Romney as their “standard bearer”, because he has none.

The bible passage I wrote above was written to a group of people who lived in a city called Laodicea.  The name means a peoples right or rights.  “The voice of the people is the voice of God”.  Sounds like something out of a Mao Tse Tung handbook doesn’t it? The people’s republic of such and such.  Marxist’s and their fellow travelers are very loose with the word peoples in all their writings and doctrines, but of course it’s all a pretext/phony show to fool the ones they are supposedly exalting.

Today’s pols practice the phony show as well.  They have flunkies whose job it is to inform the pol what their audience’s prevailing views are.  A warehouse full of union workers says you don’t talk about right to not join a union.  A women’s group says you don’t talk about the fathers getting their families in order, or how abortion is murder.  A gathering in San Fagsisco means you don’t talk about putting a stop to sodomite rights.  So you give the people what they WANT to hear, not what they SHOULD hear.  Or, you have a generic message – a one size fits all message that says nothing.

So because the repukes/conservatives voice is the voice of equivocation/uncertainty, they will be upchucked.  They have proved themselves unworthy of being used as the voice of order and truth, so they are being bypassed and another entity will arise who will do the job, and that is those who will speak of nationalism and order.  The demoncrapic party will say, “Finally!  Peace and safety!  Now that the republicans are history, we can do what we want without being hindered!”  But sudden destruction will come upon them like a woman in travail and they shall not escape.

UPDATE:  I meant to put the following links at the end of the above paragraph, but forgot.  They are articles which have recently appeared online which are related to the subject of my post, but written from the earthly perspective.  The Washington Times article is a news piece and the rest are the views of the authors, and I agree with their perspectives.







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One Response to Worthy of Vomiting

  1. Ryu says:

    Fantastic! I have been thinking the exact same thing. You wouldn’t believe how many lukewarm conservatives are out there who are PWMs or proud white men. I’m very wary of those who call themselves pro-white without pressing them a bit. Too many imposters today.

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