Some Different Kinds of Souls

Psalms 139:21 “Do I not hate them who hate you, O Yahweh?, and loathe (hate) them who rise up against you?”

Proverbs 8:13 “The reverence of Yahweh is to hate wickedness”.

Ecclesiastes 3:1,8 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every pursuit under the heavens…..A time to love…and a time to hate”.  A time of war…and a time of peace.”

The following passage I’ve written of before, but I’ll quote it again here for it bears on my present subject matter:

Numbers 25:6-8 “And Lo!  A man of the sons of Israel coming in who brought near unto his brethren a Midianite (foreign) woman, before the eyes of Moses and before the eyes of all the assembly of the sons of Israel, when they were weeping at the entrance of the tent of meeting.  And Phineas the son of Eleazar the son of Aaron the priest saw it, so he rose up out of the midst of the assembly and took a spear in his hand and went in after the man of Israel into the pleasure tent and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel and the woman in her parts of shame….”

A little background of the above Numbers passage and how it applies to the conditions we are presently experiencing…

The Israelites of that time were in their camp moaning, groaning and weeping because of a plague of sickness which had come upon them and they knew not why or what to do about it.  Up until Phineas did his work, 24,000 people had died of the plague.  Apparently even Moses and the leaders around him didn’t know why or what to do about it, for it says the man and the foreign woman went into the tent in the sight of Moses and the leaders and none of them made a move to do anything about it.  Phineas is an archetype.

The same situation exists today. The blind assembly of the people are all standing around asking each other and themselves why the plague has come upon their country, while simultaneously practicing themselves and looking on approvingly at others who are doing the same deeds as those people did in antiquity, and when one “stands up in their midst”; ie, located near the geographic center of the country, and says those sons of bitches need to be exterminated for what they have done to our people and this country, everybody gasps in horror that one should advocate such a thing!  How dare he advocate exterminating the enemy!!  Hitler!!!  Nazi!!!

What the hell does warfare mean if not hatred and killing ones enemy, the one who is in the business of killing and destroying our country and the people in it with their abominable satanic doctrines; manipulations of the monetary/financial system, agreed to and propagated by willing non tribal executioners and front/between men and women who have been bribed, blackmailed, and held under control by threats against their own lives by the SINagogue of satan’s minions and/or just good ole fashioned love of money.

They say “the jew is not the cause of all of our problems”!  Blind ignorant fools!!  That know not the way of the enemy and how he uses instruments to further his agenda!  That know not how the phony jew always gets others to do his dirty work-which characteristic is indicative of their satanic character/nature.  The power and use of money is their (and his) great bargaining chip.

So-called christianity is one of his large congregations of duped instruments, with his “judeo christianity” lie, among all the other doctrinal C. I. Scofield abominations that it preaches to it’s blind ignorant sheep.  The following link describes the life of this man.  There are several sections in the essay of which the first and the last will be of more interest to my readers than the middle sections as they are discussions on doctrinal issues.

Christianity has been so corrupted by the doctrine of be niceness and “love”, that it thinks that it is living in the “year of acceptance of Yahweh”, when it’s actually “the day of avenging of our God”.  (Is 61:2)  Christianity thinks it’s still the time of ingathering of souls, when it’s actually a time of judgment and cleansing of the earth and all it’s abominations.  It thinks it knows it’s Bible, but doesn’t know diddly, because the dark skin loving Jewzebel (yes, that’s a correct spelling) is running it’s show and has been so since early in the 20th century when men gave their homes over to the rulership of women and children. (Is 3:12)

It takes a different kind of soul to stand up and say the things that need to be said, and when he does, he himself becomes a focus of hatred by the enemy he is fighting against.  “He’s too extreme!”  “Nobody’s going to follow him if he advocates the extermination of jews and warring against christianity!”  The problem is, he is saying exactly what needs to be said, for he is a “Phineas type”.  He does what everyone else is afraid to do.  It has nothing to do with him going out in his small town and looking for some jew to kill or of going into some steeple house and starting a rant against christianity.  That won’t solve anything.


The activity, if it can be called that, starts out small.  At present is merely “talk” about secession.  Eventually almost everyone will have heard of it.  It’s an idea whose time has come.  First comes the thought and then the act.  My first mention of secession is here:  My second is here:

The act of secession will come in many different forms, just like Jewzabelism took many different forms as it began it’s march through the institutions in the 20th century.   Perhaps a southern state governor or govenors will decide to stand up to some federal court action in their state.  Perhaps one may go before his people and explain why they are no longer going to accept any federal monies, and the reasons why and the adjustments that will need to be made individually to these new facts.  This new healthcare thing might become a catalyst for a widening gap between the beast Sodom on the Potomac and some states.

Eventually, anti jew propaganda will become more accepted by the non christian/religious segment of the populace, which will put more fear into the warvangelical branch of christianity.  The latter’s hypocracy is going to become more obvious, which is necessary for their deliverance from false jewry’s yoke.  They looove all the mideast wars for israhell’s sake, and the killing of muslim’s women and children and they are going to be disabused from that fallacy, BY TRUTH.  They have been totally infected by Scofield’s false doctrines and are going to have to suffer for it.

Presently, Phineas is surrounded (he being “in the midst”) by ankle biters, particularly those who hold the “south’s gonna rise agin” view.  It is true the the south will rise again.  The south is similar to South Africa.  A large percentage of blacks live there.  If the “sensible” blacks – usually older ones who realize they NEED the white man – want a place to live, they will have to SUBMIT themselves to the overseeing of the white man.  Most of the younger blacks who have been infected by the demoncrapic agenda will have to go where the money is and that aint gonna be in the south.  They are going to have to make a deal with whitey/crackaa to either leave or submit. * Whether or not the whites of the south will be willing to take on the job of baby sitting blacks is another question, which only time will tell.   Either way there will be some type of separation eventually.  They are going to have to “go up” to Phineas, for he’s not coming “down” to them.  They will “go up” by their actions.  Hear me.

The south’s “rising” will be in a different form than it is now, that goes without saying.  They’re not going to put up with the race hustlers and jew inspired northern or outsider agitators.  If caught, they will be escorted out of the (new) country.  If they refuse and come back they will be executed as traitors.  This free speech and freedom of movement between newly formed regions or states is going out the window.  Authoritarianism is going to be the new watchword.


*What sane blacks that there are will move to South Africa.


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73+ year old male living in an ideal location at an intersection of planes, trains and automobiles. Retired military.
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2 Responses to Some Different Kinds of Souls

  1. Ryu says:

    Crackaa? LOL. I agree. Freedom has failed. Do you really believe the south will rise again? I don’t recall if I’ve seen you at Hunter’s place.

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